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人教版 初中英语七年级上 module4 Unit 2

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Think of six words for food and drink. Make three lists.

favourite healthy delicious

Favourite food and drink: oranges… Healthy food and drink: carrots… Delicious food and drink:…

Label the pictures with the words and expression from the box.
bread candies cola fish hamburger ice cream noodles rice sugar

ice cream

fish hamburger






Read the passage and complete the table. Healthy food and drink Unhealthy food and drink

meat, carrots, eggs, ice cream, potatoes, milk, hamburgers, cola, cheese, fish, chicken, candy noodles, rice, juice, water, tea, fruit, vegetables

Complete the passage with the correct from of the words and expression from the box. delicious fat important lots of meal remember stay sweet tooth (pl. teeth) important A healthy breakfast is (1)__________ in the meal morning and it’s my favourite (2)______. There are (3)________ fruit and vegetables lots of for lunch at school,

but these isn’t any cola or candy. Candy and cola are (4)_______ food and drink sweet and they’re bad for your (5)______. At teeth home my grandma’s dinners are fat (6)_________ and we aren’t (7)_____. delicious (8)___________! Eat well, and (9)______ stay Remember healthy.

Choose food from Units 1 and 2 for

your meals.
breakfast lunch dinner

Now work in pairs. Talk about your

1. What’s your favourite food and drink?
2. Is it healthy food and drink?

Meat and fish are healthy food. Too much meat isn’t healthy. Meat and fish are healthy food but too much meat isn’t healthy.

Now join the sentences with but.
1. Juice is a healthy drink. Cola isn’t a healthy drink. Juice is a healthy drink but cola isn’t a healthy drink. 2. Noodles are healthy food. Hamburgers aren’t healthy food. Noodles are healthy food but hamburgers aren’t healthy food.

3. Meat, vegetables and fruit are healthy food. Cola, ice cream and hamburgers aren’t healthy food and drink. Meat, vegetables and fruit are healthy food but cola, ice cream and hamburgers aren’t healthy food and drink. 4. Chocolate is delicious. Too much chocolate isn’t good for you. Chocolate is delicious but too much chocolate isn’t good for you.

Complete the sentence about you. _____ and ______ are healthy food but ______ and _______ are my favourite food.

1. be healthy 3. too much 5. be bad for

健康 许多 太多 对……有害

2. a lot of= lots of

4. be good for 对……有益 6. a bit 一点

7. It’s important to do sth.


重要 8. stay healthy 保持健康 9. get fat 变肥 10. not…or… 不是……和…… 11. at home 在家 12. for breakfast / lunch / dinner 当作 早/午/晚餐

一、不可数名词有: 1. water 水 2. meat 肉 3. food 食物 4. fruit 水果 5. beef 牛肉 6. chicken 鸡 肉 7. juice 果汁 8. ice cream 冰激凌 9. tea 茶 10. rice 米饭 11. bread 面 包 12. milk 牛奶 13. cola 可乐

14. chocolate 巧克力 15. fish 鱼肉 16. cheese

奶酪 17. sugar 糖 18. candy 糖果 19. soup 汤 二、可数名词的特殊变化: 1. child—children 孩子 2. tooth—teeth 牙齿

连词 and, or, but 的区别: 1. and:表示“和,又,与,并”,连接 两个名词、动词或句子,表示并列关系。 2. or:用于否定句表示“和”的意思,用 于疑问句中表示“还是,或者”的意思。 3. but:意思是“但是,而是”,表转折 关系。

Do exercises:
1. Mr. Zhang is an English teacher _______ he teaches us English. and

2. Do you like to have Chinese food _______ western food? or 3. He is rich, _______ he isn’t happy. but 4. Have you got any brothers _______ or sisters? 5. Juice _______ milk are healthy drinks and ________ cola isn’t a healthy drink. but 6. Remember to eat noodles ______ rice, or not hamburgers.

A.单词拼写: 1. You should eat more _______ (胡萝卜). carrots 2. It’s important to _________ (记得) to eat remember well and stay healthy. 3. Please have lots of _________(美味) delicious chicken soup! 4. He had some fish and _______ (面条) for noodles lunch.

5. Eating too much meat is not good for _________ (孩子). children 6. I often eat some bread (面包), an egg _____ and a cup of milk for breakfast. 7. If you are a bit ____ (累) , please have tired a rest. 8. His mother wants to buy some ________ (香蕉). bananas

B.完成句子: 1.你最喜欢的食物和饮料是什么? What ________________ food and drink? are your favourite 2.多喝水是非常重要的。 It’s very ________________ more water. important to drink 3.牛奶、奶酪和鱼对你的牙齿有益。 Milk, cheese and fish ____________________. are good for your teeth

If you want to stay healthy __________, stay healthy

you must ________ vegetables. eat more

Please eat lots of fruit and vegetables, ____ candy or ice cream. __ not

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