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目标:1、be 动词的用法 2、人称代词主格

3、名词的复数 练习:

一、用 am, is, are 填空。

1. I a boy. you a boy? Jack's sister. 3. That my red jacket. 4. Here photo of my family. 5. My sister's name Nancy. 6. I a student. 7. How your father? 8. Those rulers.

_ very busy every day. 11. This my book. 二、写出下列单词的复数形式。

sister brother jacket pen cup bag this that am she uncle son dictionary watch

ruler friend quilt is he box book


1. Bob is at school..

否定句:Bob at school.

一般疑问句: at school?

肯定回答: , .

2. That is an English book.

否定句:That an English book.

一般疑问句: an English book? 否定回答: , .

3. Those are my sisters.

否定句:Those my sisters.

一般疑问句: my sister?

肯定回答: , .

4.The books are nice.

否定句:The books nice.

一般疑问句: the books my sister?

否定回答: , .

四、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. That is not kite.( I ) 2. Is this pen? (you) No, it's not . ( I )

3. That is not _________ map.( he )

4. father is 40.( she )

5. I like ( orange )


This boy is Peter Smith. His name is Peter. His name

is Smith. This is number is 214856. a good teacher.

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