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二 单词拼写 1 Do you want to ______ your spoken English? (改善) 2 He doesn’t tell me the news , ______ he sees my mother (虽 然) 3 . The old man has a serious ______.. ( 疾病) 4.Mr.Liu is often _______(紧张) out . 5.Mary had a ______(腹 痛)yesterday

1 There are ___cakes on the plate . please help yourself A a little B little C a few D few
2.You are ill you should ____ for a while A lay down B lied down C. lie down D lie on

3 Please sit down and ______for a while A has a rest B takes a rest C rests D rest 4. He should _____ the medicine three times a day A took B takes C eat D take

5 . He is stressed out , he _____talk about homework A shouldn’t B should C have to D must 6 I am not feeling well . I have a cold . ------______A I am sorry to hear that B I am afraid not C that’s good D I hope so

7 . The children have lots of ______ to give me A advice B advices C advise D advicing 8 Dumplings are ____`Chinese food A different B traditional C unhealthy D beautiful

9 What about playing football ?________ A that’s a good idea B I’m tired C let’s go D yes , I like 10 Do you have a headache ?______A yes , I am B yes , I am not C No, I do D No, I don’ t

1 1 . Julie ____thirsty , she ____eat any more pizza A has , can’t B is , shouldn’t C is couldn’t D has , shouldn’t 12 I you eat______ meat , you will be fatter .A too much B much too C too many D so many

1 3 I have a bad cold , you should _____A drink juice B take some medicine C see the dentist D take more exercise 14 He likes swimming , basketball and ___sports .A the other B another C others D other

15 It’s good for us to _____.A be quiet B eat a balanced diet C stay up late D be stressed out 16 He is ill , he should ___and ____. He shouldn’t _____out to play A lie down, rest , go B lies down, rests , goes C lies down , rest , go D lie down , rest , goes

Stay feel get be stressed out have believe balance take lie 1.Why didn’t you come to school yesterday? Because I ____ a fever. 2 Do more sports and ______healthy , please 3 Look , a new book _____on the ground 4 When you are tired , you should _____ 5 I’m not _____ I have a sore back

Stay feel get be stressed out have believe balance take lie
6 Who do you think can win the chess game ? we ____Jim can win 7 We should have a ______diet what do you eat for your meals ? 8 When you ____tired , you shouldn’t study too late 9 Don’t ___________. It’s not good for your health.

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