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听力部分(25 分)



( ) 1. A. Sure, I’d love to. B. No, I’m free now. C. The window is clean. ( ) 2. A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, he can. ( ) 3. A. We are good brothers. B. We look the same.

C. We’re going hiking.

( ) 4. A. It doesn’t matter. B. You’re welcome. C. I’m sorry to hear that. ( ) 5. A. Thank you. B. Don’t say so. C. Yes, I did.



( )6. What does the man ask the woman to do?

A. Help him move the table.

B. Help herself to some food on the table.

C. Use the phone on the table as she likes.

( )7. What’s the man trying to do?

A. He’s trying to make a telephone call.

B. He’s trying to mend(修理)a telephone.

C. He’s trying to count numbers.

( )8. What does the woman say about her brother?

A. He doesn’t like to go camping for long.

B. He likes camping on foot.

C. He likes to take long camping trips by bike.

( )9. What’s the woman doing?

A. She’s helping the man. B. She’s asking the way.

C. She’s walking down the street.

( )10. What’s wrong with the man.

A. His front door is broken. B. He can’t get into his house.

C. He can’t find his front door.


听下面4段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。听每段对话和独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出5秒钟的作答时间,每段对话或独白读两遍。 1


( )11. Who is having the birthday part?

A. Dave. B. Maria. C. Lucy.

( )12. Where is Maria?

A. She’s at home. B. She’s in the shop. C. She’s not in. ( )13. What is Maria doing now?

A. She’s going shopping. B. She’s walking. C. She’s swimming. 听第12段材料,回答第14至第16题。

( )14. What will Dick do after school?

A. He’ll play basketball. B. He’ll go back home. C. He’ll clean the classroom. ( )15. What’s wrong with Dick’s mother?

A. She is busy. B. She is ill. C. She is working. ( )16. What will the girl do?

A. She’ll go to see Dick’s mother. B. She’ll help Dick look after his mother.

C. We don’t know what she will do.


( )17. Who are the two people?

A. Mother and son B. Teacher and student. C. Sister and brother. ( )18. What do you know about Mrs. Black?

A. She is a great swimmer. B. She is good at cooking. C. She lives on an island. ( )19. Where did they have their picnic?

A. Just outside their house. B. On an island(岛).

C. In a boat.

( )20. What was the weather like on the picnic trip?

A. It was fine. B. It was cold. C. It was cloudy. 听第14段材料,完成第21至25题。

( )21. Why does Isabel write to Ted?

A. To thank him for his invitation. B. To say sorry.

C. Both A and B.

( )22. What does Isabel have to do on Saturday morning?

A. She has to go to the dentist. B. She has to study for the math test.

C. She has to go to the movies.

( )23. Who is Isabel going out with?

A. Ted. B. Her parents. C. Her friends. ( )24. Who will do the housework at Isabel’s home?

A. Isabel herself.

B. Her parents.

C. Isabel will help her parents do the housework.

( )25. When does Isabel want to have a good rest?

A. On Saturday morning. B. On Sunday morning. C. On Sunday afternoon. 2


Ⅰ. 单选题。(15分)

( )26. —I’m that smoking is bad for your .

—That’s right.

A. necessary, healthy B. sure, health

C. certain, healthy D. true, health

( )27. —Are you joking?

—No, I am .

A. calm B. serious C. wild D. athletic ( )28. Thanks for me to you in playing the game.

A. invitation, join in B. inviting, join

C. asking, take part in D. invite, join with

( )29. The girl who is sitting there her mother homework.

A. have to help, do B. needs help, to do

C. has to help, do D. need to help, doing

( )30. —Can you come over my house to discuss the science report?

— , but I can’t. I have to go to the piano lesson.

A. to, I’d love B. for, I’m afraid C. for, Really so D. to, I’m sorry ( )31. —What do you think of his paintings?

—No one can draw .

A. so good B. well C. better D. best ( )32. They ate up before .

A. all the food, the whole class B. the all food, whole the class

C. the whole food, all the class D. whole the food, the all class

( )33. —Could I have cakes?

—Of course you . Help yourself.

A. two other, could B. another two, must

C. two more, can D. any more, can

( )34. Shanghai is bigger than in Jiangsu Province.

A. any other cities B. any cities C. any other city D. any city ( )35. He knew nothing about the invitation letter I told him.

A. until B. because C. if D. what ( )36. Please me on this phone number when you are free.

A. to call B. call up C. speak D. reach ( )37. —Why not ?

—Good idea.

A. to finish practicing sing B. join in us in singing the song

C. have fun at the party D. keep playing the soccer

( )38. Of the two girls, she is one.

