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Unit 3. I am more outgoing than my sister.

重难点1:loudly; aloud; loud loudly
? ? ? ? loudly adv.”喧闹地;大声地;响亮地” 含有噪音和喧扰声的意味。 Suddenly he began to scream loudly. Someone knocked loudly at the door.

重难点1:loudly; aloud; loud aloud
? aloud adv. “出声的;大声的” 相对于默 读而言,强调出声,但声音不一定很大, 常与read, call, cry(高声的) ? The teacher asked him to read this poem aloud. ? The boy called aloud for help.

重难点1:loudly; aloud; loud
? loud adj,“响亮的;大声的” ? Please spell the word in a loud voice. ? Adv. “大声;高声”放在speak, shout, laugh, talk之后 ? Speak loud while answering the teacher’s question.

? hard-working adj 工作努力的;辛勤 的 ? They are hard-working children. ? work hard 努力工作/学习 ? work hard on/at…在……努力 ? He work hard at English and he is a hard-working student. ? hard work 艰苦的工作

1. 2. 3.


loudl I heard someone knocking ______(loud) y at the door. quietly We approached靠近 the birds _______ (quiet) and watched them. hard-working My cousin Edward is a _______ ( hard work) man. competition She came first in a writing _________ (compete). clearly I can see the people _______ (clear), though it’s dark.

1. --____ do you like better, tea or coffee? --Neither of them. I like water. A. Where B. Who C. Which D. When 2. He did as his teacher told him and _____ the first place in the exam. A. won B. beat C. lost D. win 3. --Talking _____ in a library is impolite. --In fact, we should also take care not to cough or sneeze loudly in public. A. Loudly B. quickly C. clear D. quiet

Win & beat
? win v. 获胜,赢得;win-won-won; winning ? He won first prize in the surfing competition. ? win + 比赛;战斗;辩论;奖品(事;物) ? beat+ 比赛;战斗;辩论的对手—(人;集体) ? beat v. 打败;战胜 ? I can beat you at swimming. ? We won the match and we beat them by the score of 5 to 3.

? care v. 在意;担心;关心 ? We don’t care what they say. ? Care for 照料;关心(肯定句);喜欢 (否、疑问句) ? I hope all the students in our class will care for each other. ? I don’t care for green tea. ? take care of= look after=care for

care about关心;计较;在乎
? care about关心;计较;在乎 ? He doesn’t care about his clothes.

both adj. pron 两者;两者都
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Both are smart. Neither is smart. Either is smart. Both of+ 代词 Both of + the/my/her形容词性物主代词+n. Both of us come from China. Both the books are expensive. (限定词)



? We all came here on time. ? All of us are studying for a test .(不定代 词) ? She spent all the money I gave her.(限定 词)

? ? ? ? ? ? si

milar adj. 想象的;类似的 Be similar to 和……相似 Your new haircut is similar to mine. Same adj. 相同的;同样的 The same as 与……相同 The bag is the same as yours.

1. There is a ______ (say) that behind saying every successful man there’s a woman. broke 2. When she came in, Bob ______ (break) off his talk with Jane. 3. Basketball has a history of nearly 300 years. Today it is still loved by ____ the young _____ the old. A. both, and B. either, or C. not, but D. neither, nor

4. I don’t _____ what he does. A. take care of B. care about C. look after D. neither, nor 5. The students had to learn the poem by ____. A. head B. ears C. eyes D. heart Learn sth by heart用心记忆 6. Your bag is ____ to mine. I don’t know which one is mine. A. same B. similar C. like D. unlike

7. Please don’t _____ at me if I don’t do it well. A. laugh B. smile C. talk D. speak 8. There are millions of websites on the Internet and there ____ a lot of useful ____ on the websites. A. are, informations B. are, information C. is, information D. be, information

1. make sth/sb. +adj. “使某人(感到)……; 使某物处于……” The news makes me happy.…… 2. make sb. + n. “使某人成为……” We make him captain队长。 3. make sb./sth do … “使某人/某物做……” She made me wait for a long time. 4. make sb. +动词过去分词 “使某物被……”

4. make sb. +动词过去分词 “使某人被……” She spoke aloud to make herself heard. 操练: 1. If you see the cartoon film, it will make you _____. A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing D. laughed 2. Please ____ your book. Listen to me carefully. A. bring to B. bring out C. took out D. put out 3. Colors can change our moods情绪 and make us _______ happy or sad. A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling

4. How dangerous! She was driving the car with one hand and holding an ice cream with ________. A. the other B. another C. others D. other 5. Lily and her sister look the same. I can’t tell one from _______. A. other B. another C. the other D. others 6. I jump higher than _______ in my class. A. any other boys B. the other boys C. any boy D. another boy

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

loudl y Don’t speak so l______, because the baby is sleeping now. Pass me that pair of glasses, please. I clearly can’t see the words c______. Mike’s parents are b______ teachers. both If you are a hard-working student, grades you’ll always get better g_______. If you want to get more i_________ information about the house, please call me. T_____ though he was very busy, he came to see me.

better 7. She is much ______ (good) at drawing than I am. funnier 8. Holly’s best friend is ________ (funny) than she is. most 9. The ______ (many) important thing for you is to decide your own future. clearly 10. The reporter spoke very ______ (clear) so that we could hear every word. more 11. There are ______

(many ) boys in our class than in theirs.

Thank you !


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