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1.What ___ things can we buy here? (other/else)
2.This animal is quite ____ that one.

A. different B. different from C. different in D. same as
3.There are twenty teachers in this grade. Eight of them are women teachers and __ are men teachers. A. others B. the other C. other D. the others 4.She threw a ball to me and I ___ (catch) it. 5.Would you like ____ (some) French fries? 6.The boy ___ red is __ third. A. in/a B. in/the C. of/an 7.Mr. Brown ___ this afternoon. A. comes B. will come

8.—What __ you __ (do) tomorrow afternoon?

--I ____ (play) basketball with Jim.
9.Tomorrow __ (be) Sunday. We ___ (play) games in the park.

10.There __ (be) a football match this summer.
11.Kate often ___ (watch) TV on Sunday evening, but this evening she ______ (see) a film. 12.All of us are quietly __ (get) ready for the coming summer. 13.It ____(look) like a red dragon flying in the sky. 14.It’s time for ____. It’s time to ____ . (read) 15.Li Ming ___ (invite) me to go ___ (swim). 16.Please _____ (not, talk) in class.

17.He ___ (not, do) well in the exam this time.

18.Thanks for _____ (invite) me.
19.There ___ dog under the tree.

A. is not B. are some C. aren’t any D. is no
20.”Can you __ a yo-yo?” “Yes, I can.”

A. play B. playing C. play with D. playing with
21.There is a boy ____ (swim) in the lake. 22.—Is Mr. Lee in the room? --No, it ___ be him. He’s waiting for his students at school. A.must B. can C. mustn’t D. can’t

24.Sunday is the ____ day of the week.

25. __ sun is bigger than __ earth.

26.I’m hungry . I want __ to eat. (nothing/something/anything)
27.Which subject is ___, physics or chemistry?

A.interesting B. more interesting C. the most interesting
28.There are __ floors in the building and we live on __ floor.

A.eighteen/ the eighteenth B. eighteen/ eighteenth
C. The eighteenth/the eighteenth D. eighteen/ the eighteen 29.The second one is _____ of all. A.heaviest B. the heavier C. the heavy D. the heaviest 30.I think it will be ____ tomorrow. A. wind B. cloud C. fogy D. foggy

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