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Unit 2 How often do you exercise ?

Section A (1a—1c)

制作人:马丙学 阜阳未来学校 2013--9--5

Learning aims: (2’)
1, Master the using way of frequency words . 2, Master the following sentences: --How often do you watch TV ? -- Once a week . 3, Listening .

Step One :(6’)
Look at the picture .Make a list of the weekend activities.

help with housework 帮助做家务 watch TV 看电视
exercise 锻炼/运动

do some reading
go shopping

阅读 去购物


Let‘s learn some frequency words . (3’) always 有时 usually 几乎从不 often 总是 经常 sometimes 从来不 hardly ever 通常 never


≥ 80%

≥ 60%

≥ 20%

< 5%




hardly ever

提示:频率副词在句中的位置是:实义 动词之前, be动词或助动词之后。

Step Two :


Learn conversations and make coversations.

A: What do you usually do on weekends? B: I often go to the movies.
always usually often sometimes hardly ever never

watch TV go shopping do some reading exercise do some washing Listen to music

A: How often do you watch TV ?
B: Twice a week
Activities watch TV go shopping do some reading exercise do some washing draw

How often
every day once a week twice a week three times a week once a month

Step Three: Listening practice (7’)
Listen and write the letters from the picture above on the lines below.
1. always _____________read exercise, 2. usually ________________ watch TV

help with housework 3. often ____________________
4. sometimes ______________ go shopping 5. hardly ever _____________ watch TV 6. never ______________ go shopping

比 一 比 谁 听 得 认 真

Step Four (7’) Recite some important sentences .

你通常在周末做什么 ? 1, What do you usually do on weekends?

我有时去购物 。 2, I sometimes go shopping . 我总是帮助做家务 。 3, I always help with housework.
我几乎从不看电视。 4, I hardly ever watch TV .

比 比 谁 背 得 快

1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


一周三次 10,three times a week ______________

去看电影 ___________________ go to the movie exercise 运动 ____________________ watch TV 看电视 ____________________ 购物 ____________________ go shopping 多久一次 ____________________ How often 每天 every day ____________________ 一周一次 once a week _____________ 一周两次 twice a week ______________


C 1, ---___ do you watch TV ? --Two times a week . A, How old B, How many C, How often B 2, --___ do you usually do on weekends ? --I often go to the movies . A, How B, What C, Where

背诵,默写听力原文 。

记住好好锻 炼身体哟!

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