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Language points

The Great Wall twists and turns
along the tops of mountain chains in northern China.


1. twist: v. 某物缠绕或盘绕另一物。 e.g. (1) The river twists and turns a lot. 这条河弯弯曲曲。 (2) The path twisted down the hillside.


2. chain
a chain of mountains= a mountain chain 连 绵的山(山脉) 一连串的事件 chain of events 翻译:我在一家通宵快餐连锁店工作。 I work in an all-night fast-food chain.

keep the dog on the chain a bicycle chain


The work began in the fifth century BC, and the wall finally took shape in the third century BC. 人们在公元前5世纪开始建造长城,公元 前3世纪它最终成形。 take shape 成形 = develop into a clear form 翻译:计划开始在我脑中成形。

The plan is beginning to take shape in my mind.

Shanghai Museum lies in the centre of
Shanghai. lie in= be located in =be in 位于 lie v.-lay[lei] -lain[lein] –lying 躺 翻译:黄河位于中国北部。 The Yellow River lies in the north of China. ---Where is Shenzhen? ---Shenzhen lies in the south of Guangdong.

lie—lied—lied --lying e.g.: Don’t lie. You’re telling a lie. lay –laid—laid—laying 将…置放; 产卵 这种鱼每年产卵一次。 This kind of fish ______ eggs once a year. lays

用lie,lay的正确形式填空 lie If you _____ to me, I’ll not believe you any more. lay Please _______ the book on the desk. lies Our school ______ in Luohu. lied I felt guilty because I _____ yesterday. lying Look! There is a dog ______ in front of your door. lain He has _______ in bed for days.

The splendid museum building has a square base and a round top.
base 底座、地基 be based on sth. 建立在……的基础之上

翻译: 好的结果是建立在努力的基础上。 Your good results are based on your hard work.

The scenery along the Li River in Guilin is just like a beautiful landscape painting.

scenery n. general natural features of area, e.g. mountains, valleys, rivers, forests 景色;风景;风光 mountain scenery 山景 landscape n. scenery an area of land (陆上) 风景,景色

Take a boat trip, you will be attracted by the peaks along the river and their reflections in the clear river.
乘船出游,你会被沿河的一座座山峰 和它们在清澈河水中的倒影所吸引。

peak n. (1) pointed top, esp. of a mountain 尖顶 (尤指)山峰 e.g.: The plane flew over the snowcoved peaks. (2). any shape, edge or part of sth. that narrows to a point 尖顶;尖头; 尖端 a peak of a roof

翻译:在早上8点到9到这段时间交通 达到了顶锋。 Traffic reaches a peak between 8 and 9 in the morning. 翻译:她正处在工作的顶峰。 She’s at the peak of her career.

take a mud bath

6.lie in 1.be in charge of 位于= be in= be located in 负责;管理= be responsible for 7. a num

ber of 大量的= many 2. a group of 8.between…and… 一群/组…. 在两者之间 3.more than 9.be attracted by 超过=over 被吸引 = 4.take shape be fascinated by 成形= develop into a clear form 10. be famous for 5. go hiking 因…而著名 去徒步旅行 =be (well)known for

1.The organization is in charge of all the travel agencies. is responsible for

2.It took a long time to build the wall.
People spent a long time building the wall. 3.It is also great fun walking and cycling. Walking and cycling is very interesting.

How to describe a place of interest?
(怎样写一个景点?可以参考以下表格谋篇布局, 后面句型是写好此类作文的很好的借鉴。)

General description 总体描述 Location位置 Appearance外观 Attractions吸引之 处 (what to see/ do) Time to visit

….is one of the most famous…. It lies in…./ It is in….. ….is …….. long . It looks like….. It is great fun…(doing..)
You’ll be attracted by….被…吸引

…is open from….to….

How to go History Feelings/ opinions

The best time to visit…is ……
You can go there by….
It was built / took shape…/ It has a history of…

I think it’s a good place for you to go. It is worth(值得) visiting.

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