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新版新目标英语八上第一单元Section B 2

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Read the passage and fill in the blanks. On July 15th, Jane and her family got to Penang in _________. The weather was Malaysia ______ and ____. So they decided to go to sunny hot the beach She and her sister tried _____. __________. It was so _______. She felt paragliding exciting like she was a bird They had Malaysian ____. yellow noodles for lunch. They were ______ delicious! They ____ bicycles to rode Georgetown in the afternoon.

They saw many old and new _________ buildings there. Weld Quay is a very ___ place. old They saw the houses of the Chinese _______ from 100 years. They really traders enjoyed _______ _______ the town. walking around

Complete the diary entry about a 3a trip to one of these places. Use the words and phrases in the box to help you.

hot and sunny Beijing duck take some photos buy something special learn something important

tired delicious beautiful interesting August

August Wednesday, _______ 20th Today the weather was ____________. I went hot and sunny interesting to a Beijing hutong It was _________. We _____________. ______________. took some photos I liked this place because ________________________. For dinner we I bought something special had Beijing duck It was _______. In the ______ ____. delicious evening, I felt really ____. tired

It’s your turn now. What other places do you like to go? Please write them down. Wednesday, ______ 20th Today the weather was ___________. I went to ____________. It was ________. We _____________. I liked this place because ____________. For dinner we had _________. It was ________. In the evening, I felt really ______.

Answer the questions to 3b make notes about a vacation you took. 1. Where did you go? __________________________ I went to the beach. 2. Did you go with anyone? ___________________________ Yes. I went with my parents. 3. How was the weather? ____________________________ It was sunny and hot. 4. What did you do every day? ___________________________ We went swimming every day.

5. What food did you eat? ________________________________ We ate sea food. 6. What did you like best? ________________________________ I liked the paragliding best. 7. Did you dislike anything? ________________________________ Yes. I didn’t like the bus ride. 8. How did you feel about the trip? _________________________________ It was interesting but tired.

Write a travel diary like Jane’s 3c on Page 5. Use your notes in 3b. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________



One possible version:
Wednesday, July 24th

I went to the beach on vacation with my __________________________________________
parents. It was sunny and hot. We went __________________________________________ swimming in the sea every day. We usually ate _________________________________________ sea food. I liked the paragliding best. It was __________________________________________
__________________________________________ exciting. But I didn’t like the bus ride. It’s __________________________________________ boring. I think the trip was exciting but tired.

Now, it’s your turn. Try your best.

1. Complete the conversations with the correct words in the box. anything, everything, nothing, anyone, everyone, no one 1. A: Did ______ go on vacation with anyone you last month? B: Yes, my family went to the countryside with me.

2. A: Did your family go to the beach with you last weekend? B: No. _______ from my family went, No one but my friend went with me.

3. A: I didn’t bring back anything from Malaysia. B: ________ at all? Why not? Nothing 4. A: Did you buy ________ in the shopping anything center? B: No, I didn’t. ___________ was very Everything expensive. 5. A: How was the volleyball game yesterday? B: Great! _________ had a fun time! Everyone

2. Complete the passage with the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets.


(buy) a new dictionary the bought day before yesterday. 2. — What day ____ (be) it yesterday? was — It was (be) Friday. ____ 3. They _____ (be) here half an hour ago. were 4. We often ______ (play) games last played term.

5. She _____ (give) me a book a gave moment ago. got 6. The girl _____ (get) up very early this morning. 7. They _____ (take) photos near the river took an hour ago. 8. He _____________ (not watch) TV didn’t watch yesterday evening.

1. 阅读Self check 2的短文,并强化记忆所
例举动词的一般过去式形式。 2. 总结全单元出现的不规则变化的动词的 一般过去式,并努力记住他们。

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