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1. —How many foreigners will come to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games in 2008? —It’s hard to say.________ people, I think.

A. Million of B. Millions of C. Two millions of D. Two million of

2. I don’t know________ next. A. what to do it B. what to do C. how to do D. when to do

3. She can________ read newspapers or see anything without the pair of glasses.

4. The dress is neither big nor small. It________ quite pretty on you. A. sounds B. sees C. looks D. turns

5. She ran________ fast for us________ catch up with. A. so, that B. such, that C. enough, to D. too, to

6. Her parents always let her________ (have)a goldfish or a cat as a pet.

7. I am looking for a house. I’d like________ with a garden. A. it B. one C. that D. this

8. Although she is over sixty, she is____________. She never feels tired after hard work.

9. Our English teacher always asks us_____________ (speak ) more English in and out of class.

10. Let me introduce________ to all of you. I’m from Australia. My name is Kirsten Catherine.

11Can you give me________ on how to learn English?—Certainly. A. an advice B. some advices C. some advice D. many advices

12. If one of your classmates said____________ about you, would you think about what he or she said?

A. something bad B. anything bad C. bad something D. bad anything

13. Many soldiers has lots of experience________ forest fire. A. deal B. deal with C. do with D. dealing with

14. Please go________ with me. Your classroom is on the third floor. A. to upstairs B. downstairs C. to downstairs D. downstair

15. We should________ our seat to the old lady on the crowded bus. A. offer B. bring C. lend D. take

One Saturday afternoon, Kate went to buy something for her sister and herself.

As Kate was coming out of a __1__ , a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green—a good friend of Kate’s sister’s. Kate __2__ her. Then she called a taxi to send Kate home. She __3__ the driver where she should go. Kate was __4__ that it was not in the direction of her home. “__5__?” Kate asked. The lady smiled.

When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man __6__ on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, and threw him out of the __7__. At the same time, Miss Green took out of a knife and __8__ it at Kate. She asked Kate to keep __9__. The man then started the taxi.

“ Oh, my God! I’m being kidnapped(绑架),” Kate said to herself.

She tried to escape, but not __10__. Suddenly an __11__ came to her. She took out a lipstick(口红) from her pocket, wrote ‘SOS’ on the window, and covered the word with her __12__.

A few minutes later, a police car __13__ and the policemen saw the sign. When the kidnappers saw the policemen they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away.

The policemen then __14__ Kate up and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. But they were also __15__ because their daughter had finally come back safely.

1. A. school B. taxi C. shop D. friend’s 2. A. knew B. believed C. thanked D. remembered

3. A. told B. asked C. wondered D. checked 4. A. sure B. excited C. surprised D. pleased

5. A. What B. Where C. When D. Why 6. A. drove B. climbed C. fell D. appeared

7. A. road B. sight C. taxi D. home 8. A. shouted B. played C. hurt D. pointed

9. A. healthy B. alive C. relaxed D. quiet 10. A. happened B. failed C. succeeded D. hurried

11. A. idea B. answer C. interest D. order 12. A. hands B. back C. dress D. lipstick

13. A. stopped B. left C. passed D. turned 14. A. lifted B. held C. put D. picked

15. A. worried B. happy C. proud D. successful

1. You can get your ears pierced only with your parent’s_____________(permit). 2. Be quiet, please. Let’s wait for her to introduce_____________(her) to us. 3. Though he is only seven years old, he is_____________(help) at home.

4. Good_____________(listen) always listen to others carefully and do not interrupt others’ talking.

5. The old woman looks ugly, but she is__________(friend) to every child in our class.

6. I________(real) want to get a small pet, for example, a duck or a chick.

7. Both of my________(knee) are cold. I want to get them warm. 8. I invited her to have dinner at my house, but she r___________.

9. Let me i_____________him to all of you. He is our new principal. 10. She knows everything. She is a k_____________person.

11. In English, the letter V r_______________victory(胜利). 12. There are many books on the two s____________.

13. What he said a___________his mother. She was too angry to say a word. 14. W___________relatives, what should he do in a foreign country when he is ill? 15. Some of my classmates cheated in the math e________.

1. I don’t know what I should say (=what________________)at that important international meeting.

2. I don’t like dog at all. = I don’t like dog________________________.

3. If you think of (= _____ ____ _____ ) some good solutions to these problems, please tell me early.

4. She didn’t say anything to her parents last night. =She_________ _______ to her parents last night.

5. There are a lot of apples on the apple tree. = There are___________ _____ apples on the apple tree.

1.All the American parents______ _______ __________(在为…..担心) their sons who were sent to foreign countries for the war by the government.

