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精编2013年初三英语评估(十一) Part1 Listening (第一部分 听力)

I. Listening Comprehension (听力理解)(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片): (共6分)


2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案)(共10分) ( )7. A) Rainy ( )8. A) Tonight.

C) This Saturday.

( ) 9. A) A reporter. ( )10. A) Music. ( ) 11. A) Every day.

B) Windy

B) A teacher. B)Art. B) Twice a week.

C) Sunny D) Cloudy. B) Tomorrow evening. D) Next week.

C) A doctor. D) An engineer. C) Physics. D) Chinese. C) Once a week. D) Never. B) She will take care of her grandma. D) She will visit her friends.

C) Wednesday. D) Thursday. B) In the supermarket. D) In the restaurant. B) Manager and clerk. D) Customer and waitress.

( )12. A) She will help Tom with his Maths.

C) She will go shopping.

( ) 13. A) Monday. ( ) 14. A) In the library.

C) In the classroom.

( ) 15. A) Husband and wife

C) Teacher and student.

B) Tuesday.

( ) 16. A) Playing chess is no fan. B) He likes neither of Linda's hobbies.

C) Taking pictures costs too much money. D) He also likes playing chess.

C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断下列句子是否符合

1 / 11



( ) 17. A man walked into Joe's cafe with his good friends on a Saturday.

( ) 18. Joe made three ice creams for the man and then talked with him for a while.

( ) 19. Joe watched the man eat the ice creams at a table outside his cafe.

( ) 20. The man had one bite from each of the three ice creams, and then threw them away.

( ) 21. The next Saturday the man returned and ordered some dishes and ice creams.

( ) 22. Joe brought the man the second ice cream when he finished the first.

( ) 23. In fact the man had two brothers and he missed them very much.

D. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences (听短文,完成下列内容,每空格限填一词)(共7分)

24. Jack will have a ________and a cup of tea.

25. Jack is on a diet and he feels ________now.

26. Some of Jack's old clothes would fit him if he lost about ________pounds.

27. It may take Jack six months to ________down to his proper weight.

28. Jack is allowed to eat________, certain meat and dairy products.

29. It's important for Jack not to eat anything containing________.

30. Jack would like to have two or three hot rolls as they are so________.

Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar

(第二部分 词汇和语法)

Ⅱ. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案): (共 20分)

( ) 31. ________old man standing near the river raises ducks and sells them on the market.

A) A A) you A) on A) potato B)An B) yourself B)with B) egg C)The C)your D)/ D) yours ( ) 32. I've lost my mobile phone. Can I use ________for a call, please? ( ) 33. The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on its first voyage ________April, 1912, a century ago. C)at D) in C) meat D) vegetable ( ) 34. We still need a little ________to make dishes for the whole family.

( ) 35. —Have you finished writing the article yet?

— No, I'll finish it in ________ten minutes.

A) other A) shouldn't A) What A) so B) another B) needn't B) What a B)very C) the other C) can't C) What an C) quite D) others D) mustn't D) How D) enough ( ) 36. You ________ return the book right now. You may keep it till next week. ( ) 37. ________interesting it will be to learn to ride a horse! ( ) 38. Everything happened ________quickly that I had no time to think about it.

( ) 39. It's five o'clock. The students ________football on the playground.

2 / 11


A) played C) are playing

B) have played D) play B) had visited D) would visit B) will finish D) finishes B) had remembered D) will be remembered B)to reduce

( ) 40. Sarah ________many interesting places in Beijing before she met her friends in the Summer Palace.

A) has visited C) will visit A) has finished C) finished A) remembered C) was remembered A)reduced

( ) 41. My sister ________reading the last chapter of the book last night.

( ) 42. The famous singer Huston died, but her sweet voice ________for ever.

( ) 43. The scientists are trying their best ________the damage that the accident may cause.

C) reducing D) reduces A) happily A) popular

B) lonely

C) tired

D) excited B) more popular D) the most popular D)and D) until D) to work B) Certainly not. D) Thank you. B) I don't think so. D) Are you kidding?

( ) 44. When I think of the happy summer holiday, I will feel extremely________. ( ) 45. A recent study shows that gardening is_______ activity among people over 50s.

C) most popular A) so A) since A) work

B)or B) because B) working

C)but C) unless C) worked

( ) 46. It is a nice house, ________it's rather too small for a family of five.

