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( )1.She looks younger than she is.

A. even B. very C. a bit of

( ) 2.If you do that ,you’ll feel soon.

A . more healthy B . more healthier C . much healthier

( ) 3 .We’ll try to do work with time than before.

A.much, much B.little ,little C.more,less

( population in the world.

A.largest B.bigger C.most

( ) 5. Of all the students, LiMing is to Mr Wang.

A.close B.closer C.the closest

( his daughter to school.

A. send B.to send C.take

( ) 7.-----Could you get me some coffee?

------ A. Yes , I could. B.Sorry, I couldn’t . C.Sure,

( ) 8.Our child is now.

A. studying harder math B. studying maths harder

C. working hardest with math

( ) 9.But he didn’t for us to follow.

A. clear enough B. clearly enough C. enough clear

( ) 10.----- do you go to the movies?

------Once a month.

A. How often B. How soon C. How far

( ) 11.There are many A. different kind B. difference kinds C. different kinds

( ) 12.Some of them are Chinese , are English.

A .other B . others C. the other

( ) 13. Mike arrived in Beijing afternoon.

A. on a rainy B. on a rain C. in a rainy 1

( ) 14. There’s ’d better get some.

A. little B. few C. a little

( ) 15. I’m not feeling very .

A. well B. good C. bad


There is no and easy way to learn English well. But there is a simple and hard way. Speak English as as you can. Speak English them while you are and out of class. Speak and English as much as you can. Listen to your teacher when he speaks to you in English when they speak English to you out of class.

Speak , listen to and English as much as you can. Don’t read the textbooks. Go to the library and read easy English books. Speak, listen to , read and write English as much as you can. Buy a notebook and write it every day.

( )16.A. best B. quick C. good D. hard ( )17.A. many B. much C. more D. most ( )18.A. to B. for C. with D. between ( )19.A. at home B.after school C. in the street D. in class ( )20.A. read B. listen to C. say D . write ( )21.A. in B. after C. during D. before ( )22.A. classmates B. teacher C. parents D. worker ( )23.A. read B. hear C. say D. write ( )24.A. once B. just C. but D. often

( ) 25. A. with B. in C. at D. on



3.----What’s your father’ -----Animals World.


eat bananas. I don’t like them.

7.I’m very sorry that I my neighbour’s window yesterday afternoon.

to me in many ways.

food isn’t good for our health. Don’t eat it.

10.The doctors tell us to eat more fruit and vegetables. They are good


(show) her talent.

3.Which city (beautiful), Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?

4.I’m very tired because I (little) than three hours last night.

5.It’s a little funny for Tim to be afraid (go) out on the dark evening.


A: I think I’m kind of unhealthy. 1.

A: Every day I have a lot of homework to do.

B: Too bad! What do you usually do after school?

A: 3.

B: How many hours do you watch?

B: Why not spend you two hours of watching TV exercising? A: I think you are right.



1.The students had great fun.(改为否定句)

The students 对画线部分提问) you last Sunday?



does she eat junk food a week?



Tom was three years old. He liked to watch TV with his parents after supper, but his parents never let him stay long . Mother would say :“It’s time for you to go to bed , Tom.”

“But why don’t you go to bed?” Tom always asked.

“We are adults(大人) ,” Mother would say,“And adults go to bed late.”

One evening Tom asked his mother for an apple.

“But it’s too late,” his mother didn’t want to give him anything to eat at bedtime.“The apples are already asleep.”

“But not all of them, Mom,” Tom said.“The baby apples are perhaps asleep,but their parents are surely awake.” ( )1. Tom liked to watch TV with after supper.

A.his father and mother B.his sisterC.his grandparents D.his brother

( A.never B.something C.often D.usually

( )3. One evening Tom asked his mother for .

A.an egg B.an apple C.an orange D.a pear


( )4. His mother didn’t want to give anything to him to

eat .

A.in the morning B.in the afternoon C.at bedtime D.at noon

( )5. From the story we know Tom was a A.quiet B.bad C.lazy D.clever


Saturday, June 16th

In the morning , We went camping along a path in Green Natural Park. We were happy because it was a sunny day. We were expecting an enjoyable two-day holiday . On the way, we kept singing and making jokes.

However, in the afternoon, wher we finished our picture at one o’clock, it was dark and windy. Soon, there was a shower. Unluckily, none of us brought an umbrella. We ran about but we could find no place to hide.

Twenty minutes passed and it was still raining. There were hours to go before we reached the campsite(野营地). It was even worse that our small compass(指南针) showed that we went to the wrong way. We had lost our way!

We had to make a quick decision as it was raining heavily. Chris said we could set up a tent to hide in, so Mary and Tom helped to set up the tent. Chris and I tried to make a fire to keep us warm. But we were unable to light the fire, as everything was wet. We dried ourselves, chatted and waited inside the tent. At about five o’clock, it stopped raining. We decided to give up the camping trip because all of us had been very tired.

This camping trip may not be very successful but we know each other better. And the most important thing I’ve learned from this trip is the importance of team spirit(精神).

( A.for 4 hours B.for 2 days C.in June D.in the afternoon


( )2. It was even worse that they .

A.had no picnic B.lost their way

C.couldn’t light the fire D.couldn’t know each other

( )3. Chris suggested that they should in the rain.

A.set up a tent B.reach the campsite

C.keep singing D.find a place to hide

( )4. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. It was sunny in the morning.

B. None of them had an umbrella

C. They gave up the camping at last.

D.They ran about to dry themselves.

( )5. The writer has learned the importance of A.making a decision B.working together

C.enjoying holidays D.taking a compass


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