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1. I think this book must b_________ to lily.

2. Lu Xun is a good a___________ in the world.

3. we are going to have a p_____________ this Sunday.

4. can you guess the o________of this backpack?

5. mary is one of the most beautiful g_______ in our class.

6. I am really a_________because I can’t find my book.

7. he is always running for e____________ every morning .

8. plese be c___________ of that person. He si a thief.

9. he is worried b____________ of his test.

10. he always makes m____________ in grmmar.

三。 用所给词的正确形式填空。(30分)

1. Lun Xun is _________(Mary) favorite auther.

2. Tom always listens to __________(class) music.

3. She must be _________(worry) ,because lost her pen.

4. I saw a boy _________ (run) from the cinema.

5. Because of __________(ill),he didn’t come to work.

6. He must be running __________(catch) a bus.

7. That math problem is _________(extreme) difficult.

8. In 1936, basket __________(become) an Olympic event.

9. “anxious” ___________(mean) worried.

10. The ___________(own) can’t be a boy.


1. This bag _________be LiPing’s because there is his name on it. A:must B:may C:can’t D:could

2. You _________ swim in the river because there are crocodiles in it.

A:must B:may C:can’t D:could

3.----Whose watch is this? ----I’m not sure . It ________ be hers.

A:must B:may C:can’t D:could

4.He is anxious _________his son’s study. A: abouyt B: on C: with D:in

5. He can’t come _____ the bad wather. A: since B:as C:because D:because of

6. The room is __________ dark. I can’t see anything.

A: too much B:too many C:much too D:so much

7.Tom __________ be at home because she called me from HongKong a moment ago.

A:must B:may C:can’t D:could

8.----Where is Mr Wang? Do you know? -----He must _________________for exercise.

A: run B: be run C: be running D:running

9. He asked me what ___________ at 7:00 last night?

A: happen B:happening C:is happening D:was happening

10. We think must teenagers ___________.

A:have fun B:having fun C: to have fun D;had fun


1. The dictionary is Tom’s. (同义句)The dictionary ___________ ___________ ____________.

2.Maybe he is in the library. (同义句) He ___________ __________ in the library.

3. There is not anything wrong with the watch. (同义句)________ is ________with the watch.

4.Every day,YaoMing receives e-mails from thousands of basketball fans. (同义句) Every day,YaoMing _____________ __________ thousands of basketball fans

5.It must be Tom’s。(同义句) ________ _________ ________ _________ _______.

6. What is your favorite sport? (同义句) What sport ________ you ______ _______?

7.Must I park the car here ?(做否定回答 )_________, you ____________.

8. Bob has a blue bike. (同义句) The blue bike __________ ________ Bob. 对划线部分提问)

__________ brother did you ________ on your way home this morning?

10. What does this word mean? (同义句) __________ the _________of this word?

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