A. the more outgoing B. smarter C. the more funnier D. quietest ( )39. Sorry, if I hurt(伤害)you, I it.


A. don’t want B. don’t wish C. didn’t mean D. didn’t hope ( )40. He come, but I’m not sure about it.

A. must B. can C. may D. should

Ⅱ. 完形填空。(20分)


I like to have friends are like me. I’m than most of the kids in my class, and my best friend Yuan Li is quiet, too. There are some ’m smarter than Yuan Li, She’s It’s not to be the same. I like to have friends who are different me. My best friend Larry is taller and more outgoing than me. We both like sports, but Larry is more active than me. He always me in tennis.

I don’t really doing the same things.

( ) 41. A. which B. whom C. who D. what ( ) 42. A. quiet B. quite C. quiter D. quieter ( ) 43. A. different B. difference C. differences D. differ

( ) 44. A. athleticer B. athleter C. more athletic D. most athletic ( ) 45. A. necessary B. innecessary C. unnecessary D. possible ( ) 46. A. to B. at C. between D. from ( ) 47. A. a lot of B. even C. little D. too ( ) 48. A. wins B. hits C. fails D. beats ( ) 49. A. take care B. care about C. care for D. care ( ) 50. A. both like B. all like C. like both D. like all


Susan had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. So did most of the other in her school class, which troubled her a lot. “I look like everyone else! I’m not special! I’m boring!” Susan to her mother.

She decided to try to make herself look when she didn’t get attention, she stuck(粘)a long plastic(塑料)nose on top of her real nose. Nobody noticed that, She took ink (墨水) and poured it all over her She wore clown (小丑) clothes to school and stuck leaves in her ears. no matter what she did, she still didn’t get any and nobody thought she was special.

One morning her went to wake her up and told her to get ready for school. She made Susan the ink out of her hair and clean her neck, “I’m not going to school I’m boring!” She buried (埋藏) her head the quilt and cried.

“Susan,” her mother said, “you are different. You are unique (独一无二) and special. in the world looks just like you. Some people have blonde hair like you and some have blue eyes like you, but none of them has your smile or the twinkle(闪烁、闪耀)in your eyes or your pink face. Nobody laughs like you, either. Now and get ready for school.”

Susan went to school that day and looked at all the other kids in her class. “Mom was ” Susan smiled. “I am special. I am unique and I am not ” ( ) 51. A. children B. boys C. men D. women 4

( ) 52. A. complained(抱怨)B. listened C. talked D. spoke ( ) 53. A. beautiful B. simple C. different D. happy ( ) 54. A. too B. either C. also D. neither ( ) 55. A. neck B. nose C. eyes D. hair ( ) 56. A. Though B. So C. But D. And ( ) 57. A. attention B. help C. prize D. answer ( ) 58. A. father B. mother C. sister D. brother ( ) 59. A. pull B. wash C. throw D. turn ( ) 60. A. tomorrow B. next week C. next year D. today ( ) 61. A. under B. on C. before D. beside ( ) 62. A. Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Anybody ( ) 63. A. get up B. get off C. put up D. put off ( ) 64. A. wrong B. right C. special D. common ( ) 65. A. moving B. interesting C. tiring D. boring Ⅲ. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共30分)


A famous study was done in a school by a professor from a university. At the start of the school year, the teachers were given the names of five children. They were told that these five were the most excellent students in the class. But the fact was that these students were only average(中等), and they were not the best students at all. Well, guess what? At the end of the year, all the five average students scored among the highest in the class.

What made these average students change so much to become top students? The only difference was the change in their teachers’ attitude(态度). Because the teachers believed that these five kids were the top students, they expected more from them. And so these five average students began to believe and expect more from themselves. So they worked harder to do as well as they could.

Do you know? If you expect the best from people, they’ll usually want to give you their best. A great leader said, “Treat a person just how he appears to be on the outside, and you’ll make him even worse, But treat a person like he’s already a success, and you’ll help make him the best he can be.”

Like the true story of 7-year-old Johnny, his teacher got so angry with him that one day she said, “Johnny, you’re the naughtiest boy in this class. I’m sure you’ll never change.” The next year Johnny had a new teacher. And on the first day of class, she met with Johnny after school and said, “Johnny, I’ve heard a lot about you! But do you know that I don’t believe a word of it.” And every day after that, this new teacher treated Johnny as if he was one of the smartest students even when Johnny did naughty things. Later on, Johnny became a school leader. Because that’s the power of our belief(信任)and attitude toward children.

