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1 Summary: The present continuous tense and learn some phrases 2 writing :

How to write a postcard

He is sleeping .

It is ringing .

Can you find out the rules(规则)?
The Present Continuous Tense
(现在进行时 )

动词ing形式(现在分词) am/ is / are They are playing the guitar. She is teaching English. He is drawing. They are dancing. He is driving. She is having / eating a strawberry. He is swimming. They are sitting. They are lying.


由哪两个重要部分 构成的呢?

What is she doing?
She is cleaning the house.

Is she cleaning? Yes, she is Is she swimming? No, she isn’t.

What are they doing? They are running. Are they running? Yes, they are. Are they sitting?
No, they aren’t.

Language materials :

I’m visiting my friends . be +V +ing He isn’t writing a postcard . be + not+v +ing Are they buying postcards ? Be ………. +V+ing What are they shopping for ?

I singing now. Ⅹ

I am singing

疑问词+ be +….. +v +ing

? ? ? ? ? ?

动词-ing 形式的变化规律: 1.一般情况下,动词后直接加-ing. working buying saying 2. 以不发音的e结尾的动词,去e加-ing. taking having leaving 3. 以辅音字母+元音字母+辅音字母的重 读闭音节,双写末尾辅音字母,然后加-ing. ? shopping sitting getting eat – ? 4. ie 结尾变y , 加 ing. Ⅹ eatting ? lie--- lying.

Practice makes perfect!
are riding e.g. The boys ___________(ride) bicycles. are buying 1. The girls ____________(buy) hot dogs. is having 2. Daming ____________(have) an ice cream. is talking 3. Tony ____________(talk) on his cell phone. are lying 4. Tony and Tim ____________(lie) on the grass. are looking 5. Betty and Ann ___________(look) at postcards. is carrying 6. Betty ___________(carry) a bag. is shopping 7. Lingling ____________(shop购物) in the mall. are eating 8. The women ___________(eat) there. am writing 9. I ___________(write) now.
1、动词 + ing Tips for you: 2、以不发音的e结尾,去e再加 ing 3、以重读闭音节结尾,双写再加 ing 4、ie变y+ing

进行时态的含义: 1)表示现在、说话瞬间正在进行或发生 的动作。 2)目前一段时间内一直发生的动作. 标志性词语: now, look, listen , these days . It is eight o’clock Where is Sb ? Be quiet .

Practice makes perfect!

D 1,Where is TOM?Tom ___ on the chair over there What is he doing these days ? A .siting B is siting C sits D is sitting
2 He is writing a novel these days.
He isn’t writing a a novel 1)否定句; these days.

2)一般疑问: Is he writing a novel these days? 3)提问:

题型\易 错题

B 1. My favourite sport is ______. A. run B. running A B 2.Are they ______chess ? A. playing B. play 3.Shall we _______ a football match? A. having B. have B 4.Let’s_______ and see. A. going B. go B 5.Do you_____ basketball? A. playing B. play

A 6. ____is he doing? He is playing pingpong. A. What B. Who

B 7.Look!The____ are running. A. boy B. boys


Are they swimming? A No, they_____ . A. aren’t B. don’t

What are they doing?


going home


waiting for trains eating hamburgers dancing

能力运 用

Are they doing ..?

driving a car

having afternoon tea

having a drink

having dinner in restaurants

going to the opera


Some boys______________football . are playing
They ____________ football. aren’t playing

Some old people _________ are doing Taijiquan . aren’t doing They ______________ Yangge .

is using He ____________ a computer. He ______________ TV. isn’t watching

Look at the picture in Activity 1. Say what they are doing . Tony is talking on his cell phone with his father. ...

Complete the conversation Tony is having withhis dad. Tony: Hi , Dad ! Dad: Hi , Tony. What are you doing (1)________________( you /do ) ? Tony: We ( 2) are visiting ( visit ) the _________ Forbidden City. Lingling and Betty are writing ( 3 )___________( write ) postcards. Dad: What ( 4 ) is Daming doing _______________( Daming/ do ) ?

Tony: He ( 5 ) ________________ ( take ) photos. There is taking are lots of people here . They ( 6 )____________ ( enjoy ) are enjoying the sun . Some ( 7 ) _______________ ( look ) at the are looking buildings and some ( 8 ) ______________ ( listen ) to the are listening guide. Are you having Dad: ( 9 )________________ ( you / have ) a good time ? Tony: Yes, we ( 10 ) ________________ ( have ) a great are having time , Dad !See you later.

小擂台!come on ! 1 通过他的电 1 on his cell phone 话 2 have a good/wonderful/nice time 2 玩的开心

3 再见
4 晚安

3 see you later
4 good night

Around the world

It's morning in New York .

It's midday in London .

It's evening in Sydney.

are leaving work
5:00 P.M. are going home

are waiting for buses
People are running for trains

are driving their cars
are having afternoon tea

are walking to pubs
are having a drink

8:00 P.M.

aren’t having afternoon tea are having dinner at home or in restaurants are going to the opera are watching a ballet are watching television are playing games at home

1:00 A.M.

People are not having dinner. are sleeping

9:00 A.M.

aren’t getting up, washing or getting dressed are working

are starting their lessons

aren’t working
12:00 midday are having lunch

eating hamburgers or hot dogs
are drinking coffee or Coke

are seeing friends
are calling home

are shopping

Make pen friends !
Write the day Start like this Thursday Dear_______, Tom How are you? I’m enjoying the school very much. Write his/ her I am __________________ name learning English.we and address ______________________ ____________ ______________________good are having a

Say what you are doing

time here. See you soon.
Finish like this Love ___________ (your name) Li lei

Martin and Helen White 22 West Street London


.书面表达。 假如你和几位朋友此刻正在伦敦观光。请 根据英文和图片提示,写一张明信片给你 的

妈妈,把大家正在做的事情写出来。 提示:enjoy the school trip; write to; visit many places; have a good time 要求:1.要把所给的英文提示词和图片信 息表达出来; 2.文章要连贯; 词数在50 词左右,文章的开头和结尾已经给出(不 包含在总词数内)。

Dear Mum, Greetings from London! How are you? ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ See you soon. Love, Li Hua

Li Hua London UK.

1 .The present continuous tense. 2 some phrases: on the cell phone have a good /nice/great /wonderful time see you later good night

3 How to write a postercard

1. write a postercard 2.recite all the new words in this unit

3. prepare the next lesson .

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