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精编2013年初三英语评估(十二) Part1 Listening (第一部分 听力)

I. Listening Comprehension (听力理解)(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片

): (共6分)

1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______5. 6. _______

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案)(共10分)

( )7. A) Her mother.

C) Her grandmother.

( )8. A) French fries.

C) Salad. ( )9. A) Five years ago.

C) Fifty years ago. ( )10. A) 2 dollars. C) 6 dollars.

( )11. A) In the lift upstairs.

C) Opposite to the bookstore.

( )12. A) Take some medicine. C) Drink more hot water.

( )13. A) Because she hasn't finished it.

C) Because she doesn't like him at all.

( )14. A) The music is nice.

C) The story is interesting. ( )15. A) In a bank.

C) In a post office.

( )16. A) Neighbours.

B) Her father. D) Her grandfather.

B) Hamburgers.

D) French fries and hamburgers. B) Fifteen years ago. D) Six years ago. B) 4 dollars.

D) 10 dollars.

B) On the left of the lift. D) Next to the bookstore. B) Have a good rest.

D) Call the doctor back.

B) Because she wants to improve it. D) Because she wants to keep it secret. B) It is too long. D) It is perfect. B) In a school. D) In a restaurant. B) Husband and wife.

C) Classmates.

D) Father and daughter.

C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断下列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示)(共7分)

( ) 17. A customer could get goods in the new supermarket without paying once a year. (






)18. All the people wanted to be the lucky customer in the new supermarket. )19. Mrs. Black had done a lot of shopping in the supermarket for a few weeks. )20. Mrs. Black didn't buy enough necessary things there and her kitchen was empty. )21. Many customers gave up hope of being the lucky ones besides Mrs. Black. )22. Mrs. Black went back to buy the tea as she found herself forget it one Friday. )23. At last Mrs. Black got the free goods in the supermarket that morning.

D. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences (听短文,完成下列内容,每空格限填一词)(共7分)

24. Dou Kou, a Chinese boy, was born in Jiangsu in ______ .

25. Then his parents started working in over_______ different cities.

26. This kind of _______ gave him things to think and write about.

27. Dou Kou and his parents both like reading and ______ very much.

28. Dou Kou's fairy tales are _______ from his experience.

29. Mice would be _______ to people if they are given the stomach of cows.

30. Dou Kou has written ______ books such as the novel Eyes of Children.

Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar

(第二部分 词汇和语法)

Ⅱ. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案): (共 20分)

( )31. Lily is an active girl and she is fond of playing _____ tennis.

A) a B)an C)the D)/

( )32. ____ a cold winter morning, I was glad to find it was snowing outside.

A) At B)In C)On D)By

( )33. I'm expecting a digital camera for long, but dad has no time to buy ____ for me.

A) one B)it C)this D) that

( )34. - Which would you like to visit, Shanghai Expo Garden or Beijing Bird Nest?

- _______ . I prefer to enjoy the FIFA World Cup at home.

A) Both

A) careful

C) most careful B) Either C) Neither B) more careful D) the most careful D) None ( )35. Paul is ____ than Kitty. There are few mistakes in his homework.

( )36. Kitty looks ____ in the new dress with blue spots on her birthday party.

A) lovely B) happily

C) brightly D) gently

( )37. It's raining outside! Put on your raincoat, ____ you'll get wet.

A) and B) or C) but D) so

( )38. You won't feel happy at school you get on well with your classmates.

A) though B) when C) because D) unless

( )39. ____ you wait a few more minutes? It'll be your turn soon.

A) Could B) Might C) Must D) Should

( )40. Tom and his parents ____ to Australia for a family holiday tomorrow.

A) go B)went C) has gone D) will go

( )41. Alice _____ of being a dancer since she was only three years old.

A) dreamed

C) had dreamed B) has dreamed D) would dream

( )42. - Why didn't you go to the movie with us last night?

-I _____ my mother with the housework at that time.

A) help

C) was helping B) helped D) had helped

( )43. - You have found your lost umbrella, haven't you?

- Yes. I ______ it behind the door this afternoon.

A)found B) have found

C) had found D) will find

( )44. You look quite tired. You should stop ____ at once.

A) work

C) working B) to work D) worked

( )45. - Why are you so excited?

- Jack invited me ______ on a trip to Yuntai Mountain.

A) go B)to go C) going

( )46. _____ fine day it is! Let's go and fly a kite.