2.________ ________(万一….怎么办)it rains while we are a long way from shelter躲雨的地方?

3. 如果我是你的话,就会对她好一点? If I________ you, I________ be kind to her.

4. The girl ________ _______ _____________ ______ (坐在…..前面)Mike is so tall that he couldn’t see the map on the blackboard. 5.He is not easy to_____________________________相处. You’d better not play a joke on him.

6.Some children________ ________ 宁愿play computer games than enrich their knowledge.

7. What she said________ all her family members________(.使…感到沮丧)8.When will your new book________________出版?

9.What would you do if you injured your knee________________意外 .

10. 如果你在学英语方面有问题,请向你的英语老师寻求帮助 If you have problems ___________ English, please________ your English teacher________ help.

1. You should drink p_______of water. It’s good for your health. 2. Helen is a scientist. She has been doing her r___________work for many years. 3. It’s not polite to talk loudly in p__________.

4. Don’t talk only. I want all of you to find some s____________to the problems we have to face tomorrow.

2. They i__________ Betty to have dinner with them for the Spring Festival yesterday.

3. I’d like to i________ her to you. 4. What’s the matter with you? Are you in t_____?

5. The government should solve these s_____ problems. 6. Tom hopes that his mother is his good l____________.

7. The weather is p_____ good. Why not go out for a walk? 8. If you really want to help her, what about________ ___ ____a good idea for her? 9. I’m sorry for ___________late for school. 10. If I_____ you, I’d take some fruits to see her mother.

1. There’re_____ people in this city. A. two millions of B. two million C. million of D. two million of

2. The young woman has so many dresses, so she doesn’t know_____ every morning.

A. which to wear B. how to wearC. what to put on D. how to put on

3. What would you do if you cut yourself_____ accident? 6. His parents don’t let him_________ (have) a pet. What should he do?

4. —All of my friends have said they will come. —_____ they do not come? A. Even if B. What if C. How if D. Why if

5. After a day’s long walk, I was_____ to walk any further. A. too tired B. tired enough C. so tired D. fairly tired

7. James is______________, and he is hardly ever tired.

8. Our teacher asked us_____ afraid of talking in public. A. not to B. to be not C. not be D. not to be

9. Let’s wait for her_____ to us. A. introduce herself B. introducing her C. to introduce her D. to introduce herself

10. He is so confindent that_____ he annoys others. A. some time B. sometime C. sometimes D. some times

11. Amy is very friendly. She is easy to_____. A. catch up with B. get along C. go on with D. get along with

12. I_____ read some good books than watch a bad TV program. A. would rather B. would like C. had better D. prefer to

13. This doesn’t trouble him_____. A. at the most B. the slightest C. at the slightest D. in the slightest

14. The public_____ not always right. A. are B. is C. am D. be

15. The number of people invited_____ fifty, but a number of them_____ absent for different reasons. (be)

1. I don’t want to play football in the slightest. =I don’t want to play football_________________.

2. “Can my friends be in the movie?” he asked.(宾语从句 He asked_____ his friends_____ be in the movie.

3. If there is no air, people can’t live.(改为简单句) People can_________ live________ air.

4. I’ll fly to Paris if I have a lot of money.(虚拟语气) I________________ to Paris if I________ a lot of money.

5. The girl looks very shy.(对划线部分提问) __________the girl_____?

1. 如果他是你的话,他就不会上学迟到? If he________ you, he____________________ late for school.

2. 他宁愿呆在家里看书也不愿去参加晚会? He’d_________ stay at home and read a book________ go to the party.

3. 她在考试中总是名列前茅? She always___________________ in exams.

4. 别让你父母失望,他们想让你成为最棒的? Don’t_____ your parents_____, they want you to be the best one.

5. 我弟弟常常未经允许就和朋友们外出了? My brother often went out with his friends_______________________.

3. We should study the new traffic rules and learn how_______ourselves. A. protect B. to protect C. protecting D. protected

4. —Could you tell me__________to have the meeting tonight? —At the meeting room on the third floor.

5. I don’t know what I should do with the letter. (改为简单句) I don’t know what______________ with the letter.

6. Everyone except Bill and Jim_______there when the meeting began. A. was B. is C. are D. were

9. Why did you go there____________ (没有) breakfast? —I wanted to catch the early bus.

10. Sam was in a hurry. He left home_________saying goodbye to us

11. Mother asks me_______computer games before finishing my homework. A. not play B. to play C. not to play D. to not play

12. We believe scientists will_____a way to solve the problem of air pollution. A. set off B. put off C. come up with D. catch up with

13. I couldn’t come up with a good excuse for being late. A. think of B. put up C. get D. say

18. Our teacher offered us many chances to practise English. A. showed B. lent C. gave

19. —My watchdoesn’t work. Could you mend it? —Sorry. But the worker in the shop may be___________ .

