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Part Two 完型填空

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Part Two 完型填空

It is Sunday today.( 21) is a fine day. The sky is( 22) . Mr. Green is( 23) his family. The family are having an outing. Tom is Mr. and Mrs. Green's son. Mary is( 24) . They are (25) along a small river. There are some boats (26) the river. Mr. and Mrs. Green are looking at (27) . Mary is not looking at the boats. She is looking at some ducks. The ducks are swimming (28 )the river. What is Tom (29 )? He is in the river now. He is (30) . Mr. Green and his family are very happy today.

21. [A] This [B] That [C] It

22. [A] green [B] blue [C] black

23. [A] with [B] for [C] and

24. [A] their daughter [B] her daughter [C] your daughter

25. [A] working [B] washing [C] walking

26. [A] on [B] in [C] at

27. [A] it [B] them [C] these

28. [A] on [B] under [C] in

29. [A] cleaning [B] doing [C] watching

30. [A] playing [B] washing his clothes [C] swimming

21-25: C B A A C 26-30: B B C B C


In our classroom you can see there is a of a park on the back(后面的)wall.

are not

there are some old men. They are sitting at a table. They are

tea and talking. We can also see two boats in the picture. One is but in boat there are many children. Are there any young men in the? Let me see, there are some. They are swimming now. What are the boys doing? They are there.

( )1.A. map B. children’s clothes C. lake D. picture

( )2.A. of B. on C. in D. under

( )3.A. some flower B. flower C. any flowers D. some flowers

( )4.A. cats B. apples C. dogs D. birds

( )5.A. drink B. eat C. eating D. drinking

( )6.A. put on B. wearing on C. are wearing D. are putting on

( )7.A. full B. empty C. big D. small

( )8.A. the other B. others C. another D. other

( )9.A. river B. basket C. bag D. box

( )10.A. playing football B. playing the football C. play football

D. play the football


1. D a picture of a park 意为“一幅公园的画。”

2. C in the park。 意为“在公园里。”

3. C any 用于否定句或疑问句。some用于肯定句。

4. D 能够在树上唱歌的应是鸟,而不是其它三项猫、苹果、狗。

5. D 表示喝茶用drink,不用eat。另外,and前后的谓语动词形式要一致,所以drink要加-ing,构成现在进行时。

6. C wear是“穿着”,“戴着”,强调状态,用现在进行时表示此刻的状态。Put on是“穿上”、“戴上”,强调动作。

7. B 根据下文在另一只船里有许多孩子们表转折关系,说明本句应是一只船是空的。

8. A 表示两者范围之内“一个是……,另一个是……”用one is …,the other is …

9. A 下文说有一些人在游泳,说明本句应问在河里有一些年轻人吗?

10.A 球类运动前不要冠词


It is evening, 1 old cock(公鸡) is 2 in a tall tree. A fox comes to the tree and looks at the cock.

“Hello, Mr Cock, I have some good news for you. ” says the fox.

“Oh? ” says the cock. “What is it?”

“All the animals 3 good friends now. Let’s 4 friends, too. Please come down and play 5 me.”

“Fine!” says the cock. “I’m very glad to hear that. ” Then he looks up. “Look! There is something over there.”

“ 6 are you looking at?” asks the fox.

“Oh, I see some animals over there. 7 coming this way.”

“Animals? ”

“Yes. Oh, they’re dogs.”

“What? Dogs !” asks the fox. “Well . . . well, I 8 now. Goodbye.”

“Wait, Mr Fox,” says the cock. “ 9 go. They are only dogs. And dogs are our friends now.”

“Yes. But they 10 that yet.”

“I see, I see,” says the cock. He smiles and goes to sleep in the tree.

( )1.A. the B. an C. a D. X

( )2.A. sit B. sits C. sitting D. siting

( )3.A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )4.A. are B. be C. is D. am

( )5.A. and B. to C. for D. with

( )6.A. What B. How C. Whose D. Where

( )7.A. He is B. They are C. She is D. It is

( )8.A. must to go B. must go C. must going D. must to going

( )9.A. No. B. Not C. Don’t D. Doesn’t

( )10.A. aren’t know B. doesn’t know C. don’t know D. isn’t know


1. B an 用在发元音音素开头的单词前。

2. C 横线前已有is,故选 sitting构成现在进行时,它的结构是:主语+be+动词的现在分词+其它。Sit 的现在分词要双写t再加ing.

3. C 主语All the animals为复数。谓语动词用are.

4. B 以 Let开头的祈使句常用来表示说话人的建议、请求、命令等。Let 后面的不定式必须省去符号to.

5. D play with me表示“和我一起玩。”

6. A What问“什么”How问“怎样”Whose问“谁的”Where问“哪儿”。

7. B 根据前一句:“I see some animals over there”本句应为“它们正朝这边过来。”

8. B must 意思是“必须”是情态动词,它后面的动词用原形。

9. C 本句祈使句的否定式,其结构为:Don’t +V原形+其它。

10.C 句为非be动词的一般现在时结构。

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