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一、 单项选择。(每题1分,共10分)

( )1.—_____ that? —It’s a drawer.

A.Where’s B.What’s C.How’s ( )2. 代表“英国广播公司”的是:____。


( )3. “Is this your pen?” “Yes, ____.”

A. is B. it’s C. it is ( )4. —__________? —D-E-S-S-E-R-T.

A. What’s this in english B. How do you spell it C. What’s that ( )5. Gina_______my cousin. We________good firends.

A. is, are B. are, are C. are, is

( )6. My mother_________reading , but she ________sports.

A. likes, don’tlike B. likes, doesn’t like C. like, doesn’t like ( )7.Thanks _____ the great photo.

A. to B. of C. for ( )8. Laura has five soccer _____and one volleyball.

A. ball B. balls C. one ball

( )9. ——Do you like playing computer games?

——No, It’s ___.

A. relaxing B. boring C. interesting ( )10. ——Mum, where is my backpack?

——______. Is it under the bed?

A.I don’t know B. Excuse me C. It’s here

1. Do you ________hamburgers for lunch? 2. Can you _______those books to my room? 3. They often _______basketball after school. 4. That _____good. Let’s do it.

5. My brother_____apples and bananas.


( )1. A: What’s his name? B: Her name is Gina

A B C D _________ ( )2. What colour is her coats?

A B C D _________ ( )3. This is my a classroom.

A B C D ________ ( )4.He’s ID card number is 5456314.

A B C _________ ( )5.—Is it a egg ? —Yes, it is.

A B C _________ 四、句型转换。(每题1分,共10分) 1.I am Miss Gao.(改为否定句) __________ __________Miss Gao.

2.This is my father. (改为一般疑问句) this father? 3.Those are rulers. (改为单数形式) is a .

4.His brother has a computer. (改为一般疑问句) ________his brother a computer?

5.Your ID card is on the dresser. (对划线部分提问) is ID card?

6.Let’s have dinner. (改为否定句) Let’s_____ ______dinner.

7.What can I do for you?(同义句) Can I ______ ______?

8.The hat is 30 yuan.(对划线部分提问) _______ _______ is the hat?



9.I know his name.(改为否定句) I_______ know his name.

10.There are many girls in the room.(改为同义句) There are______ ______girls in the room. 五、从B栏中找出与A栏的适当答语。(共10分)


( )1. Do you have a basketball? A. It’s an orange. ( )2. Let’s play volleyball. B.Yes, I do, but I don’t like basketball. ( )3. Does your sister like milk? C. No, it isn’t. It’s under the bed. ( )4.What’s that on the desk? D. That’s great. Let’s go.

( )5. Is your soccer ball under the table? E. No, she doesn’t. but she likes coffee.

( )6. Can I help you? E. Some chicken and fish. ( )7.What do you have for lunch? F. No, I don’t.

( )8.How much are these socks? G. They’re ten dollars. ( )9.Thank you very much. H. You’re welcome. ( )10.Do you like yellow shorts? I. Yes, please! 六、完形填空。(每题1分,共10分)

Nick likes sports. He _1___basketball every afternoon. He has a brother. __2__name is Bob. Bob __3_playing sports, but he likes sports show(节目).He _4__TV every evening. ___5__like French fries, and they often eat them. But French fries are _6__healthy. __7__boys and girls like ice cream, but they don’t like __8__. ___9__do they like? They like fruit. Nick likes apples and Bob likes __10__. ( )1. A. play B. plays C. to play ( )2. A. Her B. My C. His

( )3. A. doesn’t like B. likes C. don’t like ( )4. A. looks B. watches C. looks for ( )5. A. Bob B. Nick C. Nick and Bob ( )6. A. no B. not C. / ( )7. A. Many B. Every C. That ( )8. A. them B. it C. these ( )9. A. What B. How C. Where

( )10. A. eggs B. chicken C. strawberries



My name is Nancy. I have a brother and a sister, Paul and Laura. For breakfast, Paul likes eggs and bananas. Laura and I like hamburgers and bananas. For lunch Paul likes salad and hamburgers. We like vegetables and oranges. And for dinner Paul has fish and potatoes, we have French fries and bread(面包). We really like French fries. 请根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。

( )1. Paul likes eggs and apples for breakfast. ( )2.There are three girls in the family.