20. If you have no time, I will go to the cinema a_______

21. We should finish our homework alone. = We should finish our homework____ _________.

2.I’ll go to the doctor to have a m____________ examination. 3. Don’t take away her things without p___________.

4. Carlos is pretty c____________. He isn’t afraid to sing in public. 5. Will it b__________ you if I turn the television on?

1. What would you do if you ___ the lottery?—I ___ give some money to charities. B. win; would C. won; will D. won; would

2. I don’t know ____ I should bring a present. A. that B. what C. this D. if

3. If I _________ you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. 9. I don’t believe you ____ the slightest.

4. ____ everyone else brings a present? A. What B. When C. What if D. When if

5. Your friends would probably say that you are easy ____. A. to get along B. to get along with C. get along D. get along with

6. Rachel doesn’t want to ____, but she is terrified of ____ in front of other people.

A. let her friends down; speaking B. let her friends by; speaking C. let her friends down; speak D. let her friends by; speak

7. If I ____ English hard, I would pass the final exam. A. study B. am studying C. studied D. have studied

8. The rich man is very generous and kind-hearted. He gives away ____ yuan to charity.

A. million B. million of C. two millions D. millions of

10. They are going to have ____ holiday next month. A. a two weeks B. two-week C. a two-week D. two weeks

11. I was so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes ____. A. opening B. open C. opened D. to open

12. ____ a long walk before ___ to bed should help you relax. A. To take; to go B. Taking; to go C. Takes; goes D. Taking; going

13. Let’s go to Ann’s party. —____. But I get nervous before big parties. A. I’ll be glad to B. I’m glad C. Oh, no D. All right

14. I don’t know ____ to help him. A. how should we do B. what we should do C. how we should do D. what we should do it

15. Logan left the room, without ____ others where he would go. A. speaking B. telling C. saying D. talking

1. If I ________(be) you, I’d go to watch the World Cup. 3. What _________(will) you do if you won a million dollars?

4. I’d take a long walk before ________(go) to bed. 5. I really want a dog, but my parents won’t let me ________(have) one.

6. Michael doesn’t know what ___________(wear). 10. Your friends would probably say you are a good __________(listen). 用Rather than, make a good speech ,let down , the whole school . come up with 填空

1. _______________ have the good news. 2. Alan always _______________ good solutions to my problem.

3. I’d ____ play tennis ____ swim. 4. You must study hard. Don’t _______ me _______.

5. The old scientist ____________________ in our school yesterday.

1. 班主任要我代表我们班参加学校的比赛。 Our head teacher wants me ____ ____ ____ ____ in the school contest.

2. 我要是你,我就学李阳疯狂英语。 ____ ____ ____ you, I’d learn Li Yang Crazy English.

3. 如果希尔达在这儿,我会请她到我家吃饭。 _______ Hilda ________ here, I would invite her to have dinner at home.

4. 我喜欢对一两个人讲话,不喜欢对很多人讲话。 I’d like talking to one or two people _______ _______ to a group.

Mr White works in an office. He liked __1__ in bed when he was at school. It was bad for his __2__ and now he is nearsighted(近视的). But he wouldn’t like __3__ to know about __4__ and he never wears a pair of glasses, and it often __5__ him some trouble. One winter morning he was sent __6__ a village school on business (出差). He __7__ the bus at a stop in a small town. Then he had to __8__ there. The road to the village wasn’t smooth (平坦的). He fell over some times and it __9__ his clothes dirty. __10__ he got to the village. Suddenly it began to blow and it got __11__. He was looking for the school while his __12__ was blown off. He began to run after it but he couldn’t get it. He couldn’t understand why his hat ran into a house as if (似乎) it had __13__. And he ran into the house, __14__.

A woman stopped him and shouted angrily, “__15__ are you running after my hen for?”

