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unit5 Do you have a soccer ball

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What kind of sports do you like? I like ...
playing soccer

playing basketball

playing ping-pang jogging




['b?ks??] ['s??f??]



Ping-pong queen Liu Shiwen

Zhang JIke Ping-pong bat
ping-pong table tennis

Ma Lin

Baseball baseball glove Equipments

Baseball Cap


baseball bat
Wearing a baseball cap looks sporty and cool.

palying volleyball


beach volleyball
China National Women's Volleyball Team play volleyball on the beach

Baseball ['ten?s] Equipments playing tennis

tennis balls

['r? k?ts]

tennis rackets

He is a professional tennis player

What may they talk about?

soccer ball A: Do you have a ___________,Paul? B: No, I don’t. A: Does your brother Alan have one? Yes, he does B: _____________.

A: Hi, Mike. B: Hi,John. basketball A: I want to play _________. Do you have a basketball ______________________ ? B: Yes, I do. Great A:______!.

A: Hi, Sally. B: Hi, Jane. A: Sally, this is my friend, Anna. B:Hi, Anna. Nice to meet you. C: Nice to meet you, Sally. B: Let’s play tennis racket ______________. Do you have a ____________, Jane? tennis ball A: Sorry,_________. I don’t

volleyball A: Do you have a __________,Dale? B: ____________ . But my brother does. No, I don’t Let’s go and find him.

I have a soccer ball. Do you have a soccer ball? Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.
I don’t have a ping-pong bat. Do you have a ping-pong bat?

Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.

I have a basketball? Do you have a___________? basketball I do Yes, ____ ____. I don’t have a baseball ___________. have Do ___ you _______ a baseball _______? I don’t No, ___ _____. have __ volleyball I ______ a _________. Do you have a volleyball ________________________? I do Yes, __ _____. I don’t have_a tennis______. ____ _____ ______ racket Do you have_______ _________? tennis racket I don’t No, __ ______.

Make a survey: What we have most in our class?
names basketball volleyball soccer ball football pingpong bat tennis racket badminton racket


Do you have a / an…?
Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

Pair work
Make a conversation with your partner according to the survey you made just now.

Does he / she have…? Yes, he/ she does. / No, he / she doesn’t.

Do more sports and be healthier !

period 2

Let’s review.

Let’s practice!

Do you have a / an…? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. I have a … What color is it?





× √


Pair work:
A: Does he have …? B: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. 1 2 3 4

× √


What do you do in your free time?
travel alone

listen to music relaxing
surf the Internet funny

watch movies dangerous swimming play computer games interesting do homework boring

Q: What does Justin do in his free time? He loves sports. Q:What kind of sports does he play or watch? Hockey , baseball,and soccer .

1a Match the words with the pictures.P28
1. interesting ______ 2. boring __

____ 3. fun c d e a ______4. difficult _______ 5. relaxing ______ b

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about these activities?
play computer games play volleyball watch TV (1) ( interesting (2) ( difficult (3) ( boring fun ) ) )

play basketball

(4) (



Let’s Jenny:Hi,Paul! _________ play computer games! Paul:That ,________________Jenny, but I don’t sounds interesting have a computer. Jenny:Well,do you have a __________? volleyball Paul: Yes. play volleyball Jenny:Then let’s ___________________. Paul: Oh, volleyball is so ___________… difficult watch TV Jenny:OK, let’s_____________ . sounds boring Paul: That _____________. Hmm…Let’s play soccer ball soccer!Do you have a_______________ ? Jenny: No, I don’t. do Paul: Oh. Well, ________you have a basketball? Jenny: Yes, I do. Let’s play basketball! sounds fun Paul: That ___________!

Match the words with the pictures.
1. interesting 2. fun 3. boring 4. relaxing 5. difficult

What do the pictures mean?

difficult funny

relaxing boring


Woo! It’s interesting


题目好难 啊!~~~

/’d?f?k?lt/ adj
Oh, no! It’s difficult.




Haha! It’s funny.



Ah! It’s relaxing.

……2 hours
啊…… 这个……

Hhm. It’s boring.

Plan for your weekend
good/interesting/difficult/boring/ B: That sounds fun/relaxing/.... A: Let’s ….

play computer games play soccer ball

play volleyball

play basketball

play tennis
watch TV

play baseball

Let's do exercises:
1. Let’s play soccer ball (踢足球). --That sounds interesting (很有趣). 2. Let’s play basketball. -- I don’t have (没有)a basketball. Let’s play ping-pong. -- That sounds good (那太好了). 3. Do you ______(你有) a baseball bat? have -- No, I don’t. Let’s watch TV(看电视). -- That sounds boring (没意思).