( ) 47. The young mother takes the baby to the park every weekend ________it's rainy or windy. ( ) 48. Everyone in the office enjoys ________with Mr. Thompson, a friendly young man. ( ) 49. - Would you mind helping me work out the problem?

A) Never mind.

C) That's all right.

( ) 50. - It is reported that a tourist bus crashed into a truck and many people died.

A) It doesn't matter. C) I am sorry to hear that.

Ⅲ. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word or phrase can only be used once. Note that there is one more word than is needed. (将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词或词组只能填一次)(共8分)

A. worrying about B. happiness C. changed D. carefully E. top F. some time G. because H. fill with I. sad

3 / 11


There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school (寄宿学校) in Britain. The boy used to be the brightest student in his class in India. He was at the (51)________in every competition.

But the boy (52)________after leaving home and attending the boarding school. His grades started to drop. He hated being in a group. He was lonely all the time. And there were especially dark times when he felt like killing himself (53)________he felt worthless and no one loved him.

His parents started (54)________the boy, so his dad decided to travel to the boarding school and talk with him.

They sat on the bank of the lake near the school and the father asked him some casual questions about his classes, teachers and sports.

After (55)________his dad said, "Do you know why I am here today, son?"

The boy answered, "To check my grades?" No, no," his dad replied, "I am here to tell you that you are the most important person for me. I want to see you happy. I don't care about grades. I care about your (56)________. You are my life."

These words caused the boy's eyes to (57)________tears. He hugged his dad. They didn't say anything to each other for a long time.

Now the boy knew there was someone on the earth who loved him deeply. And today he is a Harvard student and is one of the best students in his class and no one has ever seen him (58)________.

IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their suitable forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。每空格限填一词) (共8分)

59.1 bought two __________in the supermarket yesterday. (brush)

60. Don't always rely on our parents. We are old enough to take care of__________. (we)

61. We are getting ready for our class teacher's ___________birthday party. (forty)

62. It's too late to ___________more people. Besides, you know how Tim hates parties. (invitation)

63. Pictures in this Pavilion are so ___________that people push in to pay a visit. (attract)

64. Everyone is looking forward to the day when they can go to Shanghai Disneyland for________.(funny)

65. You should get rid of the ___________eating habit of having too much sweet food. (healthy)

66. Tom was___________ ill yesterday, so he missed an important concert. (terrible)

V. Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词)(共14分)

67. There are some fresh vegetables in the supermarket today. (改为否定句)

There __________________fresh vegetables in the supermarket today.


__________________the foreigners like Chinese paper-cutting?

69. We can't afford to wait any longer or we'll miss the plane.(保持句意基本不变)

_________we go on waiting, we won't be able to_________ the plane.


__________________will the students be back from the lab?

71. It is never too late to give up smoking. (改为反义疑问句)

It is never too late to give up smoking,__________________?

4 / 11


72. You can take the underground to the square. You can also drive your car there. (保持句意基本不变)

You can_________ take the underground _________drive a car to the square.

73. Our teacher asked me, "Will you tell me the facts about it?" (改为宾语从句)

Our teacher asked me _________I _________ tell him the facts about it.

Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分 读写)

VI. Reading comprehension (阅读理解) (共50分)

A. Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案): (12分)

Thanksgiving is the day when Americans express thanks for all the good that has happened during the past year. Many Americans attend special church services to offer prayers of Thanksgiving to God. Others watch large parades (游行) in such cities as New York or Philadelphia. And many others watch football games on television or sports stadiums.

But the most common way Americans celebrate the day is by having a Thanksgiving dinner. Friends and family gather together to spend the day enjoying a long dinner and conversation. There is usually a turkey with a bread mixture cooked inside for the traditional meal. Other traditional Thanksgiving foods served with a turkey are sweet potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pies. Stores sell more food at Thanksgiving than at any other time of the year. For many families, it is the only time of the year when all family members can get together. Thanksgiving is also a time when Americans share what they have with people who do not have as much. All across America, thousands of religions ( 宗教的)and service organizations provide Thanksgiving meals for old people, the homeless and the poor. Some people spend part of the day helping to prepare and serve the meals. Everyone expresses thanks for what they have, so Thanksgiving has come to mean a time of family reunion, a time to give thanks for the richness of the past year, as well as a time to share what people have.

Thanksgiving is held every year, on the fourth Thursday of November. The month of November is autumn in the United States and other countries of the northern hemisphere (半球), a season when crops are gathered, or harvested. The thanksgiving celebration began as a harvest festival by the first European settlers (移居者)in America.

