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Unit8(sectionA 1a-2c)

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I’ll help clean up the city parks.

You could help clean up the parks.

You could visit and cheer up sick kids in the hospital. make someone happier

You could set up old people’s houses for olds.


You could give out food at the food bank.


You could make more advertisements to call up more people to help others.


phrasal verb ?1. clean up ?2. give/hand out ?3. call up ?4. write down ?5. cheer up ?6. come up with ?7. set up ?8. put up ?9. put off

Chinese meaning

A 召集 B 提出 C 写下 D 推迟 E 分发 F 建立 G 使高兴 H 打扫 I 张贴 ,举起

What’s missing?
phrasal verb ?clean up ? give/hand out ? call up ? write down ? cheer up ? come up with ? set up ? put up ? put off

Chinese meaning
打扫 分发 召集 写下 使高兴 提出 建立 张贴 ,举起

Look at this picture, the boy and the girl are talking the ways could help people.

外出工作 饥饿

1b Listen and complete the sentences. 1.I’d like to work outside. You could help clean up the city parks. 2.I’d like to help homeless people. You could give out food at the food bank. 3.I’d like to cheer up sick kids. You could visit them in the hospital. 4.I’d like to help kids with their schoolwork. You could volunteer in an after-school study program.064U08A1b.mp3


Make similar conversations like this: A: Hello,…. Do you know it’s volunteer today? B: So it is. What would you like to do? A: I’d like to work outside, but I don’t know what to do? B: Maybe you could clean up the city parks. (Why not/ Why don’t you….) A: Good idea. Would you like to go with me? B: Sure, I’d love to.


A group of students are planning a City Parks Clean-Up Day. They are talking about ways to tell people about the Clean-Up Day.


2a Listen and check (√) the things
the students are going to do.065U08A2a.mp3






√ √


First predict(预测) , then listen and fill in the proper phrasal verbs.

1.We need to come up with a plan. 2.We can’t put off making a plan. CleanUp Day is only two weeks from now. 3.I’ll write down all our ideas. 4.We could put up signs.

5.I’ll hand out advertisements after school. 6. We could each call up ten people and ask them to come. 066U08A2b.mp3

A TV program called:

Lots of children are poor andcan’t go to school, could you think over and come up with a plan to help them?

Many old people really need your help, please discuss and give them a hand.

If you have chances to be volunteers at school today , what could you do?

help poor children help old people

school volunteer day

Give a report like this: We’d like to help…,because they are so poor/have no… (or: We’d like to be volunteers at school). I think we could do these things. First, …Then, … Next,…Finally…

Choose one of the three topics above and then write an article begin

s like this: Today is a Volunteer Day, I’d like to help …/(or: I’d like to be a volunteer at school). I think I could do many things….

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