66. The professor started his research by ________________

A. telling the five students to work harder than ever before.

B. teaching the five children himself.

C. telling the teacher the five students were the best in the class

D. asking the five children to find a new teacher

67. The five average students became top students mainly because of ___________. 5

A. the professor’s study B. the change in the professor’s attitude

C. the teachers’ hard work D. the change in the teachers’ attitude

68. Why did the writer tell us the story of 7-year-old Johnny?

A. To show the importance of encouragement.

B. To show that the boy was clever enough.

C. To let us know the famous boy.

D. To let us know how good his new teacher was.

69. According to the story, we can learn that______________.

A. the research began at the end of the school year.

B. the students scored highest only because they worked hard.

C. if you expect the most from people, you’ll get the least

D. little Johnny liked his new teacher very much.

70. What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. If you want to get more, you should have new teachers.

B. Attitude and belief can change a person.

C. A professor’s study can help you score highest.

D. Only teachers can make you a top student.

( )71. The above is .

A. a poster(海报)from a club B. an advertisement(广告)for films

C. a note to parents D. an introduction(介绍)of a cinema ( )72. A mother will be sure to meet her kid at 12: 30 after the film in the club. It must

be A. 21 June B. 28 June C. 19 June D. 26 July ( )73. Which of the following is allowed to the cinema alone in the club?

A. A 2-year-old baby. B. A 19-year-old student.

C. A 30-year-old parent. D. A 10-year-old pupil.


( )74. on the first Saturday of July.

A. Kid’s Club will start at 10: 30 B. The kids will see TWO BROTHERS

C. There will be no Kid’s Club D. The kids will have creative activities ( )75. The longest film of the four is .




Mom is usually home on Sunday but this week she was going to a big golf game and I was all alone in the house . I was mad at(生气)Mom for divorcing(与……离婚)Dad.

I kept looking at the telephone until I couldn’t stand it any longer . I picked up the receiver and dialed Dad’s number over in Bakersfield . I even remembered to dial 1 first because it was long distance(距离). “You promised to phone me this week but you didn’t,” I said ,feeling I had to talk to him.

“Take it easy, kid,” he said. “I just didn’t get around to(逃避)it. I was going to call this evening. The week isn’t over yet.”

I thought about that.

“Something on your mind?” he asked.

“ I hoped you would call , so I waited and waited.” Then I was sorry I said it.

“There was heavy snow in the morning,” he said. “I had to chain(用链子拴住)up on highway 80 and lost time.”

I know putting chains on eight big wheels in the snow is no fun. I felt a little better, as long as we were talking. “How is Bandit?” I asked.

There was a funny silence. For a minute I thought the line was dead. Then I knew something must have happened to my dog.

“Well, kid—”, he began. “My name is Leigh!” I almost yelled(尖叫). “I’m not just some kid you met on the street!”

“” he said. “When I had to stop along with some other truckers to put on chains, I left Bandit out of the cab. I thought he would get back…I have sent out a call to CB radio, but I didn’t get an answer yet.” I was about to say I understood when there came the bad part, the really bad part. I heard a boy’s voice say, “Hey, Bill, Mom wants to know when we’re going out to get the pizza?”

( )76. From the story we know that .

A. Leigh’s dad never had a rest on Sundays

B. Leigh was a deserted(被抛弃的)boy

C. Leigh’s dad lived in another city

D. Leigh’s mother often went to golf games

( )77. What happened to Bandit?

A. It was frozen(冰冻的)to death.

B. It was let out of the cab and got lost.

C. It was killed by a truck.

D. It ran off Highway 80 and into the mountain.


( )78. The underlined sentence “Keep your shirt on” probably means “ ”.

A. Listen to reason B. Stop talking C. Calm down D. Keep warm ( )79. The worst part in Leigh’s eye may be that .

A. his dad got remarried B. his parents got divorced

C. his dad didn’t love him D. his mom didn’t take him to pizza

( )80. How is Leigh feeling at last?

A. happy B. worried C. sad D. sorry

Ⅵ. 阅读短文填词。(10分)

Jack’s grandpa would retire(退休)to give him a surprise party. special for him. He remembered the business card grandpa had given him before. He knew his grandpa would no longer have the position(职位)on that card, so he decided to make a new with anybody else. When the big day came, evening. When all the other people left, Jack to a chair and gave him the gift. His grandpa smiled, “ be a beautiful gift. May I open it now?” “” Jack said excitedly. As grandpa opened the gift, it was a small one.

It was a business card with his new position Full—TIME GRANDPA! Jack said, “Now your full – time job is my grandpa!” “Well, how much do I get paid?” happily.

“As many hugs(拥抱)as you want!” with these words, Jack gave grandpa a hug.

“Well, I guess that means I’m the richest man in the world” said grandpa.


8 8

Ⅴ. 书面表达(15分)






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