( )3. Paul, Laura and Nancy all like bananas for breakfast. ( )4. Paul doesn’t like hamburgers.

( )5. Nancy and Laura like vegetables and oranges for lunch.

一.根据句意及首字母提示填空。 1.Call Jane a______ 635-2469.

2.The math question is very d_____________. I don’t like it. 3.A set of k_______ is on your desk.

4.Is your watch in the l_______ and found case? 5.He can’t find the word in the d________. 二、根据句意用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(2’×10=20’) 1._________(I) name is Lisa Barnes.

2.Jenny is a girl. _____________(she) family name is Green. 5.Nice __________(meet) you ,too. 6.I have ___________(yes的反义词) notebook.

7.That is _____________(Jim) watch. 8.My friends __________(be) Gina and Sonia.

9.He _________(like) the book very much. 10.______________(he) pencil is in the pencil case. 三、选择题(2’×10=20’)

( )1、The boy is Alice Brown.What’s her last name?

A、Alice B、Brown Alice C、Brown D、Alice Brown ( )2、Thank you for ________ me with my math. A、help B、to help C、helping D、helps .



( )3.Is that __________ pencil case? A.he B.him C.his D.he’s

( )4.Are these__________ parents? A.you B.She C.Mona’s D.they

( )5.Peter gives(给) ______ some pencils and we like _______. A. we, it B. us, them C. us, they D. me, they

( )6. I think the math class is_______, so I don’t like it. A.interesting B.boring C.relaxing D.fun ( )7.-What’s your telephone number? -___________ 555-778.

A.This B.That C.It D.It’s ( )8.---________ my baseball? ---It’s under the chair. A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are ( )9.-__________. What’s this in English? -__________, I don’t know.

A.Excuse me; Sorry B.Excuse me; Excuse me C.Sorry; Sorry D.Sorry; Excuse me

10. -- Does your brother_______ an orange backpack? -- No, he doesn’t. But my sister________ one.

A. has, has B. have, has C. has, have D. have, have 四、按要求完成下列句子,每空一词。(2’×10=20’) (A)句型转换。

1.Is this your computer?(改为肯定陈述句) _________ _________ your computer.

2.you, do, game, How, spell?(连词成句) _________ _________ you _________ game? 3.He can spell baseball.(改为否定句) He _________ _________ baseball.

4.Is this a blue ruler?(否定回答) _________, _________ _________.

5.Is that a dictionary ?(改为复数句) _________ ________ __________? (B)根据汉语意思完成下列句子。 6.这两位是你兄弟吗?

_______ these two_______ _______ ? 7.今天晚上你能给我打电话吗?

Can you _______ ________ this ________? 8.把你的笔记本放在你的背包里。

Put your _________ _________ your schoolbag.. 9.你的棒球在书桌里吗?

________ your _________ __________ the desk? 10.让我们一起去玩电脑游戏吧。

________ go and play _________ __________. 七、阅读理解(3’×10=30’)

(A) My name is Tina. I’m in Class 4, Grade 2. I’m in Row 2. Kate is my friend. She is in my class, too. She is in Row 1. My father has a beautiful car. The number is B-047968. Her father has a beautiful car, too. The number is E-0-double 4-double 9-5. Her father often drives her to my home. We are good friends. We are both fifteen. 根据短文内容选择正确答案( )1.Are Tina and Kate both students? A.No, they aren’t. B.No, they are. C.Yes, they aren’t D.Yes, they are. ( )2.What row is Tina in?

