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Unit 2 Liu Xiang was trained for gold.

Let’s watch a vidio about LiuXiang. (Liu Xiang won the gold medal in the Olmypic Games,2004)

Do you know?
Name: Liu Xiang Sex: Male Place of birth: Shanghai Birthday: 1983.7.13 Height: 188 cm Body weight: 74 kg Project: the high jump, 110 m hurdles

He became famous as a sporting hero because he won the first Olympic gold medal of 110m hurdles event for China in Athens, Greece.

1.Liu Xiang is a lucky player, he is an overnight success.( ) 2.Liu Xiang’s skill at hurdling was noticed by his coach Sun Haiping in 1998.( )

P21 Activity 3 Read the passage quickly and complete the time line with the notes.

Read and complete the time line with the notes
d? a? f? c? b? g? e?
future plans: 2004: 2002: 2001: 1998: 1993: 1983:

P21 Pt 4 Read the passage again carefully and answer the questions.

1. As a symbol, what does Liu Xiang represent? He’s a symbol of China’s international sporting success. (L5) 2. Why does the passage say Liu Xiang is not an overnight success? Because he started training when he was very young. (L18)

3. What was Liu Xiang advised to do in 1998? He was advised to train at hurdling in 1998. (L22)
4. What was the special programme set up in 2001? It was set up in 2001 to help young sportsmen. (L26)

5. what will he be encouraged to do in the future? He will be encouraged to go for more medals for China. (L39)

Language points
1.first of all “首先”,置于句首,用“,”与句子隔开 First of all, let me introduce myself. 2.invite “邀请” invite sb. to +地名/活动名 “邀请某人去某地/邀请某人参加某活动” invite sb. to do sth. “邀请某人做某事” 1.My friend invited me to Beijing. 2.I invited him to my birthday party. 3.Daming invited Tony to go to the cinema.

3.make sure +(that)从句/to do sth/of短语 “确定/务必” (1).我们务必要赢得这场比赛。 Make sure (that)we will win the match. (2)当你外出时,请务必关窗。 Make sure to close the window when you go out. (3)你最好确定地点和时间。 You had better make sure the place and time.

4.at first “起初” eg.起初,这个女孩很伤心。但半小时后她开始笑起来。
At first, the girl was very sad.But after half an hour,she began to laugh. 5.set up “建立/建立” eg.他们成立了一个自学小组来互相帮助。

They set up a self-learning group to help each other.

6.compare “比较/对照” compare A with B “A与B相比较” compare A to B “把A比喻成B” compared to/with... “与...相比”

(1)请不要经常拿我跟姐姐做比较。 Please don’t always compare me with elder sister.
(2)莎士比亚把世界比作舞台。(stage) Shakespeare compared the world to a stage. (3)与很多妇女相比,她是幸运的。 Compared to/with many women,she is lucky.


1.be trained for gold


2. around the world= all over the world



3.an overnight success


4.first of all


5.make sure


6.at first


7.set up


8. What’s next?


9.encougage sb. to do sth.


10.advise sb. to do sth.


11.the Olympic Games


12.the Asian Games


13.finishing line

1.为金牌受训 2.全世界 3.一夜成名 4.首先 5.确定/务必 6.起初 7.创立/建立 8.下一步是什么? 9.鼓励某人做某事 10.建议某人做某事 11.奥运会 12.亚运会 13.终点线 14.起跑线

1.be trained for gold 2. around the world= all over the world 3.an overnight success 4.first of all 5.make sure 6.at first 7.set up 8. What’s next? 9.encougage sb. to do sth. 10.advise sb. to do sth. 11.the Olympic Games 12.the Asian Games 13.finishing line 14. starting line

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