A) How a B)How C) What a D)went D)What

( )47. - ____ a year does your school have sports meetings?

- Twice a year.

A) How long

C) How often B) How soon D) How many times

( )48. Not only Alice but also I ____ in No. 2 Middle School now.

A) be B)am C) is D)are

( )49. - It's hot today. Shall we go swimming?

- _______ But we need to be home before six o'clock.

A) Good idea!

C) You are right. B) Not at all. D) Have a nice time!

( )50. - Will you please take a message for your English teacher?

A) It doesn't matter. B) Yes, I'll take.

C) I can help you. D) Sure. I'll be glad to.

Ⅲ. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word or phrase can only be used once. Note that there is one more word than is needed. (将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词或词组只能填一次)(共8分)

When I was 13 years old, a boy gave me an important gift. It was a smile.

It was the early autumn of my first year at a junior high school. My old school was far away. And

(51)_______ , no one knew who I was. I was very (52) _______, and afraid to talk to others.

Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt my heart (53) ________ . I

couldn't talk to anyone about my problems. And I didn't want my parents to (54) _______ me.

Then one day, my classmates talked happily with their friends, but I sat at my desk unhappy

(55)_______ . At that moment, a boy entered the classroom. I didn't know who he was. He

(56) ______ me and then turned back. He looked at me and, without a word, smiled.

Suddenly, I felt the touch of something bright and friendly. It made me feel happy and warm.

That smile (57) ______ me a lot. I started to talk with the other students and made friends. Day

by day, I became (58) ______ to everyone in my class. The boy with the lucky smile has become my

best friend now.

One day I asked him why he smiled, but he couldn't remember smiling at me!

It doesn't matter because all the dark days have gone. Now I believe that the world is what you

think it is. If you think you are alone, you might always be alone. So smile at the world and it will

smile back.

IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their suitable forms (用括号中所给单词的适

当形式完成下列句子。每空格限填一词) (共8分)

59. There are a lot of _______ at the station during the holidays, (passenger)

60.1 have made much progress in English with _______ help this term, (you)

61.1 usually go to the ______ floor of the shop to buy history books, (two)

62. Having a barbecue is an interesting outdoor _______ in spring, (act)

63. You can see many beautiful flowers here in _______ April, (later)

64.1 saw the sun_______ in the cloud and soon it began to rain, (appear)

65. The weather was _______in the south all the year round, (wonder)

66. ______ , Jane got the beautiful vase as a gift on her thirtieth birthday, (lucky)

V. Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一


67. Jane has dinner with her grandparents once a week. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Jane _______ dinner with her grandparents once a week?

68. (对划线提问) are you going to study in a new school?

69. There were few new words in the English contest for your daughter. (改为反意疑问句)

There were few new words in the English contest for your daughter, 70.I will go to Italy on business next month by plane. (保持句意不变)

I will Italy on business next month.

71. The exhibition of Children's Art began a few days ago. (保持句意不变)

( )74. Who invented the sport of badminton?

A) Indians B) British C) Chinese D) Koreans

( )75. Which of these sports appeared at the Olympics?

A) Archery.

( )76. Which sport was first named after a town?

A) Archery. B) Badminton.

C) Football. D) Taekwondo.

( )77. The underlined word "Hungary" is probably the name of _________ .

A) a sport B) a food C) a person D) a country (

)78. Which of the following pictures shows the sport of "Taekwondo"? B) Badminton. C) Taekwondo. D) Football.

( )79. Where can you most probably find this web page?

C) guangzhou2010.com

D) london2012.com

B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)(12分)

Learning Chinese may seem difficult to foreigners outside China.

However, Daisy Raffan, an 18-year-old girl in Britain, hopes to bring the

80. _______________________to the young people.

Daisy has 81 an online learning website (网站) to teach

the language to as many people as possible, all over the world. With

China's fast development in the world, Daisy thinks it important for people to learn the language sooner rather than later.

the age of five. Two years ago, after she decided to pass on what she had learned, she came up with the idea for the website,

She said, "People are afraid to learn Putonghua. One of the main reasons is that they think it's an 83 _ language to learn, but I have had fun doing it. And I hope what I have done is easy and fun."

Her 84 offers a series of lessons, which are videos of Daisy teaching a group of students on topics from greetings and numbers to Chinese culture.

Daisy's website has won the support of some important persons — the teenager says she has received a letter praising her work from Gordon Brown, who is the British Prime Minister (首相).

