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一、 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1.—You are really beautiful in that blue dress. Is it new?—No, I _______(buy) it for a year.

2. Every Sunday we can see some children _______ (play) in the park.

3. There was still ___ snow yesterday, but there isn’t __ snow now.(some)

4. It’s time for us _______ (eat) supper.

5. I have fun ______ (work) in my garden.

6. What about ______ (go) out to play basketball?

7. June 1st is _______ (child) Day. 8. The boy is ____ (lie) on the grass.

9. Wind blows _______ (gentle) through the trees.

10. This is the coat of ____(she), and she can dress _______ (she).

11. When you leave the room, don’t forget _____ (turn) off the light.

12. The old man has ______ (die) for two years.

13. The bridge is ____ (make) of stone.

14. –There ______(be) a film this evening, will you go?

--No, I _______ (see) it last night.

15. It ______ (be) three years since he ______ (come) to China.

16. The book ____ _____ (write) by Mr. Zhang.

17. I’ve got two ________ holiday.(week)

18. Many young people like Jay, ________ (特别) his cool look with a pair of sunglasses.

19. Yesterday I ____ (take) my umbrella. It ___ (keep) me dry.

20. His father _____ (keep) lots of chicken last year.

21. I ______ (give) my cat some milk. Now my cat isn’t thirsty.

22. We can’t find him anywhere. Do you know where he ___ (go)?

23. You’d better ______ (write) down the questions _____ (what/that) you don’t know.

24. –Why not ______ (swim) in this river?

—Oh, no. Mum told me ___________ (not swim) here. It’s dangerous.

25. My mother often feels ____ (tire) after working.

26. Are you the first ______ (get) there?

27. A theory ____(predict) what will happen.

28. It takes _____ (I) twenty minutes ______ (go) to school every day.

29. We’re going to have a lot of fun _______ (hike).

30. The traffic accident ________ (happen) this morning.

31. He wants me _______ (give) a talk in class.

32. There __________(be) a football game on TV this afternoon.

33. –Would you like ______ (have) a try?—I’d love to.

34. By the way, we _______ (win) two glasses.

35. The teacher said he ______ (teach) English for ten years.

36. His brother _______ (study) at this school two years ago.

37. You’d better _________ (not read) in bed.

38. His grandfather _________ (die) for over two years.

39. Tom succeeded in ________ (get) a job yesterday.

40. They’re old enough _______ (go) to school now.

41. Danny ____ already ____ me ten e-mails. (send)

42. Everyone in our class ______ (like) our English teacher.

43. This book is ____ from that one. Could you find the ______ between them? (different)

44. I feel even ______ (bad) than yesterday.

45. I want ______ (be) an artist and he hopes ____ (be) an actor one day.

46. Thank you for ______ (help) me ________ (do) the cleaning.

47. Some of the students______ (have) been to Hainan.

48. How many ________ (Japan) are there in China?

49. The old man kept ________ (work) for ten hours.

50. There must be great fun __________ (hike).

51. There _____ (be) no milk in the fridge.

52. China will spend about 52 billion yuan ________ (build) new airports and _________ (repair) old ones in the west of China in the 11th Five-Year plan period(时期).

53. __________ (为了) succeed, we should work hard now.

54. He went to a repairman _______ (get) it repaired.

55. There ________ (be) an English film next Sunday.

56. Jim ______ (go) to school on foot sometimes.

57. Would you please ____ (have) a day off?

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