A.She is in Row Four. B.She is in Row Two. C.She is in Row One. D.She is in Row Three. ( )3.What’s the number of Kate’s father’s car? A.It’s B-047968 B.It’s E-032143. C.It’s B-032146. D.It’s E-044995. ( )4.How old is Tina?

A.She is fifteen. B.She is thirteen. C.She is fourteen. D.She is twelve

( )5.What’s the number of Tina’s car? It’s __________. A.B, zero, three, two, one, four, three B.E, zero, six, four, two, eight, four C.B, zero, four, seven, nine, six, eight

D.E, zero, seven, seven, nine, nine, five



(B) 阅读下面两幅“失物”与“招领”广告,回答下列问题。

( )5. Is this your father? Yes , _______.

A. it is B.he is C. it’s

( )6. ______ my baseball ? It’s in the backpack. A.What’s B. Where’s C. How’s ( )7. This is _____ ID card and that is _______ ring. A. a;a B. an;an C. an;a ( )8. Is Guo Peng your brother ? No, ____.

( ) 9._______ my dictionaries? They

( )10. --Do you have a TV? --__________.

6. Is that Rich’s ID card?

______________________________________________________ ( )11. Does John like tennis ? No, ________.

7. What’s the card number?

______________________________________________________ ( )12. --Do you like English? --Yes, it's .

8. What’s Rich’s family name?

______________________________________________________ ( )13.9.What’s Rich’s phone number?

______________________________________________________ ( )1410.What color is the hat?

______________________________________________________ ( )15.

七年级英语考试题 ( )16. --___these her erasers? --No, they ___.

一、选择填空。(每小题1分,共20分) name: ( )17. ( )1.We have eight _______.

A. watch B. a watch C. watches

( )18. Barry _____ a new baseball.

( )2. He ____ a good friend at the school.

A.have B. has C. is

( )19. __________ that old woman ___________ a house ?( )3. Is ______ your aunt? What’s ______ name ?

A.he, his B. she, her C. she, his

( )20. ( )4. Thanks _____ your family photo.

A. of B. for C. from


A. it isn’t. B. he’s C.he isn’t

’re on the bookcase.

A. Where B. Where’s C. Where’re

A. Yes , it is B. Yes ,I do. C. Yes ,I have.

A. he does B. he doesn’t C.he don’t

A. boring B. not interesting C. fun

- What color is it ? - .

A. It’s a red B. It’s red C. It red

. What’s this English ?

A. on B. OK C. in

—Is that your pen? —___.It’s his pen.

A. Yes, it is B. Yes, it’s a pen C. No, it isn’t

A. Is, isn’t B. Are, aren’t C. Are, is

My father’s mother is my ___.

A. aunt B. sister C. grandmother

A. is B. has C. have

A.Do;has B.Does;have C.Does;has

–Where are his keys? --_____.

A.It’s on the dresser B. They’re on the dresser C.It’s here




( ) 3. What’( ) 5. Where is thevolleyball? ( ) 7. Can you spell “clock”( ) 8.Who’( )10.Aretheseherbaseballbats?

三、按要求改写句子,每空不限词数。(10分) 1. Eddie doesn’t go to sleep after breakfast.


Eddie _______ ________ _________ after breakfast.

2. Simon does his homework every evening. (改为否定句 Simon his homework every evening.

3.I have some baseball bats?(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) ________________________________________________ 4.We have a big TV in our house? (改为否定句) _______________________________________________ 5.He has a baseball bat (改为否定句)

_______________________________________________ 6. I have a soccer ball (用Tony 代替I ) _______________________________________________ 7. My sister likes dancing. (改为一般疑问句) _______________________________________________ 8. These are his photos. (变成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答) _______________________________________________

9 They are on the table. (就划线部分提问)

_______________________________________________ 10. his, are, these, brothers (连词成句)

_______________________________________________ 四.词性转换(20分) (1)名词单数变复数

1.tomato _______2.dictionary______3.watch_______4.bus_____

5.family ______ 6.family 7.tooth_________8.foot 9.potato ______ 10.boy____ 11.brush____ 12.key___________ (2)根据要求变换

1.play(三单) 2. be(复数) 3.woman(对应词) 4.study(三单) 5.this(反义词) 6.do (三单)7.have(三单) 8.they的宾格形式 五.用所给词填空(20分)

A.用am,is,are,do,does,don’t,doesn’t,isn’t填空 1. _______ your brother love sports? Yes, he ________.