1. A. reading B. dancing C. singing D. writing 其所长 2. A. ears B. nose C. mouth D. eyes

3. A. anybody else B. nobody C. woman D. somebody 4. A. these B. those C. them D. it

5. A. follows B. takes C. brings D. carries 6. A. for B. to C. in D. on

7. A. took off B. got off C. got on D. come on 8. A. ride B. drive C. walk D. fly

9. A. let B. made C. gave D. felt 10. A. At first B. At home C. At times D. At last

11. A. hotter B. warmer C. colder D. cooler 12. A. clothes B. bag C. hat D. glasses

13. A. legs B. hands C. shoes D. arms 14. A. always B. also C. either D. too

15. A. What B. Why C. Which D. Who

1. I think t___________ should be allowed to go out with their friends every night.

2. I don’t think twelve-year-olds should be allowed to get their ears p__________.

3. They talk i_________ of doing homework. 4. We have a lot of r________ at my house.

5. She has to c_________ up her room every morning. 7. He doesn’t know what to w__________.

8. If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and t_______. 9. I get n__________ before big parties and then I get pimples.

10. C____________ people aren’t afraid to speak in public.

1. It doesn’t look ____(clean). 2. We should teach them _________(build) their lives on hard work.

4. We should c__________ more on our studies than our clothes. 5. Everyone _______(need)to have at least eight hours’ sleep a night.

6. I spent most of my time ___________(read). 7. Have you i_____________ our teacher to our party?

8. Do you enjoy ___________(watch) TV? 9. What would you do if you injured your knee while _____________(run)?

1. He was so anxious that he couldn’t sleep.= He was ____ anxious ____ sleep.

2. You are very friendly.= You are _______ to ____ _________ ________.

4. I can’t choose which book to buy.= I can’t choose which book ____ _________ buy.

1. 中学生应该被允许选择他们自己的衣服。 Teenagers should ____ ___________ to choose their _______ clothes.

3. 如果我彩票中奖一百万元,我要把它给慈善机构。 If I _______ a million yuan in the lottery , I’d give it to ________.

4. 你不应该担心别人在穿什么 You __________ ________ _________ what other people are wearing.

5. 我宁愿呆在家里看电视也不愿意去看电影 I _________ ___________ stay at home and watch TV _______ go to the movies.

1. Good books ____ again and again. A. should be readed B. should be read C. must read D. ought to read

2. The children ____ by the nurse. A. were looked B. looked after C. were looked after D. looked

3. He ____ some pieces of advice, but he ____ to them.

A. gave; didn’t listen B. was given; wasn’t listened C. give; wasn’t listened D. was given; didn’t listen

4. When ____ the accident ____? A. was; happen B. did; happen C. is; happen D. was; happened

5. The question ____ by us soon. A. is going to discuss B. will discuss C. is going to be discussed D. has been discussed

6. The lab ____ about five years ago. A. was builded B. was built C. builds D. has been built

7. A lot of tall buildings ______ in his hometown in the last three years. A. have set up B. have been set up C. were set up D. set up

9. Rice ____ also ____ in their hometown. A. is; grown B. is; grew C. was; grew D. was; grown

10. He _______(表扬)by the teachers. A. is always praised B. praises C. have been praised D. always is praised

11. I’ll go to meet you, if I ____ free then. A. will be B. would be C. am D. was

12. ____ you don’t get up now, you’ll be late for school. A. When B. Before C. If D. After

13. Are you shy or are you outgoing and ____? A. confident B. nervous C. tired D. energetic

14. I haven’t learned enough for this test. I’m really ____. A. confident B. nervous C. tired D. energetic

15. What would you do if you lost your math book? —____.

A. I’d ask my friends to look for it B. I’d give it to the police C. I had asked my friends to look for it D. I had given it to the police

4. 你的周围有一帮很好的朋友。 You have ____ ___________ ____ very good friends.

5. 词典对我们学习英语非常有用。 A dictionary ____ _____________ ____ study English for us.

1. He has plenty of friends.= He has ____ ________ ____ friends.

2. If I were you, I would wear a skirt to the party. 划线部分提问 _________ __________ you _______ if you were me? 4.

3.I’m creative and outgoing. (对划线部分提问) ________ are you ___________?

4.. I would argue with him if I were you. (改为否定句) I ____________ _________with him if I were you.

3. Tom is c____________ of winning the match. 4. I asked him to go fishing with us, but he r__________.

6. The ____________ (架子) are too old. Please take them out. 7. Please __________(覆盖) the table with a piece of paper.

8. Let’s go _______________(在楼下) to have dinner. 9. What would you do if you had a _____________ (百万) dollars?

10. The hotel owner agreed to ______________(提供) hot water all day.

1. If I ________(be) you, I would go to school by bike. 2. If he _________(have) time, he would play basketball with you.

3. If it __________(not rain) tomorrow, I will visit my grandmother. 4. Most of them share free _________(medicine) care.