Harvest festivals are an ancient custom. The ancient Greeks and Romans held festivals to give thanks to their gods for the crops they had harvested. The custom continued in Europe. So when the first European settlers came to America — they brought with them the custom of giving thanks for a rich harvest. Tradition tells us that the first Thanksgiving in America was celebrated in 1621 by early Pilgrim settlers from England.

( ) 74. The most common way for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving Day is by________.

A) watching large parades in large cities B) having a thanksgiving dinner D) attending special church services A) a turkey with a bread mixture C) sweet potatoes B) a turkey with mushrooms D) cranberries and pumpkin pies C) watching football games ( ) 75. A traditional Thanksgiving meal doesn't include________.

( ) 76. Some Americans provide Thanksgiving meals for the old, the homeless and the poor to

5 / 11


A) share what they have with the less lucky ones

B) enjoy the delicious food together

C) show what they've got in the year

D) thank them for their help

( ) 77. People celebrate Thanksgiving Day________.

A) on July 4

C) in late November

A) American Indians

B) on June 4 D) in early November B) Asian Pilgrims D) early settlers from England ( ) 78. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in America by ________in 1621. C) early settlers from Indians

( ) 79. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

A) Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular holidays in America.

B) Thanksgiving has come to mean a time of family reunion.

C) The ancient Egyptians and Romans held festivals to thank their gods for the harvest.

D) The Thanksgiving in America was first celebrated as a harvest festival

B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)(12分)

Frank was one day walking with his mother when they came to a pretty garden. Frank looked in and saw that it had clean gravel walks (沙砾路), and beds of beautiful flowers all in bloom.

He called to his mother, and said, "Mother, come and 80 this pretty garden. I wish I might open the gate and walk in."

The gardener, being near, heard what Frank said, and kindly invited him and his mother to come into the 81 . Frank's mother thanked the man. Turning to her son, she said, "Frank, if I take you to walk in this garden, you must take care not to meddle (擅自摸弄) with anything in it." Frank walked along the neat gravel paths. He looked at everything, but touched 82 that he saw. He did not tread (踩) on any of the borders, and was careful that his clothes should not brush the tops of the flowers in order not to break them. The gardener was 83 Frank because he was so careful not to do mischief 恶作剧). He showed him the seeds and told him the name of many of the flowers and plants.

While Frank was admiring the beauty of a flower, a boy came to the gate. When he found it locked, he shook it 84 . but still it would not open. Then he said, "Let me in, let me in, won't you let me in this garden?" "No, indeed," said the gardener, "I will not let you in for when I let you in yesterday, you meddled with my flowers and pulled some of my rare fruit. I do not choose to let a boy into my garden who meddles with the plants." The boy looked ashamed and went slowly away. Frank saw and felt how 85 a boy may be by not meddling with what does not belong to him. He and his mother then continued their walk in the garden and enjoyed their day. Before they left, the gardener gave each of them some pretty flowers.

( )80. A) keep off

( ) 81. A) corner

( )82. A) nothing B) look at B) house B) something C) show off C) room C) anything D) take care of D) garden D) everything

6 / 11


( )83. A) proud of

( )84. A) easily

( )85. A) richer B) interested in B)hard B) smarter C) pleased with C) quickly C) worse D) thankful to D) gently D) happier

C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给) (14分)

Cell phones help us easily find people anywhere at any time. A cell phone can i 86

many things, such as games, music and Internet access. Today, 4.6 billion people around the world have cell phones, according to CBS News.

However, cell phones may cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. In a 2010 study, people who used a cell phone for 10 years or more were more than two times as likely to g 87 brain cancer, according to CNN.

"I think it is a good idea to give the public some sorts of warning that long-term exposure to radiation (辐射) cause cancer," told Dr Henry Lai. Lai is a research professor of bioengineering (生物工程) at the University of Washington who has studied radiation for more than 30 years.

may help you reduce your risk of cancer:

* Headsets (耳机) give out much less radiation than phones. Some wireless headsets give out low-level radiation. However, you should take it off your ear when you're not talking to anyone. Using your phone with a .

* Your phone gives out radiation when you talk or text (发短信), but not when you're listening or receiving messages. Listening more and talking less can lower the risk of cancer.

your ear. Also, don't keep it in your pocket.

* Phones emit (发出 ) less radiation to send texts than to carry a person's voice. Texting also keeps radiation away from your head.

