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最新八年级英语仁爱版Unit 2 Topic3 sectionD导学案

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八年级英语导学案 拟上课时间 10月24日

Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D


一、 学习目标 Aims and Demands

1.总结本话题的语法----情态动词have to, must 及反身代词的用法和相关语言点。


二、 . 自主预习 Prep


1.锻炼越多越好 ___________ 2. 一个好主意

3. 热身 ___________ 4. how to exercise well ___________

5. 必须伸展你的大腿与胳膊 ________________________________________


8. 花费很多钱来锻炼 ______________________________________

9. get your body moving _________________ 10. 代替,而不是________________

三. 知识链接 Hot links

点拨: 这是一个“the + 比较级---, the + 比较级---”的结构,意为“越---(就)越---”

点拨: Stop doing sth 意为“停止正在做的事情”

Stop to do sth 意为“停下来去做另一件事情”



(2)He watched TV for an hour; At 8 he stopped his homework.(do)

点拨:这是一个“It + be + adj +(for sb) to do sth”句型的句子,




It is for us enough water everyday.


need + 名词或代词

need to do sth 需要做某事 物+ need doing sth 某物需要---(含有被动意义)

need 也可做情态动词用,其后跟动词原形


(1)He needs (have) a good rest = He need (have) a good rest

(2) The flowers need (water).

八年级英语导学案 拟上课时间 10月24日


During the day we work and play,and at night we sleep. Our body rests when we sleep. In the morning we are ready to work and play again. Our body grows most when we are asleep. Children who are tired usually need sleep. We can get better at our lessons after having plenty of rest. Boys and girls who are eight or nine years old need ten hours of sleep every night. Our body needs plenty of air when we are asleep. If we do not get enough fresh air, we will feel tired when we wake up. While in bed we must not cover our head,our lungs need to get enough fresh air. If we open our windows at night, we can have plenty of fresh air. Cool air is better than warm air.


( )1. Our body grows most while we are _______.

A. eating B. playing C. sleeping D. exercising

( )2. Too little sleep makes us _______.

A. tired B. hungry C. happy D. grow

( )3. —What may cause us to feel tired in the morning?

—_______ during the sleep. A. Too much air C. Too much cold air B. Not enough fresh air D. Too much sleep

( )4. How many hours of sleep should 9-year-old children have every night?

A. 8 hours. B. 9 hours. C. 10 hours. D. 11 hours.

( )5. What do the lungs need most?

A. Fresh air. B. Covering. C. Warm air. D. Exercise.

八年级英语导学案 拟上课时间 10月24日

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