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新目标九年级英语Unit 7 period 2

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Unit 7
Where would you like to visit?

Period II

Read 3a , answer the questions.
1. Is traveling around Paris by taxi cheap? No, it isn’t. It costs a lot of money. 2. Is wine very expensive in Paris? No, it isn’t. 3. What is Paris famous for? It’s famous for Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Answer these questions after you read the article about Paris.

1. Where is Paris?
2. Are there any beaches? 3. What is the most famous sight in Paris? 4. Do Frenchmen speak English? 5. If you go to Paris, how will you visit the city? 6. What do you think of Paris?

1. For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris? (1)consider是动词,意为“考虑,细想;认为,把……看 成”。后跟名词、动名词或“what/how等+动词不定式” 做宾语。例如: He is considering a suggestion. We are considering changing the plan. Why don’t you consider visiting Singapore? (2) why not…=why don’t you…用来表示 提议、建议等。 not 后接动词原形。 e.g. Why not come and see me tomorrow?

2. Paris is the capital of France, and is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. 巴黎是法国的首都,并且是欧洲最美丽的 城市之一。 one of+最高级+名词复数, 意为 “最……的之一”。 e.g. Beijing is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. ? 3. For example, it has some fantastic sights, ? (1)fantastic做形容词,意为“极好的;了不起的”, ? 相当于extremely good或excellent。 ? e.g. The weather was absolutely fantastic. ? You have got the job? Fantastic!

? 3. For example, it has some fantastic sights, ? including the Eiffel Tower… ? (2) including为介词,意为“包括……在内”。 ? e.g. They’ve got three days’ holiday including ? New Year’s Day.

include 为动词,意为“包括,使成为……的一部分”。

e.g. Your duties includes answering the telepone and
cleaning the office.

4. Traveling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money.
乘出租车游巴黎会花掉一大笔钱。 cost指东西值多少钱,主语一般是所买的东西等名词。

cost, spend, take 的区别
spend 主语是人, take 主语是物或是it 做形式主语, cost 主 语是物。 spend的主语必须是“人”,宾语可以是钱, 精力,时间 等,其后用“on (for)+名词或 用in(可省略)+动名词形式”, 不接不定式。 e. g. He spent a lot of money for his new car. He spends much money on books.

(2) take可用于表示花时间、金钱、勇气等。 e. g. It took the workers three years to build the bridge. 建这座桥花了工人们三年的时间。 (3) cost可用于表示花时间和金钱, 其主语 一般是“物”或“事”, 表示“耗费”。 e. g. The book costs him one dollar. 这本书用了他一美元。 Homework costs the children much time. 家庭作业要花孩子们许多时间。

5. So unless you speak French yourself,
it’s best to travel with someone who


an translate things for you.

unless “除非……”,引导条件状语从句。 比“if…not”略微正式。


A Sample dialogue A: where would you like to go, Kathy? B: I’d like to visit Hongkong. A: Isn’t it supposed to be very crowed? B: Yes, it is. I’m only going to places of a few people. Hongkong is interesting, and it has great entertainment.


A: Where would you like to go, Kathy?

B: I’d like to visit Mexico City.
A: Isn’t it supposed to be very relaxing?

-sation 2:

B: Yes, it is. But Mexico city is also
exciting. We have a lot of things to do. A: Where would you like to go, Kathy?

Sample Conver

B: I’d like to visit New York.

A: Isn’t it supposed to be very touristy.
B: Yes, it is. But New York is fascinating,

-sation 3:

and it has lots of wonderful galleries.

Sample conversation 4:

A: Where would you like to go, Kathy? B: I’d like to visit Sydney. A: Isn’t it supposed to be very expensive? B: Yes, it is. But Sydney is also beautiful and it has lots of fantastic beaches.

4. Pairwork
? Think of a city you know. Make a list of things you like and things you don’t like about the city. Then talk to your partner about it.

Beijing Things you like Things you don’t like

beautiful exciting

too hot expensive noisy


1. 我想今年夏天去中国东部的某个地方去旅游。 I want ___ ____ a trip this summer to take of __________ ____the east _____ China. somewhere in 2. 他每周用约两个小时的时间帮妈妈做家务。 ___ ______ ______ about two hours ______ It takes him to ______ his mother ______ the housework help with every week. 3. 星期天为什么不到这个小山上转转? Why ____ ___ ________ the hill on Sunday? not get around

4. 你可以考虑下周去度假。

You may consider ____ ____ ________ next go on vacation

5. 别打算放学后踢球了。我们有许多作业要做。 plan on playing Don’t ______ ___ _________ soccer after
much to ___. school. We have ______ homework ____ do 6. 我希望有一天能到巴黎去。 some day hope to go I ______ ___ __ to Paris ______ ______.

Choose a thing that you would like to do and talk about your plan. Write it down on your exercise book.

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