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2013秋人教版英语八年级上Unit3 课件2

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Period Two (SectionA2a—2c)

expensive quiet / ?kwai?t/ /iks?pensiv/ adj.昂贵的 adj.安静.宁静的

funny / ?f?ni /

outgoing /'autg?ui?/ adj. 外向的.活跃的

serious / 'si?ri?s / adj. 严肃的,庄重的

形容词的级 1.形容词的原形就是原级.

2.比较级,表示较……或更…… 一些的意思。今天我们来学习 加er,ier和more的比较级。

比较句型:A + be+比较级+than+B A比B更……

原级 tall 比较级 taller _____ short--

shorter ______


Yao Ming is______ than Pan Changjiang. taller

Pan Changjiang is _______ than Yao Ming shorter

1. Jordan is tall.
2. Yao Ming is taller than him. 更 高

A+比较级+than +B O is _____ than I fatter
O比I 胖些
This example is more interesting than that one.

Who is who?
Lucy Lily

thin heavy thinner heavier

A: Is that Lucy?
B: No, that’s Lily. Lily’s heavier than Lucy. And Lucy’s shorter than Lily.

bigger eyes



A : Is that Zhao Wei? B: No ,it isn’t Zhao Wei. It is Zhou Xun.

Zhao Wei has bigger eyes than her.

- Is she Cherrie Ying ? - No, she isn’t. She is Sun Li. Cherrie Ying ’s hair is longer than hers.
Sun Li Cherrie Ying
(应采儿) hair longer

- Is that Tom’s dog? - No, it isn’t. It’s Tina’s. Tom’s dog is heavier than Tina’s. Tina’s dog heavier

Tom’s dog



short—— shorter

small—— smaller

2.以不发音的e结尾的形容词直接在其后加-r。 nice——nicer large —— larger white—— whiter 3.以重读闭音节结尾并且末尾只有一个辅音字母,应先双写 这个辅音字母再加-er. big——bigger thin——thinner fat—— fatter 4.以“辅音字母+y”结尾的,先改“y”为“i”,再加-er。 happy——happier heavy—— heavier easy—— easier 5.多音节和部分双音节形容词在其前面加more。 outgoing——more outgoing beautiful——more beautiful

interesting——more interesting


Listen. Are the words in the box used with “-er/-ier” or “ more”? Complete the chart.
-er / -ier more

funny friendly outgoing hard-working smart lazy (run) fast (jump) high (work) hard (get up) early

Pair Work Compare yourself with your partner.
You are taller than me,

but I’m thinner than you.
taller You are smarter than me, heavier but I’m funnier than you. funnier more outgoing thinner more friendly smarter more hard-working … …



play the drums well

sings loudly sings well

A +动词+副词比较级 +than +B
better than Sam plays _____the drums __________ Tom. Tina sings _____ loudly _____ Paul. ____ more than

jumps high

runs fast

A +动词+副词比较级 +than +B
jumps _______ than Lucy ______ higher _____ Tom. runs faster _____ Li Lei ______ _______ than Sam .

work hard speak clearly 6:0

0am get up early

Tina is as tall as Tara.
tall run fast funny Tina

Tina runs as fast as Tara.
Tina is as funny as Tara.

as…as…同级比较, 两个“as”之间 必须使用形 容词或副词原级。意为“如同……一样……”, not as / so …as “不如……一样……” e.g. He runs as quickly as his father. The watermelon is as big as a soccer ball. She doesn’t study so / as hard as her brother .


Listen again. How are Tina and Tara different? Fill in the boxes.
Tina … Tara …

Interviewer: Tina, do you think you are different from your sister Tara? Tina: Oh, sure. We look similar but we’re very different. Interviewer: Really? In what ways are you different? Tina: Well, I’m more outgoing than Tara. I’m friendlier and funnier, too. And I love sports. Tara: Yes, she can run faster and jump higher than me. Interviewer: Who’s more hard-working at school? Tara: Tina thinks she works harder than me, but I work as hard as Tina. But she’s smarter than me. Tina: Not really, I think I’m lazier than Tara. She always gets up earlier than me.

How are Tina and Tara different?
Tina Tara
Tinaisis funnier than than Tara. runs faster thanthan is lazierhigher more outgoing is smarter than jumps thanthan friendlier

*** * *** * *** * hard-working is more hard-working than Tara gets up earlier thanTina. * *** smart *** * lazy *** * runs fast *** * jumps high *** * works hard *** *** Tara works as hard as Tina. gets up early * *** is taller than Tara. Note: means Tina

funny friendly outgoing

2c Is Sam… than Tom?
smart tall
run faster

thin funny
friendly Note: * * *

Is Tom… than Sam? Sam Tom Sam Tom smart * * * * *** * tall Is Tom smarter than Sam? * * * run faster * * * * No, * * isn’t. Sam is * he smarter than Tom. Is * Sam * * * thin Tom? * * * taller than funny * *** … * friendly * ***

means Sam is taller than Tom. e.g. : A: Is Sam taller than Tom? B: Yes, Sam is taller than Tom.


Write and Guess

Write a few sentences to describe your friend, use “ … than me”, and then have the other students guess who your friend is. taller thinner smarter … bigger eyes smaller nose longer hair more outgoing … In case they can’t guess it right, write one or two more sentences about his/ her distinguishing feature.
family name likes to … sits in the … group/ in front of … is good at …

2d Role-play the conversation

Lisa sang better had shorter hair sang more clearly


*** ***
*** *

* *
* ***

danced better


Read the conversation and match the people with the right things.

a. sang better
Nelly b. with shorter hair c. practice more and really wanted to win Lisa d. sang more clearly e. danced better

2d Role-play the conversation.
Julie: Did you like the singing competition yesterday ,Ann? Anna: Oh, it was fantastic! Nelly sang so well! Julie: Well, I think Lisa sang better than Nelly. Anna: Oh, which one was Lisa? Julie: The

one with shorter hair. I think she sang more clearly than Nelly. Anna: Yes, but Nelly danced better than Lisa. Julie: You can tell that Lisa really wanted to win ,though. Anna: Well, everyone wants to win. But the most important thing is to learn something new and have fun.

唱歌比赛 比……唱得好 头发较短的那个 比……唱得清楚 比……跳得好 更多地练习 重要的是学到东西 重要的是得到快乐 介词短语做后置定语修饰人或物 the one on the black bike, the one in a red coat, the man in the green car

though conj. 虽然;纵然;即使;尽管 = although Though it was raining,he went there. 虽然当时正下着雨,他还是到那里去了。 Though he was poor he was happy. 虽然他很穷却很快乐。 注意:不能受汉语的影响,在though引导的从句 后使用but。如: Though he was poor,but he was happy.(误) though adv.. 不过,可是,然而,常用于句末, 用逗号隔开。 Jim said that he would come, he didn’t , though.


1.play the drums 打鼓 2.run fast 跑得快 3.jump high 跳得高 4.work as hard as sb. 和某人一样努力工作 5.get up early 早起床 6.sing well 唱得好 7.have fun 玩得高兴 8.the one with shorter hair 头发较短的那个

请用形容词比较级来描述一下你家人的性 格及相貌特征。至少说出五句话。提示词:fat; heavy; beautiful ;tall; interesting; smart; quiet; outgoing; wild; funny; calm等.

Bye bye !

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