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听 力 部 分(20分)

一、听对话,选图片。你将会听到5段小对话,请将与你所听到的对话内容相符的图片的序号写在相应的横线上。每个句子听两遍。(5分) A.


1. _________ 2. _________ 3. ________ 4. __________ 5. _________


B. It’s a hotel.

C. It’s very big. C. Brothers. C. Bananas.

C. Let’s go to her school. C. Let’s go at 7:00.




( ) 6. A. Yes, there is. ( ) 7. A. Yes, she does. ( ) 9. A. In a bank.

B. Yes, she has. B. I like her shop.

( ) 8. A. Her science teacher. B. English.

( ) 10. A. I’m from China. B. I’m going to the movie.


( ) 11. Where is the hotel?


A. In front of the post office. B. Behind the police station.

C. Between the post office and the police station.

( ) 12. What time does the boy have breakfast?

A. At 5:00. B. At 6:00. C. At 7:00.

( ) 13. What does his mother do?

A. She is a clerk. B. She is a policewoman . C. She is a doctor.

( ) 14. What’s Jenny doing?

A. She is playing tennis. B. She is doing homework. C. She is watching TV.

( )15. How many animals do they see in the zoo?

A. 3


( ) 16. Lucy is from _______.

A. Canada B. the United States C. France B. 5 C. 7

( ) 17. Lucy doesn’t live in _______.

A. Toronto B. New York C. Canada

( ) 18. She doesn’t speak ________.

A. Japanese B. English C. Chinese

( ) 19. Rick plays _________.

A. the guitar B. basketball C. volleyball

( ) 20. Rick is Lucy’s _________.

A. student B. pen pal C. cousin



( )26.—_______ do you like music? —Because my favorite subject is music.

A.What B.When C.Why

( )27. Don’t talk _____ drink in class.

A.and B.but C. or D. so

( )28. -----Does he go there_____ train? -----No, he goes there _____ bus.

A. /; by B. in, by C. by, by D. by, /

( )29.I like _______ to the movies _______ my friends.

A. go;with B.going;with C.going;and

( )30. ----What animals _____ he like? ----He ____dogs.

A. does; like B. does likes C. do; likes D. do; like

( )31.It’s time for class,please _______ quiet.A.is B.be C.are

( )32.I don’t have ______ sisters______brothers.

A. some, or B. any, or C. any, and

( )33.___________weekdays, we go to school_____ 7 o’clock.

A. In, at B. On, at C. On, in D. In, on

( )34 Let’s go and have a look at the animals.-- .

A. Yes, let us B. OK, Let’s go C. You’re all right D. Sorry, I don’t

( )3 5._______ does your son live with?A.Where B.What C.Who

( )36 Ittakes me two hours ________ my homework every day.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. Does

( )37.There _______ a big tree and some birds in the zoo.

A. is

B. are C. have D. has

( )38. In my school, we can’t be late for school and we can’t eat in class ______.

A. also B. too C. as well D. either

( )39 My work is interesting but ______ dangerous.

A a kind B kinds of C kind of D kind

( )40. ----_______ does it take your mother to make breakfast every day?

----About 15 minutes.

A. How far B. How long C. How D. How much


( )41、A.farm B.factory C.school D.river

( )42、A.buy B.sell C.take D.want

( )43、A.on B.in C.at D.from

( )44、A.school B.bed C.class D.work

( )45、A.go B.get C.stay D.look

( )46、A.opens B.open C.is opening D.is opened

( )47、A.with B.like C.for D.about

( )48、A.are B.have C.see D.come

( )49、A.in B.on C.at D.from

( )50、A.supper B.breakfast

C.milk D.lunch


Miss Li is a teacher. She teaches in a middle school. She gets up at half past five in the 4

morning. She has breakfast at 6:00.After that she goes to school by bike. She gets there very early. She cleans the desks and chairs for other teachers. Classes begin at 8:00.She and the other teachers work hard. She goes home at 4:00 in the afternoon. Then she does some housework .After dinner she reads books and goes over the students’ homework. She goes to bed at about ten.

( )56. Miss Li works _________ .

