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Module 1 How to learn English学案

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Module 1 How to learn English

Unit 1 let’s try to speak English as much as possible


1. 预习并朗读、默写本单元生词(31个)

2. 概括本单元的主要内容:__________________________________________

3. 阅读第1、2部分并理解句子的意思。

4. 阅读课文第3部分说说对话中提到了几个关于如何学好英语的建议: _________________________ ___________________________ _________________________ ___________________________ _________________________ ___________________________

5. 重点词组:在课文中画出下列词组,并尝试理解它们的意思并造句 in pairs practice saying look up make a mistake some advice try to speak as much as possible why not forget to how about it’s a good idea to be good for I agree with you


(1) My brother often practise ________ (play) the guitar

(2) Don’t be afraid of new words. You can __________ in the dictionary.

A. look at B. look for them C. look them up D. look them over

(3) I don’t know how to keep healthy, can you give me _______?

A. an advice B. lots of advices C. a few advices D. some advice

(4). Let’s try _____ a horse.

A. drew B.to draw C. draws D. drawing

(5) Why not _______the hill together with us.

A. to climb B. climbing C. climbed D. climb

(6) Don’t forget _______ your homework, John.

A. doing B. do C. to do

(7) -----It’s a fine day today. How about _________? ------Sound great!

A. go hiking B. go to hike C. going hiking D. go go to hike

(8) Doing eye exercises is __________ __________ our eyes.

(9) She agrees _______ you. A. with B. to C. on




1.Let’s try a horse.

A. drew B.to draw C. draws D. drawing

2.My English is very poor. Could you tell me some good ways English?

A. of learn B.to learn C. learn D. learning

3.Don’t forget off the lights before you leave the classroom.

A. turn B.to turn C. turning D. turns

4.-How about back to him about it? -All right.

A. write B.to write C.to writing D. writing

5.You write the poem down. Our teacher will give us a copy.

A. can’t B. shouldn’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t



You should in class.


your spelling mistakes

notebook? in your


We should learn from .


I think writing is reading.


Write down these words in groups?


It’s a good idea English radio programmers.


Does want to have an apple?


My teacher .


Don’t the correct answers the mistakes.


Unit 2 You should smile at her


1. 阅读课文第1部分三个英语学习方面的问题,理解它们的意思,并提出自己在英语学习中在这三个方面遇到哪些困难,列出来(最好用英语写出来)

2. 阅读第2部分的短文,



(3)在课文在找出Doctor Diana给出的建议

(4)重点词组:在课文中画出下列词组,并尝试理解它们的意思并造句。 smile ask for how to improve watching films several times

something new advise you to talk be afraid to speak suggest you write


1.-Have you bought _____ for Linda’s birthday? -Not exactly. Just some flowers.

A. something unusual B. anything unusual

C. unusual something D. unusual anything

2. The little girl is afraid _____ on the wooden bridge, for she is afraid _____ into the river.

A. to walk; of falling B. to walk; to fall

C. of walking; of falling D. of walking; to fall

3. My father _____ me _____ newspapers after supper.

A. advises; to read B. advises; reading C. advise; to read D. advise; reading

A. for; improving B. for; to improve

C. to; to improve D. /; to improve





4. Many students ask _____ advice about _____ their English. 几次三个基本问题3

3.喜欢看英文电影 学习英语的好办法4.新的东西 猜单词的意思




1.There is in today’s newspaper.

A. something new B. anything new C. new something D. new anything

2.Remember a dictionary here tomorrow.

A.to take B.to bring C. taking D. bringing

3.My father me newspapers after supper.

A. advises; to read B. advises; reading C. advise; to read D. advise; reading

4.Many students ask advice about their English.

A. for; improving B. for; to improve C.to; to improve D./; to improve

5.-We have nothing to do. Why not cards?

-I don’t think so. What about to the park?

A. play; go B. playing; go C. play; going D. playing; going



You in English class.


This is not good enough. I want it.


and listening to English songs great 4.在开始对话之前,你应该对她微笑。

Before you begin the conversation, you should her.


She the letter.


1.Lingling enjoys 2.Why not (go) fishing at the East Lake? It’s very interesting.

3.Mary’s advice is (write) the correct words next to the mistakes.

4.How about 5.Don’t (forget) to lock the door when you leave.


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