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( Section A 1a--1c)


What’s your dream?

--- What would you do if you had 1 million


(1 million = 1,000,000)


I would …

buy a car

I would

put it in a bank

buy snacks give it to medical research

your friend got sick we were these students

they smoke

the teacher were angry

I gave you some flowers

What would you do if…?



Listen and number the pictures[1-4]in the order you hear them. 3 1 4
What would you do if you had a million dollars?





Listen again and fill in the blanks
Girl 1: Hey, did you see this newspaper article? An old man had a million dollars. And he gave it to (1) charity _______. Boy 1: Wow, what a nice man! Girl 1: What would you do if you had a million dollars? Boy 1: If I had a million dollars, I'd give the money to the (2) ____. I want to help the pandas. zoo Girl 1: That's a good idea! I know what I'd do. I'd buy a big (3) family house for my _______. Girl 2: Really? I'd put the money in the bank ,Then I'd just watch it grow! Boy 2: Hmmmm... I think I‘d give the money to (4) medical ________ research. I’d want to help other people .


Let’s talk!

Make dialogues with your partners according to the chart below: situations
you were hungry your friend were not here

solutions I would ……

…… …… …… ……

What Tom asked you for help would you you went home now do if ……? …… ……

Task3 Try to finish the short passage according to

your own ideas: (about 3 minutes)
My friend and I Tom and I are good fiends. If Tom were not here, I would _________. If Tom asked me for help, I___ _______.I ___________ if Tom wanted to copy my Homework. And Tom ___________ if we saw a wallet on the street. We are friends, and we both think friends should _______________.

“I would buy a car if I had 1 million dollars.”


虚拟语气表示说话人的愿望、假设或建议,不是客观存 在的事实。本单元所学的是与现在事实相反的虚拟语气。 其结构为:
从句的谓语动词 过去式(be动词用were) 主句的谓语动词 should/would+动词原形

( C )(1)What ____ you____ if you had a lot of money? A. shall; do B. will; do C. would; do D. may; do ( A )(2)The girl won_____ dollars in the lottery. A. a million B. millions C. million of D. two millions ( D )(3)If I____ you, I ’d take some flowers. A. was B. be C. am D. were ( A )(4)If I ____ten years younger, I ____very happy. A. were; would be B. am; shall be C. were; would D. were; will

5.If I had two _______ (million) dollars, I would be million very happy. going 6.I often take a long walk before ______(go) to bed. 7. What ______ you ___ (do) if you had a million would do dollars? 8.He would help me if I had any problems.(划线部分 提问) What would he do if you had any problems? _______________________________________? 9.我们应该把钱存到银行。(补全句子) We should ___ ___

____ __ ___ _____. put money in the bank 10.我们如果上班迟到了,应该怎么办? ______________________________________? What should we do if we were late for work

New words: million、medical、research
Talk about imaginary situations: (虚拟语气)
— What would you do if you had a million dollars? — I would ……

用本节课所学词汇“million、medical、 research”造句(每个词汇1至2个句子)。 完成《学习与探究》P22 ExⅡ; P23 ExⅣ 我的反思:


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