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Unit 2 It takes place in a teahouse

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Unit 2 It takes place in a teahouse

1. The play shows __________ life in China the audience

Listen and complete the sentences:

between 1898 and 1945.(audience|people)
2. It asks us ________ the teahouse as the to see centre of the neighborhood. 3. It says ________ to old Beijing goodbye and its people.

4. Then Wang loses __________. the teahouse 5. Lao She learned ________ at the to teach
Teacher’s School in Beijing. 6. Lao She taught _______ to the Chinese English in London.

A.The story of teahouse
P.4 P.1 P.3

B. Lao She Teahouse
C. The play Teahouse D.Lao She

? audience ? part of a town where people live ? to start doing something again after stopping ? fighting between countries ? to happen ? a person buying things ? people watching a play or film

? continue
? customer ? neighborhood

? take place
? war

Learning to learn:
Remember to look at the title of the passage, the paragraph headings and photos. They will help you understand the main ideas.

About the play and the story of Teahouse:
1.What does the play show? 2. Who does it tell about?

Life in China between 1898 and 1945. Wang Lifa and his customers. Old Beijing and its people.

3. Where does it take place? 4. When does the story start and finish?

It starts in 1898 during the Qing Dynasty and finishes in 1945.


or False

. Lao She

1.Lao She taught Chinese in London from English 1924 to 1929. 2.Lao She learned to teach at the Teacher’s school. 3.He was one of the greatest Chinese writers of the 19th 20th century.

Lao She Teahouse

What can you see in Lao She Teahouse today?



Beijing Opera

folk music


magic show

●the play shows…
●take place… ●be born…

●in the end …, ●the waiters,

●tell us…the story of…
●from 1924 to 1929… bring…sell…

●be named …,





How to describe a book/film/TV play…
What is the story about?

Who is in it?\the writer?
When does it take place?

Where does it take place?


Act out a scene from Teahouse.


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