She said, "I wrote to him and told him what I was doing and got a letter . He said that

what I was doing was a really good idea. I thought it was amazing. I was excited that someone so important was supporting what we were doing."

( )80. A) language B) idea C) information D) gift






)81. A) given up )82. A) at )83. A) easy )84. A) e-mail )85. A) in B) put up B)by B) excellent B) essay B)back C) set up C) for C) impossible C) magazine C) down D) stayed up D) since D) interesting D) website D) up

C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给) (14分)

If you think you are too shy and want to be a little bit braver, just try

the following things.

Be o 86 to others. Tell people you are shy. There is no need to

hide it. When they get to know you are a shy kid, they will understand you

Try to smile more. When you smile, people think you are friendly and

easy to talk with. Remember that other people have feelings, too; and most people will stay away

Learn to be a good talker. If you find it hard to start a conversation, say something nice about you. Think about how great you feel when someone says something nice to you. Do you have the strong desire to keep talking to that person?

Get your attention elsewhere. Think more about ways to enjoy parties or games. waste and find it's not so hard to talk with others.

Take one small step at a time. Each time when you say "Hi!" or smile at someone, say to yourself it." Keep trying and one day you'll no longer feel shy when you talk to others.

86. o _______ 87. b _______ 88. f _______ 89. a _______ 90. N ________

91. r _______ 92. m _______

D. Answer the questions (根据短文内容回答下列问题): (共 12分)

The Australian Red Cross held a successful Emergency Services Training course in Port Hedland. The course was aimed at community (社区) members interested in learning more about what to do to support people during and after times of disasters. Lauren McDonnell ran the training course.

"The most common cause of disasters here is cyclones (旋风)," Ms. McDonnell said. "However, because the Aboriginal (土著) community had to move to Port Hedland during heavy rains, floods are also high on the list of possibilities." She said that man-made disasters were also possible threats.

In addition to local disasters, emergency training is not just useful for disasters in their own towns or cities. Ms. McDonnell gave the example of the ash from Chile volcano (智利火山) and how it had a great effect on the environment and people in Australia too. "It's important to have local volunteers as they know what the town is like and where things are," she said.

Diana Herbert was one volunteer who attended the course. "I am a volunteer who has taken care of the elderly and the disabled in my time," she said. "You can't keep getting and you have got to give."

Bonnie Matheson had only lived in Port Hedland for four months but was already a volunteer.

On doing the course, she said, "It's a good chance to meet people and feel connected. People feel supported when they know others are looking out for them."

Simmy Knott, who recently arrived from New Zealand said, "This course is a good way to learn how to help others and become part of the community."

93. What do people learn from the Emergency Services Training course?

94. Can you name two causes of disasters in Port Hedland?

____________ and _____________________ .

95. Why is it important to have local volunteers? 96. What did Diana Herbert do as a volunteer?

97. When did Bonnie Matheson move into port Hedland?

98. What do you think of the course?

VII. Writing (作文):(共20分)

99. Write a passage of at least 80 words on the topic "A Present for Mother's Birthday" according to the pictures given below. (以“给母亲的生日礼物”为题写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格

Part I

I. A. 1. Kitty usually goes boating in her spare time. (C)

2. Mum usually does the cooking in the family. (G)

3. The students are having a lecture in the hall now. (A)

4. How wonderful it is to have noodles for breakfast! (D)

5. Torn and Jack are enjoying the sunshine on the beach. (F)

6. Mr, Li has worked as a farmer in China for many years. (B)

B, 7. M: Are you waiting for your mother, Jane?

W: No, I'm waiting for my father. He's going to take me to visit my grandfather.

Q: Who is the girl going to visit? (D)

8. W: Which do you like best, French fries, hamburgers or salad?

M: I prefer salad to French fries and hamburgers because, it is good for our health.

Q: What does the boy like best? (C)

9. M: Hey, Lisa, is that a photo of you?

W: Yeah, that was me 15 years ago. That year, I was only six.

Q: When was Lisa's photo taken? (B)

10. M: Excuse me, how much is the chicken sandwich?

W: 4 dollars.

M: OK. I'll take the chicken sandwich and a glass of milk.

W: Sure, that'll be 6 dollars.

Q: How much is the milk? (A)

11. W: Do you know where I can exchange money?

M: Sure. Please take the lift upstairs and turn right. The bank is next to the bookstore.

Q: Where is the bank? (D)

12. W: I've got a terrible cold.

M: You should go to see the doctor.

