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新目标七年级英语上册Unit2课件 第三课

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Unit2 Period 3

Grammar Focus
Let’s see these sentences:

? This is a ruler.


? Is this a ruler? (一般疑问句) ? Yes, it is. (肯定回 答) ? No, it is not(=isn’t). (否定回答)

? These are books. (陈述句) ? Are these books? (一般疑问句) ? Yes, they are . (肯定回答) ? No, they aren’t. (否定回答)

一 般 疑 问 句之be动词篇
? 一调:即把句中的be动词(am , is ,are)调到句首 ?This is his book. Is this his book? ? 二改:改换代词的称谓 ?This is my pencil . Is this your pencil? ? 三问号:将句末的句号改为问号

This is your pencil.

Is this your pencil?

This is his book.

Is this his book?

This is her eraser.

Is this her eraser?

This is my pen.

Is this your pen?

数 第一 人称 人称 my 单数 第二 人称 第三人称 第一 人称 our ours 复数 第二 人称 第三 人称


形容词性 物主代词 名词性物 主代词 汉语

your his her its

your their yours their s

mine yours his hers its



他(她、 他 它 你们 她的 我们的 它)们 的 的 的 的



This is my watch.

These are my watches.

This watch is mine.

These watches are mine.

这是你的狗。 这只狗是你的。

这些是你的狗。 这些狗是你的。 These are your dogs.

This is your dog.
This dog is yours.

These dogs are yours.

填 空
1.-Is that your pencil? it is -Yes, ____ ____ . 2.-Is this your ruler? No -___ , it isn’t. 3.-____those your books? Are aren’t -No, they ____. 4.-Is this her pen? It’s -No, it isn’t. ____ mine. Is 5.-__ that your pencil box? -___ , it isn’t. It is ____ . No his/hers 6.-Is this his eraser? Yes -___ , it is. Is 7.- __ this your eraser? -Yes, it is ___ ___. It’s___ . mine

课 堂 练 习

Have a test(检测 )

一、Choose the Correct answer(单项选择).
1、Is this your pen? A、Yes ,this is. C、No ,this isn’t. 2、Is that a ruler? D A、Yes ,that is. D B、Yes, this’s. D、No,it isn’t. It’s a sharpener. B、No,it is.

C、No,that isn’t.
3、What’s this? A、Yes,it is. D

D、No,it isn’t.
B、No,it isn’t.

C、It’s a eraser.
4、What’s A name? A、your ; My C、your ; I

D、It’s an eraser.
name is Ma Ling. B、your ; my D、you ; my

二.Fill in the blanks with proper words

Bob:____,I'm______.What's your ______? Hi Bob name Gina: My________Gina.______to______you. Nice name’s meet Bob:_____to meet you,_____._____this your Nice too Is ruler? Gina:No,____ ______Ask Eric,It's______ruler. isn’t his it

Bob:Eric,Is _____ ______ruler? this your
Eli :Yes,___is .______ ____. it Thank you

1. ---Are those your books? --- ________ A. Yes, it is B. Yes, it isn’t C. No, they aren’t D. No, they are 2. ---Is this your ____? ---Yes, ______ A. dictionary; it is B. dictionary; this is C. dictionaries; it is D. diction

ary; that is 3. ---Is this ____ notebook? ---No, it isn’t ______. A. theirs; their B. hers; his C. your; my D. your; mine


Put something into the box. Take them out off the box. Find the owner.

Find the owner
A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser?
B: No, it isn’t. I think it’s her/his eraser.

A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser?
C: No, it isn’t. I think it’s her/his eraser.

A: Is this your eraser?
D: Yes, it is. It’s my eraser. A: Here you are. (给你) D: Thank you.

Bye bye

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