2.On Sunday, I _______ watch TV. I must do my homework. 3.________ his grandparents like him?

4.— What ________ your uncle love? — He loves sports.

5.— ____ her daughter have a nice English name?— Yes, she does. 6. Look! What _______ those? They _______ bananas. 7. _______ that boy your cousin? No, he _______. 8. _______ Li Jingjing. What _______ your name. 9. _______ that boy your cousin? No, he _______. 10.— Where _______ I? — You ____ in a new place. B.用所给词的正确形式填空。

1. Is this ______ eraser?(he) 2. Is _____(her) Mrs Li? Yes. 3. Is that ____(you) book?

4. Jenny is a girl. ____ family name is Green. (she) 5. That’s _____(I) pencil.

6 _____(thank) for the photo of your family. 7.Let’s ____ ping-pong , OK? (play)



8. ---_____ your mother ____ TV?

--Yes, she _____ TV every day. (watch) 9. My mother ______(not like) potatoes.

10.Jim and I _____ (not have) any computers. 六、阅读理解。(每小题1分,共10分)

A 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的在题前括号内写“T”,错误的写“F”。

This is Jane’s room. The computer is on the desk. Where’s her photo? It isn’t on the wall(墙壁). It’s on the desk, too. Her pens and pencils are in the pencil case. The pencil case is in the backpack. Where’s her backpack? It’s on her desk. Where’s her desk? It’s between the bookcase and the dresser. It’s at the windows. ( )1. The computer is on the desk. ( )2. The photo is on the wall.

( )3. Her pencil case is on the computer. ( )4. Her backpack is on the her dresser. ( )5. Her desk is at the windows.


My uncle likes sports very much. He loves soccer ball, basketball, baseball, tennis and more. He plays baseball and basketball very well. He likes to watch the sports games on TV. He plays sports every day. He has a small sports collection. He has 12 tennis rackets, 10 baseballs, 3 basketballs and a soccer ball. ( )6. My ____ likes sports.

A. father B. brother C. uncle D. friend ( )7. He plays ____ very well.

A. soccer and baseball B. tennis C. baseball and basketball D. Ping-Pong ( )8. He likes to ____ games on TV.

A. play the baseball B. watch the sports C. play the sports D. watch the baseball ( )9. He ____ every day.

A. watches TV B. plays sports C. watch games D. play games ( )10. ____ has a small collection.

A. My uncle B. I C. My friend D. My father 七.完形填空。(10分)

My name is Wang Li. My English teacher 1___ Linda. She is from the USA. 2___ has a son and a daughter. 3___ is Ben . 4___is Maria. Her husband is 5___.Mr Black is 6___,too. He and his son are7___New York now.Mrs Black and Maria are in China . 8___are classmates, and we are9___. I teach her Chinese and 10___ teaches me English. ( ) 1.A.is B.are C.am ( ) 2.A.She B.Her C.He ( ) 3.A.His son B.Her daughter C.Her son ( ) 4.A. His daughter B.Her daughter C.Her son ( ) 5.A.Black Paul B.Paul Black C.Black Anna

( ) 6.A. an English teacher B.an English student C.a Chinese teacher ( ) 7. A.at B.from C.in ( ) 8. A. I and Maria B.I and Ben C.Maria and I ( ) 9. A.good friend B.a good friend C.good friends ( )10. A.he B.she C.they 八、写作 (20分)

A) 你在学校门口拾到一块黑色手表,请你写一份启事贴在布告栏上,你的电话号码是8786639。请写清楚你的姓名(Mary Green),电话和你所在的班级(Class Three Grade Seven)。(10分)




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