A. in a shop B. in a middle school C. on farm D. in a factory

( )57.She get up at________ in the morning..

A. 5:l0 B.5:20 C.5:30 D.5:45

( )58. She goes to work ________ .

A .late B at night C. early D. on foot

( )59. She does some housework _______ .

A. at 4:30 B. before 4:40 C. after 4:00 D.in the morning

( )6 0. After dinner she ____________ .

A reads books B. goes over the students 'homework

C both A and B D. watches TV


My name’s Molly. I’m a lion. I am three years old .My favorite food is meat and I like to eat little animals .I like the forest(深林),but I live in the zoo now, I live in a big cage. I can’t run and I can’t see my parents,I don’t like the zoo or the cage. Every day I get up in the cage ,I have breakfast,lunch and dinner in the cage. I sleep in the cage .I really want to run in the forest and live with my parents.

( )61. Molly is a(n)_______.

A tiger B elephant C lion D giraffe

( )62. _______ is Molly’s favorite food .

A Fruit B Grass C meat D Bread

( )63. Molly lives in the ______.

A forest B zoo C park D river

( )64. Molly wants to _______.

A have a dinner B sleep in the cage

C run in the forest D play sports in the zoo

( )65. Molly’s parents ________.

A Live with her B don’t want to see her

C are in the forest D are in the zoo, too . 四.句型转换,按要求完成句子,每空一词.(每小题1,共10分)

66 .Tom likes dogs because they’re friendly. (就画线部分提问)



_____ _____do you _____ _____your math teacher?

84我们老师对我们要求很严。Our teacher is very _____ _____ _____us.

85 The old man often forgets something and _______ _______(迷路) . .


96 、My mother_________(步行) to work every day.

97、W______ is the post office?I can’t find it.

98 .This hat is big. I want a s_______ one.

99 We can buy food in a s_________ .

100 This hotel is very d_______ .I want to change(换)to a clean hotel.

101 Go down and turn r______. You can find the hospital.

102 ,I can’t _______ (放松) before I finish my homework.

103 .I can ______ (听) to music when I work.

104 My uncle works in the police station. He is a _________.

105. His little brother likes that s______ book.






1. W: How is the weather in Beijing?

M: It’s raining.

2. W: What’s Tom doing at home?

M: He is doing his home work.

3. W: What does he do?



M: He’s a policeman. W: What animals do you like? M: I like pandas. W: Is there a school near here? M: yes, there is.


6. Excuse me. Is there a hotel in the neighborhood?

7. Does she have brothers or sisters?

8. What’s her favorite subject?

9. Where does your sister work?

10. When do you want to go?


11. W: Can you tell me where the hotel is?

M: Yes. It’s between the post office and the police station.

12. W: What time do you usually get up?

M: I usually get up at five o’clock. W: Five o’clock. Wow! And what time do you run? 9

M: Um. At sixe o’clock. W: Hmm. And breakfast? M: Seven o’clock.

13. W: Does your mother work?

M: Yes, she does. She has a new job. W: What does she do?

M: Well, she is a bank clerk, but she want to be a policewoman.

14. M: Hello, Jenny!

W: Hi, Bob. M: Jenny, what are you doing? W: I’m watching TV. M: Do you want to play tennis? W: No, this TV show is interesting. What’s John doing? M: He’s doing his homework.

15. W: Did you see all the animals?

M: I didn’t see any pandas. Did you see any? W: Yeah, there is a panda between the lion and the penguin. He’s cool! M: And did you see the elephant? He’s really big! W: Yeah, I did. The elephant is across from the lion. What about the tiger? Did you see the tiger? M: Yeah, the tiger is across from the penguins.


Lucy is from Canada. She lives in Toronto. She speaks Chinese and English, but she doesn’t speak Japanese. Lucy’s favorite sport is volleyball, and she plays the guitar. Lucy has a pen pal in France. His name is Rick and he lives in Paris. He speaks English and French. Rick doesn’t play volleyball, but he plays basketball and tennis. Basketball is his favorite sport. He can’t play the guitar, but he can play the piano and sing.


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