* Fewer signal bars (信号强度)on your phone mean that the phone needs to give out more radiation to work. Make and take calls when your phone has a s signal.

86. i_________ 87. g_________ 88. p_________ 89. s_________ 90. s_________

91. a________ 92. s_________

D. Answer the questions (根据短文内容回答下列问题): (共 12分)

Erin and her best friend Amy flew into San Diego (圣地亚哥) last week. They are both in their mid-20s, and both are nurses who live in Georgia. It was their first visit to California, and they were excited.

They visited San Diego's world-famous zoo and fell in love with the giant pandas. "They are so cute," Erin said. Then they drove north to La Jolla so that they could glide off the cliffs 100 feet above the beach. That was scary (容易受惊的), exciting, fun and expensive.

After visiting San Diego, they headed north to Los Angeles. They saw the Hollywood sign and visited many places in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. They hoped they would see lots of actors and actors' homes. If they got lucky, they would get some autographs (亲笔签名) and maybe even some photographs of them standing next to a movie star.

7 / 11


But they were disappointed. A minivan took them on a tour past actors' homes, but no actors were outside their homes. The homes themselves were often hidden by tall gates, fences, walls, hedges or trees. Later, however, Erin and Amy were able to put their hands and feet into the handprints and footprints of movie stars at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

They went to Venice boardwalk (木板路) just south of the Santa Monica pier because the boardwalk is famous for its muscle beach, weird characters and paddle tennis. The boardwalk is one of the best places in California for people-watching. The girls liked talking to the colorful locals.

After Venice, they went sunbathing on the beach just north of the Venice pier. They even got to hang out with some real California surfers. The surfers tried to teach them how to ride a board in the water. That was difficult but fun. They took plenty of pictures to show their friends back home.

Erin and Amy drove to Burbank the next day to watch the taping (磁带录音)of a talk show, but the line was too long, so they went to a mall instead and had a great time shopping. They flew back to Georgia with souvenirs, photos, and wonderful memories. "But next time," said Amy, "we're not leaving until we see some real live actors!"

93. Who did Erin go to San Diego, California with last week?


94. How was the visit of the cliffs above the beach in La Jolla?

It was________________________________________.

95. Did Erin and her friend see any movie stars in Hollywood?


96. What did they do in Venice boardwalk?


97. Why did Erin and her friend go to a mall instead of watching the taping of a talk show?


98. What do you think of Erin's trip to California?

I think_______________________________________.

VII. Writing (作文): (共20分)

99. Write a letter in at least 60 words according to the given situation(根据所给情景写一封不少于60词的信)

Suppose you are Linda, your pen friend John from Canada wants to know how you will spend the coming summer holiday. Please write an e-mail to tell John about it. (假定你是Linda,你在加拿大的笔友 John想了解你怎样过即将到来的暑假,请你给John回一封邮件)

8 / 11


Part 1

I. A.

1. Tommy has found great fun in making model planes. (E)

2. It's a waste of water brushing teeth under a running tap. (B)

3. We're going to have a barbecue in Sunshine Park this Sunday. (A)

4. Linda often helps her mother with some housework at weekends. (C)

5. Would you please send me an e-mail when you have any news? (D)

6. My sister usually has a glass of milk and some bread for breakfast. (G)


7. M: Is it still raining outside now? W: No, the rain has stopped. Now the sun is shining.

Q: What's the weather like now? (C)

8. M: When can we expect you for dinner? Can you come tonight?

W: Not tonight. 1 promised to go to a concert with rny sister. How about tomorrow evening?

W:OK. Q: When will they have dinner together? (B)

9. M: What's your plan after you finish school, Betty?

W: Well, my parents want me to be a teacher, but I prefer to be a reporter.

Q: What does Betty want to be? (A)

10. W: Do you think music is as interesting as art?

M: I don't think so. I prefer art to music, but I like Chinese best.

Q: Which subject does the boy like best? (D)

11. M: Shelly, what do you do for exercise?

W: I run every morning and go swimming once a week. How about you, John?

M: I used to go swimming and skating at the university, but now I don't have time.

W: That's too bad. Exercise is really important.

Q: How often does Shelly go swimming? (C)

12. M: Lily, are you free this afternoon? I would like you to help me with my Maths.

W:Oh, Tom. I really want to help you, but my grandma is ill, I have to take care of her.

M: That's all right. Bring my best wishes to your grandma.

W: Thank you.

