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仁爱版八年级英语unit2 topic3测试题

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Unit2 topic3周测题

Class Name

一. 单项选择。(10分)

( )1. —Hello! May I speak to Mary? —_______ A. I’m Mary.B. Mary is me. C. This is Mary speaking. D. I’m speaking. ( )2. My parents ask me _______ in order to make me healthy. A. build up me B. build me up C. to build up me D. to build me up ( )3. Tom _______ yesterday morning, but I was out. A. built up me B. built me up C. rang up me D. rang me up ( )4. —May I ask you some questions, Dr. Wang? —_______ A. You’re welcome. B. Sure, go ahead. C. No, I’m busy. D. Yes, you must. ( )5. —Must I take part in the activity? —No, you _______. You’re too young. You should look after yourself. A. mustn’t B. don’t C. can’t D. don’t have to ( )6. —Who taught _______ Japanese? —I learned it by _______. A. you; myself B. your; myself C. yourself; me D. yourself; myself ( )7. Our teachers often tell us _______ the net bar. A. stay away from B. to stay away from C. not stay away from D. not to stay away from

( )8. We don’t know how to prevent the flu. Shall we ask Doctor Wang Hai


A. the advice B. an advice C. some advice D. some advices ( )9. —May I watch TV, Mom? —I’m afraid you _______. A. should not B. can’t C. must not D. may not ( )10. —I have a stomachache. What should I do? —You _______ drink sweet water and _______ eat sweet food. A. had better not; shouldn’t B. should; had better C. had better; had better D. shouldn’t; should 二. 情景交际。(10分)在下列横线上填入适当的句子,补全对话。

A: Hello! I’d like to speak to Kangkang. B: 11.

A: 12. B: He has a bad stomache.

A: 13. How did it happen?

B: He ate out for fast food with his friends yesterday. He felt terrible as soon as he came back.

A: That’s terrible. 14. I want to see him. B: Not far. It’s on Xinhua Road. You can find it easily. A: I hope he will get better soon. B: 15. 三. 完形填空。(15分)

Ava was ill. She went to see a doctor. The doctor asked her to her tongue (舌头), and then he said,“OK. You can put your tongue back now. There’s wrong with you, but I’m afraid you have a problem, you never take .”

“But, doctor,”Ava said,“I don’t think so.” “Don’t 19 me what you think,”the doctor said,“I see a lot of people 20 you. None of them get any exercise. They sit in offices all day and in front of the TV in the evening. You must walk quickly for at least 20 minutes a day.”

“Doctor, you don’t understand.”Ava said,“I take enough exercise every day. ” “I don’t want to 21 any excuses,” the doctor said, “You must find time 22 exercise. If you don’t, you will get and have health problems.”

“But I walk every day.”Ava said.

“Oh, yes, and I know what kind of walking that is. You walk 24 meters to the bus stop from your house, from the bus stop to your office, and from your office to your dining-room for lunch and back. That’s not a real walk. I’m talking about a walk by the lake or in the park for 20 minutes every day. ”

“Would you please 25 me, doctor?”Ava said,“I’m a postwoman. I walk for nearly seven hours every day.”

For a moment the doctor was silent, then he said,“Can I see your tongue again?” ( )16. A. put away B. put down C. put out D. put up ( )17. A. something B. nothing C. some D. anything ( )18. A. exercises B. medicine C. medicines D. exercise

( )19. A. tell B. say C. ask D. speak ( )20. A. seem B. likes C. like D. seems ( )21. A. hear B. say C. find D. look for ( )22. A. about B. for C. in D. with ( )23. A. thin B. strong C. fat D. healthy ( )24. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few ( )25. A. to hear B. hear C. to listen to D. listen to 四. 阅读理解。(30分) (A)

How much sleep do we need? People are all different. Some people need only three or four hours of sleep a night. Others need ten hours of sleep a night. Most Americans sleep seven to eight hours a night.

Some people find it is hard to fall asleep. About one in three Americans have a problem with sleep. Many of these people can not fall asleep. The name of this problem is insomnia (失眠症). Many famous people in history had insomnia. Some of these people have special (特殊的) ideas to make themselves sleep. Benjamin Franklin had four beds. He moved from bed to bed to fall asleep. Mark Twain lay (躺) on his side across the end of his bed.

根据短文内容,判断正 (T) 误 (F)。

( )1. Different people need different amounts of sleep (睡眠时间). ( )2. Most Americans sleep more than 8 hours a night. ( )3. If a person has insomnia, he can never fall asleep. ( )4. About 1/3 of Americans have a problem with sleep. ( )5. Mark Twain had four beds to make himself sleep.

(B) There are many kinds of after-school activities in the world.

Swimming Swimming can give students physical exercise and it can help to keep heart and lungs healthy. It is a good way to keep fit. Art or music classes

Just remember that it is not about how ①you draw, sing or play an instrument. The most important thing is that you can get a chance to express something about yourself. Team sports

There are many kinds of team sports: basketball, football, baseball, etc. ②

learn teamwork. Of course, You can make many friends when you relax yourself.

What after-school activities do you often take part in? 阅读短文内容,完成任务。 任务一:判断正(T)误(F)。

( )6. If you want to have a music class as an after-school activity, you must be good

at it.

( )7. Team sports can make you learn teamwork. 任务二:在文中①处选择适当单词,使句意通顺。 ( )8. A. fast B. well C. High D.clearly 任务三:9将②处句子翻译成中文。

_________________________________________________________________ 10.Why is swimming a good way to keep fit?

__________________________________________________________________ 五. 词汇。(20分)


1. We should exercise to _______ us _______ (增强体质). 2. We should do something to prevent it from _______ (发生). 3. He isn’t in. You can leave a _______ (留言).

4. Eating meat too much can bring a lot of _______ (脂肪). (B)用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

6. The kids can’t take care of _______ (them). 7. _______ (final), our team won. 8. What causes the _______ (ill)? 9. The workers are _______ (build) a school. 10. Did you enjoy _______ (you) in the party yesterday, Bill? 六. 书面表达。(15分)


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