5. I’d wait for her to introduce ___________(her) to me. 6. His grandfather is ___________________(knowledge).

7. The policeman went into the room and carried the boy to __________ (safe).

8. Miss Wang is ______________(help). She often helps others when they are in trouble.

9. The teacher got _________(annoy) when she heard the news. 10. How many _____________(listen) are there in the meeting room?

1. What would you do ____ you got a million dollars?—I would buy myself a wonderful car ____ I got a million dollars.

A. if; whether B. when; if C. if; if D. after; whether

2. Don’t trouble trouble until trouble ____ you. A. trouble B. troubles C. will trouble D. troubled

3. ____ people play basketball for fun and exercise, but few people know how the sport started.

A. Million of B. Millions of C. Two million D. Two millions of

4. If I ____ her, I would sing a song in English at the party. A. am B. was C. are D. were

5. I can’t decide ____. A. to choose which present B. choose which present C. which present to choose D. to which present choose

6. If it ____ tomorrow, we will have a picnic. A. not rain B. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. didn’t rain

7. Victor has ____ friends because he’s easy to get along with. A. plenty of B. a few C. few D. a lot

8. It’s dark. I would rather ____ in bed than ____ a walk outside. A. lie; take B. to lie; to take C. lie; to take D. to lie; taking

9. The leader always comes up ____ good solutions ____ people’s problems.

10. He made a shelf ____ his books on. A. put B. to put C. putting D. for putting

改正错误 1. What would you do if someone asked you to in a movie?

2. He will catch the bus if he got up early. 3. I want to have two millions dollars.

4. I can’t sleep the night before a exam. 5. They say that you’re easy to get along.

1. I spent two hours in finishing my homework.= It __________ ____ two hours _______ finish my homework.

2. The teachers should allow students to use their dictionaries被动语态 Students _________ ____ _________ to use their dictionaries.

3. My sister is too young to dress herself. = My sister is ____ old ___________ to dress herself.

4. I will ask someone to clean my room tomorrow. = I will _______ my room __________ tomorrow.

5. Mary likes Chinese and Tom likes Chinese, too. =Mary likes Chinese and ____ ________ Tom.

6. The shoes are not pretty but comfortable. = The shoes are comfortable _________ ____ pretty.

1. Tom, you should not ____ the silly earrings. A. put on B. wear C. in D. dress

2. Twelve-year-olds are not ____ to drive. A. enough serious B. serious enough C. enough young D. young enough

3. What do you think of this perfume(香水)? —It smells ____; I like it very much. A. bad B. terrible C. wonderful D. well

4. David, an ____ boy, can write in Chinese. A. eight-years-old B. eight-years C. eight-year-old D. eight-years old

5. They didn’t tell us what ____ next. A. would they do B. they do C. they will do D. they would do

6. I think teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to smoke. ——I agree ____ you.

7. Would you like to go to the concert with me together tonight? I’m sorry, I can’t. Mother won’t ____ me to go out in the evening. A. let B. allow C. offer D. ask

8. Stop talking ! I have ____ to tell you. A. anything imporant B. something important C. important anything D. important something

9. You are so silly to refuse his gift. If I ____ you, I ____ accept his gift. A. am; will B. was; will C. were; would D. were; will

10. The newcomers walked round and round. They didn’t know ____.

A. where they will go B. they will go where C. where will go D. where to go

11. ____ you don’t pass the exams? A. What if B. What whether C. What will do D. What to do

12. Today many old people get some pets at home, ____ a rabbit, etc. A. as B. like C. example D. such

13. He is a kind man and easy ____. A. to get along B. getting along C. to get along with D. getting along with

14. In bed last night, I suddenly ___ a way to work out the problem. A. came up B. came along C. came up with D. came along with

15.—Do you often ____ grandparents when you are at home?—No. They live in the countryside and they seldom come to the city.

A. stay B. stay with C. stay for D. stay together

1. We won’t allow ____ in the cinema. But you are allowed ____ in the rest room.

A. smoking; smoking B. to smoke; to smoke C. smoking; to smoke D. smoke; smoking

2. The fruit should be well ____ during winter. A. keep B. kept C. keeping D. to keep

3. Do you think it’s going to rain over the weekend?—____.A. I don’t believe B. I don’t believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe not 5Where were you just now? —At ____. A. the doctor B. the doctor’s C. doctor’s D. a doctor’s

6. Mr Li is very strict __________ his child and ____ his work he does. 7. His parents _______________(两个都是) teachers.

14. ____ allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price. A. In order to B. Rather than C. Instead of D. Not to

1.Half of the class __ most of the work. The rest __ really difficult. A. have done; is B. has done; are C. has done; is D. have done; are

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