Q: What is Lily going to do this afternoon? (B)

13. M: Why not go to visit the Science Museum today, Jenny?

W: I'm afraid we can't. It opens only from 2:00 to 5:00 on Wednesday afternoon.

M: You mean we have to wait until tomorrow?

W: I think so!

Q: What day is it today? (Bj

14. M: How nice these potatoes are! Those vegetables are fresh, too.Jane, put some in the trolley.

W: Dad, I want a bottle of orange juice.

9 / 11


M: Take one from the shelf yourself.

Q: Where does the dialogue most probably take place? (B)

15. M: Did you lock the doors, dear?

W: All except the back door. I left that open for Tim. He took the dog for a walk. He will be back soon. Q: Who might the two speakers be? (A)

16. M: What are your hobbies, Linda?

W: I play chess and I like taking pictures.

M: But taking pictures is an expensive hobby.

Q: What does the man mean? (C)

C. A man walked into Joe's cafe on a Saturday. He asked for three ice creams. Joe thought this was a bit strange, because the man was alone. Joe didn't want to be rude, so he didn't ask any questions. He made the ice creams for the man and took the man's money. The man sat at a table outside. Joe watched from far away. The man took one bite from one ice cream, then took one bite from the second ice cream, then took a bite from the third ice cream. He continued eating this way until all of the ice creams were gone. Then the man left Joe's cafe. The next Saturday the man returned. "Three ice creams, please," he said to Joe.

"You know," said Joe, "you don't need to order three ice creams at a time. They melt quickly. I can bring you the second one when you finish the first." "No, you don't understand," the man said. "1 have two brothers. When we were young, we enjoyed eating ice creams together. Now, one of my brothers lives in Canada. My other brother lives in Australia. But every Saturday, we each go to an ice cream shop. We each have three ice creams. We feel as if we are eating ice creams together. Then we don't feel so lonely."

"What a lovely story," Joe said. "Here are youi three ice creams."

(17. F 18. F 19. T 20, F 21. F 22. F 23. T)


W: What do you plan to order. Jack?

M: i think I will have a salad and a cup of tea.

W: Is that all?

M: Yes, I'm on a diet. My doctor told me that I should lose some weight because I'm too heavy - and that's not good to keep healthy.

W: How do you feel now?

M: I feel fine. In fact, I've never felt better. Furthermore, some of my old clothes would fit me if I lost about 40 pounds,

W: How long will that take you?

M: Well, I've just started my diet, so it may take me six months to get down to my proper weight.

W: Do you plan to eat nothing but salads for 6 months?

M: No, I can eat fruit, certain meat and dairy products. But, most importantly, I should not eat anything containing sugar.

W: Then you probably don't want to try the delicious pastries they serve here; I know the head cook is an excellent pastry chef.

10 / 11


M: Now that you mention it, I may have two or three of these hot rolls. I usually have five or six. They are so delicious and I always have a good appetite before them.

(24. salad 25. fine 26.40/forty 27. get 28. fruit 29. sugar 30. delicious)

Part 2

II. 31.C 32. D 33. D 34. C 35. B 36. B 37. D 38. A 39. C 40. B 41. C

42. D 43. B 44. D 45. D 46. C 47. C 48. B 49. B 50. C

III. 51. E 52. C 53. G 54. A 55. F 56. B 57. H 58.1

IV. 59. brushes 60. ourselves 61. fortieth 62. invite 63. attractive 64. fun 65. unhealthy

66. terribly

V.67. aren't any 68. Mow did 69. If... catch 70. How soon 71. is it

72. Either... or 73. if/whether... would

Part 3


A) 74. B 75. B 76. A 77. C 78. D 79. C

B) 80.B 81. D 82. A 83. C 84. B 85. D

C) 86. include 87. get 88. possibly 89. suggestions 90. safer 91. against 92. strong


93. went with her friend Amy

94. scary, exciting, fun and expensive

95. No, they didn't

96. They talked to the colorful locals

97. Because the line was too long

98. it was interesting (fun, ...) (Any reasonable answer is acceptable.)

VII. 参考范文

I'm very happy to tell you how I will spend the coming summer vacation.

I will start the vacation at the beginning of July and it will last about two months. I will do many things to relax myself, such as going swimming, surfing the Internet and watching TV. I will go to a summer school for two weeks to study English. But what I want to do most is traveling with my parents. We have been to many places. This summer, we are going to Australia. I'm sure we'll have a good time.

I wish to visit you in Canada one day.

11 / 11

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