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Unit 4 What would you do?

Do you know?
Accidents: events that happens unexpectedly and
cause damage, injury.


things that is difficult to deal with or understand

What are accidents and what are problems?

fall downstairs


injure his knee spend too much time in Internet bars


Section 1 Before You Read Discuss in groups.
1. What kinds of accidents do you know of? traffic accidents; working accidents; sports accidents; medical accidents; small daily accidents; …

2. What is the biggest problem a teenager has? A teenager is easy to get bad habits and make some bad friends.
3. What would you do if you had problems? I’d ask others to give me some advice. / I’d get some help from some books.

Section 2 While You Read
Task1 Fast-reading Read and answer the question
Martin Robinson

What does Martin Robinson’s new book tell us?
It gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations .


Careful reading Read carefully and answer the questions.

1. Who is Martin Robinson? He is a famous doctor. He has lots of experience dealing with teenagers. 2. What’s the name of his new book? What Would You Do If… 3. What is the book about?
It gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations.

1. If you cut yourself by accident, you should see a doctor right away.


2. If my grandma fell downstairs, I would take her to hospital first. F 3. Cold running water is helpful to treat a small burn. T

4. You should refuse if your friend offers you cigarettes. T 5. You could meet an “internet friend” alone. F 6. If you get pimples, you should take some medicine first.



Detailed reading Read the passage again fill in the chart.

A page about ACCIDENTS

cut yourself

cover the cut with a clean cloth and press it hard. get the medical help first, then make her comfortable and stay with her. find how bad it is, then put the burned area under cold running water. stop exercising and see a doctor.

grandmother fell downstairs burned yourself

injured your knee

A page about Problems

a friend offers you cigarettes. children eat medicine like candy an internet friend asks you to meet get pimples when nervous

talk to your friend about the dangers of smoking.

hide medicine; tell children to ask their parents

tell your parents about it, meet in a public place, shouldn’t go alone. drink lots of water and ask doctor for advice.

Maybe you have ever had an accident or a problem. What happened? How did you deal with it? Did you ask for advice?

Now, write down your experience.


根据上句完成下句,使两句意思相同或相近, 每空一词(含缩写)。
1. You can't leave here without permission.

If you aren’t / weren’t allowed to leave here, you _____________________ can't. 2. Excuse me. Could I borrow your dictionary, please?
Excuse me. Could you_________ dictionary to lend your ____________me, please?

3. That's

a problem. We couldn't do anything about it.

That's a problem. We could___________ about it. do nothing
4. He is energetic, and he almost never feels tired.

He is energetic, and he ___________feels tired. hardly ever
5. I don't like classical music at all.

I don't like classical music_____________. in the slightest

Add one more “accident” and one more “problem” to Dr Robinson’s book.
For example: Question: What would you do if you were bitten (咬伤)by an animal? Doctor: First, you’d wash the cut under cold running water, next, cover the broken part. Then see a doctor as soon as possible. Problem: Some classmates laugh at you when you make mistakes.

You should not mind. It’s very common for everyone to make mistakes and you can learn a lot from mistakes that you have made.

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