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I.单项选择题 (20分)

( ) 1. What 's wrong _____you ? A.to B.for C.with D.at

( ) 2.----_________? ----I have a headache.

A. What 's matter with you B. What 's wrong with you

C. What's the wrong with you D. How 's the matter with you

( ) 3. You shouldn't read_____. It 's bad for your eyes.

A.in the bed B.in the bedroom C.in bed D.on the bed

( ) 4. ---Jim , I'm afraid I can't go to your party tonight. My grandma is ill ---___________

A. I 'm sorry to hear that. B. That's all right. C. She has to stay in bed D. Don't worry..

( ) 5. You should ____in bed and have a good sleep.

A.staying B.to stay C.stay D.stays

( ) 6. Xiao Jun has a toothache, so he should see a ____. A.film B.dentist C.move D.TV

( ) 7.--- Do you like drinking _____water? ---Yes , I think it's good for health.

A.boil B.boils C.boiled D.boiling

( ) 8. I have ____. I should see a doctor at once . A.fever B.the faver C.a fver D.fevers

( ) 9. Uncle Zhou has ____money , but he doesn't feel happy.

A.much too B.too more C.too much D.many

( )10.---How are you feeling now ? ---______I can go to school after lunch.

A. Not so well. B.Even worse. C. Much better. D. I feel terrible.

( ) 11. Are you free now ? I have_____to tell you.

A.new anything B.new something C.anything new D.something new

( ) 12. My mother always takes me ____my grandmother.

A.to see B.sees C.see D.seeing

( ) 13. She is ill. She wants to ask for_____.

A.two week leave B.two weeks leave C.two week's leave D.two weeks' leave

( ) 14. Yesterday his brother gave him ______.

A.an advice B.a advice C.a piece of advice D.advices

( ) 15. You 'd better ____cold water. A.won't drink B.not drink C.not to drink D.don't drink

( ) 16. Have a good rest and don't worry ____your lessons. A.about B.for C.to D.with

( ) 17.______some pills and you'll get well. A.Pick B. Catch C. With D. Take

( ) 18.Some English people like drinking tea ______milk in it. A.in B.and C.with D.have

( ) 19. He doesn’t look well . He may have_____fever. A.an B.a C.the D./

( ) 20. We _____follow the new traffic rules. A.may B.should C.can D.need II.用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. He ______(hurt) his back yesterday.

2. Michael _____(have)an accident last week.

3. I 'm glad________(help) you.

4. He has a _______(back). He should have a good rest.

5. You 'd better brush your______(tooth) twice a day.

6. His friend _______(buy) a gift for her yesterday.

7. Thank you for _____(ask) me to come to your party.

8. You 'd better_____________(not lift ) heavy things.

9. Lily has a toothache , so she doesn't feel like_____(eat).

10._______(not worry) about that.


1. You 'd better tell him about it.(变为否定句) You 'd better______ _______him about it.

2. I can look after myself now.(同义句转换) I can ______ ______ _____myself now.

3. What 's wrong with your leg? (同义句转换)What is ______ ______with your leg? 4对画线部分提问) ______are you _______?

对画线部分提问)_______ ______does Lily take these pills? IV.根据汉语提示完成句子(10分)

1.听到那件事,我感到很难过。 I am ______ _____ ______that.

2.Because I have a cold , the doctor tells me to ______ _____(躺下)and have a good rest .

3.Before the exam,he can't sleep _____ _____ ______(日日夜夜)。

4.我希望你早日康复. I hope you'll _____ _____ ______.

5.他头疼了,应该好好休息。He ____ _____ _____, so he should ______ _____ _____ ______.



In many English homes, people eat four meals every day: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. People have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the morning. They eat porridge, eggs or bread. English people drink tea or coffee at breakfast. Lunch comes at one o’clock. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon , and dinner is at half past seven. First they have soup, then they have meat or fish with vegetables. After that, they eat some other things, like bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people like that. Some of them have dinner in the middle of the day. Their meals are breakfast, dinner, tea and supper and all these meals are very simple.

( )1. Many English people have___________ meals every day.

A. two B. three C. four D. three or four

( )2. People may have_______ for their breakfast.

A. tea or eggs B. porridge, eggs, bread, tea, or coffee C. Tea and coffee D. bread and eggs

( )3. People have lunch at _________. A. any time B. nine C. five D. one

( )4.People don’t have__________ for their dinner.

A. Porridge B. bananas and apples C. soup and meat D. meat and fish

( )5. In some English homes dinner can come_______.

A. At one o’clock B. at any time C. at noon D. in the morning


John is a middle school student. He is sixteen years old now. He had a terrible cold yesterday. He felt bad and couldn’t eat anything. So he went to see a doctor. The doctor gave him a bottle of medicine. This is the

( ) 7. John can keep the medicine in _________. A. any place B. hot water C. a cool place D. the sun

( ) 8. John should _______ before he takes the medicine.

A. shake the medicine B. eat nothing C. do some exercise D. drink a cup of tea

( ) 9. Who can’t take this medicine?

A. Dan, six years old. B. Ben, ten years old. C. Lily, fourteen years old. D. Bruce, two years old.

( ) 10. John should ________ after December 1st, 2008.

A. take the medicine B. not take the medicine

C. take the medicine twice a day D. take the medicine four times a day



(D=Doctor, W=Woman)

D: What’s the matter, madam?

I cannot do any work, doctor.

W: No, I don’t have a headache. D: Do you sleep well at night? D: Do you have breakfast every morning? And I have a little food for lunch and supper because I want to keep slim (苗条).

D: Oh, I see. It’s not serious. You should have three meals a day and eat enough food for every meal. And you’d W: Thank you, doctor.



参考词汇:Written Request for Leave/Asking for Leave

Sick Leave

Dear Mr. Green,

I’m very sorry to tell you ________________ Thank you.


Li Ming

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