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初二unit4 What's the best movie thester SectionA

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Unit 4
What’s the best movie theater?
Section A (1a-1c)

Compare people




Liu Xiang is tall. Sun Yang is taller than Liu Xiang. Yao Ming is the tallest(最高的) .

郭 敬 明




Pan Changjiang is short. Zeng Zhiwei is shorter than Pan Changjiang. Guo Jingming is the shortest(最矮的) .

Cheng Long is_funny__ .

funnier Xiao Shengyang is________ .

the funniest Zhao Benshan is_____________.(最滑稽的)

Compare things
big bigger

This apple is the biggest _________ .

Tom is small

Lily is smaller than Tom Jack
the smallest Jack is________of all.

Discuss (Work in pairs)

Do you like to go to the movies? Which one do you want to go? Why?

Movie World

Screen City

Town Cinema

How do you choose a cinema to go to?

Which is important?Which is not important?

comfortable seats

big screen

friendly service

close to home

new movies

I think comfortable seats are important. I think friendly service is not important.


cheap tickets

best sound

Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters.

It has the biggest screens. It's the most popular near here. It;s the closest to home.

Movie theater Movie World Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema Screen City Movie World

It has the shortest waiting time.
It has the best sound. It has the most comfortable seats.

It has the biggest screens.


It's the most popular near here.

It's the closest to home.


It has the shortest waiting time.


It has the best sound.

It has the most comfortable seats.


A:What's the best movie theater? B:Movie World/Town Cinema/Screen City. A:Why do you think so?(你为什么这样认为) B:Because it has the biggest screens and it has the most comfortable seats.What about you? A:I think Town Cinema is the best movie theater.Bcause it's the closest to home and it has the shortest waiting time.

1. It has the ________ clothing store in town. A. goodest B. gooddest C. best D. better 2. This clothing store is ____ than that one. A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. worst 3. This book is ____ of all. A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D.the cheapest 4. This is______film of this year. A. more exciting B. exciting C. the most exciting D. most exciting. 5. This watch is ____ of all. A. most expensive B. expensivest C. more expensiver D. the most expensive

Choose the best answer.

6.--What a nice watch it is! -- Yes. It’s _________ one of all. A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive D.expensiver 7.Which subject is__________ of all? A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting 8.You can buy ticket _________ here. A. the most quick B. the more quick C. the most quickly D. the more quickly 9.I like the Big Screen Complex because it has _________ screen. A. bigger B. the worst C. the biggest D. worst 10.Which is__________season in Beiji

ng? A.better B.the best C. best D. good

Complete the sentences

1.汤姆是我们班最高的学生。 the tallest Tom is___________students in our class. 2.这个红色的电脑是这三个中最贵的。 the most expensive This red computer is_________________of the three. 3.Sun Cinema有最大的屏幕。 the biggest Sun Cinema has__________screens. 4.Town Cinema离家最近。 the closest Town Cinema is___________to home. 5.Movie Cinema有最舒服的座位。 the most comfortable Movie has______________________seats.

最高级,很容易,一般词尾加est。 (cheap-the cheapest) 词尾若有哑音e, 直接就加st。 (close-the closest)

遇到重读闭音节, 单辅音字母要双写。
(big-the biggest) 辅音字母加y, 记得把y变为i。 (friendly-the friendliest) 多音节,考考你,the most到底加哪里?

(popular-the most popular)

1.Remember the new words
2.Finish the exercises

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