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河北省承德市平安堡中学八年级英语下册 Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park综合测试

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park综合测试

一 词汇题: 1 The little boy is only five years old but he is much __________(勇敢)than many adults . 2 .We ___________ the supper with coffee yesterday.(结束)

3. He has never been to Shenzhen. Me _____________.(也不)

4. The main ___________ (人物)in the book is a boy who meets an alien . 5. We all like to travel to many countries, ______________(尤其)France .

6. There are several ___________(狐狸)on the hill .

7 Have you ever s_________ Disney movies ?

8.There are many _____________parks in this city .(自然的)

9.He wanted to act as a ___________(向导)to the Palace Museum.

10.The most important _____________(需求)of this job is to speak English well.

11.The most important ___________(温度)is almost the same all year round .

12.Qingdao is an______________(极好的)place to visit. 13.Do you know what the _____________(人口)of Beijing is ?

14.We must try out best to keep the ____________ (环境)

15You can choose to go ________ ( 无论何时) you like,_________(春天),summer, autumn or winter.

16. Don’t go out when it is__________________ (黑).

17.Please _______________ (叫醒)Tom at six and be __________(醒着的).

18. Three ___________ of the students like popular songs . (四分之一)

二.单选( 40ˋ )

1.Can you come on Monday or Tuesday ?l’m afraid _____day is possible.

A. both B. neither C. some

2.______ we go ,we should always remember we are Chinese . A. However B. Wherever C. Whatever 3.Jim has _____the United states. He will be back next term.

A. been to B. gone to C. been in

6.______have you been working as a reporter ?Since last year.

A. how far B. how long C. how often 7.______you _____the film Harry Potter v ?Not yet. I’ll see it this Sunday.

A. Did see B. Are seeing C. Have seen D. Do see

8.Have you been to Poland _____?Yes, l went there two years _____

A. before , ago B. before ,before C. ago ,ago

9. —— Can you _____at six to morrow morning ?

—— Ok .No problem。

A .wake up me B. wake me up C. awake me up 10.l like fruit, _______apples and bananas.

A. such as B. for example C. include

11.Yesterday he ______to work, so he wasn’t late.


A. by taxi B. take a taxi C. took a taxi

12.How clean the bedroom is ! Yes . l’m sure that someone _______it.

A. cleans B. cleaned C. has cleaned

13. Mr. black had been in shanghai ____a week . A. since B. in C. for

14.Have you ever travelled to ______province of China ?

A. other B. another C. the other

15.Have you ever _____Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ?

A. hear B .heard of C. heard from

16 How long has his brother _____ the book?

A. kept B .bought C. lent D. borrowed

17.—Do you mind if I stay here a little longer? —_____.

A. No, you can’t B. Yes, you may C. Certainly not D. Yes, not at all

18. —I’ve never been to a water park. — _______

A. Me, too B. Me, neither. C. Me also. D. Me both.

19.—Have you ever _______ to the Summer Palace, Lily?

—No, I __________.

A. gone, hasn’t B .gone, haven’t C. been, haven’t D. been, hasn’t 20 .I have ________ the book for three days.

A.borrowed B.lent C.bought D.kept

三 句型转换 连词成句20′


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