W: I did, but the medicine didn't help.

M: Well, why not try more hot water?

Q: What will the girl probably do in the end? (C)

13. M: May I take a look at the paper?

W: Sorry, you can't, it's one of the secrets in my life.

Q: Why doesn't the girl let the boy read the paper? (D)

14. M: How do you like the film?

W: Very much. The music sounds nice and the story is interesting.

M: But it lasts too long.

Q: How does the boy like the film? (B)

15. W: I'd like to send this letter to New York. Fast mail, please.

M: Ok, that'll be 4 dollars.

Q: Where are they probably talking? (C)

16. W: Hello. This is Mary.

M: Hello, Mary. This is Tom. Could you help me? I've tried to phone my wife several times, but the line is busy all the time. Could you please go next door and give her a message?

Q; What's the relationship between the two speakers? (A)

C. A new supermarket put on a notice at the entrance. It said, "Remember, once a week, one of our customers will get free goods. This may be your lucky day." All the housewives who went to the supermarket wanted to be the lucky customer.

In the following several weeks, Mrs. Black always did shopping in the same supermarket. Unlike many other customers, she never gave up hope. Her kitchen was full of things that she did not need. She dreamed of the day when the manager of the supermarket would come and say to her. "Madam, this is your lucky day and everything in your basket is free,"

One Friday morning, after she finished her shopping and had taken all the things to her car, she realized that she had forgotten to buy some tea. She went back to the supermarket to buy the tea. As she was waiting at the cashier, the manager of the supermarket came to her and said, "Congratulations. Madam! You are our lucky customer and all that you put in your basket is free!"

(17. F 18. F 19. T 20. F 21. F 22. T 23. T)

D. Dou Kou, a Chinese boy, is called "the youngest writer in the world". He has written three books till now. Dou Kou was born in Jiangsu in 1994. Then his parents started working in over 30 different cities, such as Xi'an and Shenzhen. This kind of life gave him things to think and write about. When he was 9 months old, he could speak and at the age of one, he could say five to six hundred words. At three, he could look up words in the dictionary. At four, his father taught

him how to learn by himself. Dou Kou and his parents both like reading and imagining very much. At the age of 5, he began writing fairy tales. Al the age of 6, he wrote a novel about his life in different cities with his parents. His fairy tales are mainly from his experience. One day, he found many mice in the house. They not only ate their food but also hurt his mother's hand. He thought mice would eat grass and be helpful to people if they were given the stomach of cows. So he began to write his first fairy tales Change Stomach for Mice. Now he studies well in a middle school. He has written several books such as the novel Eyes of Children. He says, "I am not different from other children. I just write books.*'

(24.1994 25. 30/thirty 26. life 27. imagining 28. mainly 29. helpful 30. several) Part 2

II.31.D 32. C 33. A 34. C 35. B 36. A 37. B 38. D 39. A 40. D 41.

B 42. C 43. A 44. C 45. B 46. C 47. D 48. B 49. A 50. D

III.51.H . 52. F 53. E 54. D 55. B 56. C 57. G 58.1

IV. 59. passengers 60. your 61. second 62. activity 63. late 64. disappear

65. wonderful 66. Luckily

V. 67. Does have 68. How soon 69. were there 70. fly to 71. been on 72. be allowed

73. could ... him

Part 3

VI. A) 74. B 75. A 76. B 77. D 78. C 79. D

B)80. A 81. C 82. D 83. C 84. D 85. B

C) 86. open 87. better 88. face 89. around 90. Never 91. relaxed 92. make

D) 93. They learn what to do to support people during and after times of


94. Cyclone and floods

95. Because they know what the town is like and where things are

96. He/she took care of the elderly and the disabled

97. Four months ago

98.I think it is useful because we can help people in need. (Any reasonable answer is


VL 参考作文 A Present for Mother's Birthday

Liu Mei got up early on May 21st, 2005. She remembered it was her mother's birthday and she wanted give a big surprise to her. It was a good way to send a card and some flowers to her mother, as she knew her mother liked flowers.

Suddenly a serious problem came to her mind. "A card is cheaper, but it was made of wood. Wood! Trees! Forests! They are so important for us all. How can we cut down trees for cards?" Soon she gave up buying a card.

A moment later, she came up with an idea and paid her action. She washed her mother's feet instead of sending her a card.

"it's the best present for me." Her mother said happily.

That Saturday was an unusual day for both Liu Mei and her mother.

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