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where is my schoolbag

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Section A

一.Where引导的特殊疑问句及其回答 二.介词的定义及分类







plant 组卷




in 表示在----------里面 on 表示在---------上面



where 在哪里

Where is =Where’s Where are=Where’re

Where is/are…? It’s/They’re…组卷网
桌子上 ? 书包里 ? 椅子下 ? 梳妆台上 ? 床下 ? 书橱里 ? 床下 ? 地上 ? 墙上

on the table ? in the backpack ? under the chair ? on the dresser ? under the bed ? in the bookcase ? under the bed ? on the floor ? on the wall

Where’s the baseball? under It’s _______the table.

Where is the plant?
on It’s ____the table.

are Where_____ the baseballs? They’re ______the table. ________ under are Where____ the plants?

They’re ____the table. _______ on

Where is the pen?
Where’s the pen?

It’s on the table.

Where’s the pen?
It’s in the drawer.

Where’s the pen? It’s under the table.

Where is the quilt?
on It’s _____ the bed.

Where are the books?
on They are_____ the sofa.

Where are the keys?

They are on the table. They’re on the table.

Where are the pens? in They are ____the pencil case.

Where are the keys?

They’re in the drawer.

Where are the keys?

They’re under the table.

in 1.The pencils are _____ the pencil case. Where’s

2.________ the video tape?

on It’s _____ the table.
Where’s the key?

under It’s ______ the table.

(1)Where is…?/Where’s…?

It is …
It’s… (2) Where are …?/Where’re…? They are …

They’re …

Section B


Where’s the computer game?

It’s on the table.

They’re under the bed.

Where are the books?

Revision Where is the ruler?
It’s in the pencil-case.


tape player



Read these sentences:
1. Where is your model plane? It’s in the backpack. 2. Where’s my tape player? It’s under the bed.

3. Where are your tapes?
They are on the chair. 4. Where’re her hats? They’re on the dresser.

3a :Put these sentences in order to make a conversation (将下列句子重新排列,组成一段对话)

I don’t know. Is it on the dresser? 4 __ No, it isn’t. 1 __ Where is the clock? __ 2 3 __ A: Where is the clock? B: I don’t know. Is it on the dresser? A: No, it isn’t.

Put these sentences in order to make a conversation (将下列句子重新排列,组成一段对话)

__ 3 2 __ __ 1 4 __

Are they on the bed? I don’t know. Where are my radios? No, they aren’t.

A : Where are my radios? B : I don’t know. Are they on the bed? A : No, they aren’t.

Make your dialogues
A: Where’s …? ? B: I don’t know. ? Is it …? ? A: Oh. Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t

A: Where are …? B: I don’t know. Are they …? A: Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.

翻译词组p20 2d

1. 在你的课桌上
2. 在椅子下面 3. 在你祖父母房间 里 4. 在他们床上 5. 在你头上 6. 快点! 7. 我认为

on your desk
under the chair in your grandparents' room on their bed on your head 6. Come on! 7. I think…

? 是整洁的 ? 在我们房间

? be

? 在书架上
? 在我的书包里

? 到处都是
? 在沙发上

? 白色模型飞机
? 总是问

tidy ? in our room ? in the bookcase ? in my schoolbag ? be everywhere ? on the sofa ? white model plane ? always ask

P23 2b

完成句子 in the bag 1. Her books are _______________(在书包
里 ). 2. His hat is on the chair _______________(在椅子上 ).

in the pencil case. 3. My pencils are____________________(在 文具盒里 ).

on the table 4. Is the plant _________________(在桌子 上 )?
5. My baseball is under the table. (对划线部 分提问 ).

Where is your baseball ___________________________________?

1.The plant is on the table.(提问)
Where is the plant? 2.The keys are in the drawer. (提问)

Where are the keys?
3.The chair is under the table. (提问) What is under the table?

4.The backpack is under the table.
变成一般疑问句并作两种回答 再变成否定句 Is the backpack under the table? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. The backpack isn’t under the table.

6.The keys are on the dresser.

Are the keys on the dresser?

Yes, they are.

No, they’re not.

The keys are not on the dresser.

对划线部分提问: 1.His parents are in the room.
Where are his parents?

2.My backpack is on my floor.
Where is your backpack?

3. The photo of my family is on the wall.
Where is the photo of your family?

4. The keys are on the table.
Where are the keys?

5. The books are on my bed.
Where are the books?

Listening and writing

Here/This is my room. It’s very nice(漂亮). My on and computer____ CD are ___the desk. The under books and baseball is ______ the chair_____ my ____ are in the bookcase. Near(在 … 旁边) the bed ,you ____ Where’s can see my plant. _______ my red hat ? Oh, it’s behind(在…后面)the door.

This/Here is my room....

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