Read the passage and answer 2b the questions:
Paul Brown

Who has a soccer ball?

Paul Brown

Gina Smith

Wang Wei

Task 1: Answer the questions.

1.What does Frank’ brother have?Soccer ball.
2. Who has 4 basketballs ? Gina Smith. 3. Does Gina play sports? No , she doesn’t.

4. What does Wang Wei think of ping-pong? It is easy . 5.Who does Wang Wei play ping-pong with? His friends.


Who do you think says these sentences?(√) Check F For Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei.

F G W 1. I play ping-pong with my √ classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, √ volleyballs and baseballs. 3. My brother has a soccer ball but I √ don’t. √ 4. I only watch sports on TV. √ 5. Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same √ school.

Frank Brown: I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does. We go to the same school and we love our friends.
“在学 校” = has

“相同的学校” “和朋友们一 起”

soccer. We play it at school with

It’s relaxing.

1. I don

’t have a soccer ball, but my brother

Alan does.
句中的does是___的第三人称单数形式,是代动 do

词,即用do/does 来代替上文出现过的动词或动

have(has) a soccer ball 现过的_________________________。 如:
Jack doesn’t play volleyball, but his does sister______. don’t Linda have a baseball bat, but I ______.

Gina Smith: Yes, I do. I have two soccer balls, three volleyballs four basketballs, and five baseballs and bats. I love sports, but I don’t play them -- I only watch them on TV!

. watch ... on TV 表示“______________”, watch是“观看;注视 ” 。 ____________ watch TV/ football game… on TV/radio 是固定短语,意为
在电视上/通过收音机 “________________________”。 watches on TV She often________ football games_____ ___.



Wang Wei: “对我来说容易” No, I don’t. Soccer is difficult. I like ping-pong. It’s easy for me. I have three

“和我的同学 ping-pong balls and two ping-pong bats.

After class, I play ping-pong with my


difficult 5. easy --___________ (反义词) , “容易的---困难的”

sth. is easy/difficult for sb (宾格).
“对某人来说 某事是容易的/困难的。” is difficult for her English________________________.

对她来说英语很难。 is easy for me Basketball_____________________. 对我来说篮球很容易。

2. like作动词,意为“_______”。 喜欢 动词+ing(动名词) 名 代 like +___词/___词或__________________。 I like English. 如: 我喜欢英语。___________________ 他喜欢看电视,听音乐,踢足球和读书。 likes _________ He _____ watching TV, _________ to music, listening reading _________ soccer and _________ books. playing

3. love 是动词,意为“喜欢;喜爱”, 比like 的程度深。 love + sth. / sb. 意为“喜爱物/人” He loves his mother. 他爱他的母亲。___________________ (谚语)爱屋及乌。 Love me, love my dog.______________

放学/下课后 6. after school/class 意为“____________”, 在……以后 介 after是___词,意为“____________”,
介 和…一起 with 是___ 词,意为“___________” 例 with my sister After school 如: __________, I go home_______________. 放学后,我和姐姐回家。 after class We always plays volleyball_____________. 下课后,我们总是打排球。

Task 2: 1.Soccer is difficult .(划线提问) How is _____ ____ soccer? but 2. I love soccer, _____ I don’t play it. (从课 本中找出一个单词,完成句子) 3. --I only watch them on TV. (划线的单词指 的是什么?) soccer ball, volleyball, basketball and baseball.


Ed Smith has a great sports collection. He has 8 tennis rackets, 9 basketballs, and 7 baseballs. He has 3 socc

er balls and 5 volleyballs. But he doesn’t play sports,he only watches them on TV.

Answer the questions:
1.Who has a great sports collection? Ed Smith has a great sports collection. 2.What does he have? He has 8 tennis rackets,9 basketballs,and 7 Baseballs,3 soccer balls and 5 volleyballs. 3.Does he play sports? No, he doesn’t. 4.Is he interested in(对…感兴趣)sports ? Yes, he is.

Talk show: Talk about your collection. Model: My collection I have an eraser collection. I have 4 animal erasers, 6 cartoon erasers,12 fruit erasers. I like collecting erasers. It’s very interesting.

一、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. — Let’s go to the park. — Good idea. I think it’srelaxing (relax). ________ 2. My cousin _____ (have) a new dictionary. has volleyballs 3. Look! There are five __________ (volleyball) under the table. Do play 4. ______you often ______ (play) ping-pong? 5. Jack ____________ (not have) a ping-pong doesn’t bat. have

6. Let’s _______ (go) to the park. go 7. We ___________ (not play) play basketball don’t with friends at school. play 8. — How about playing computer games? — That ________ (sound) fun. sounds 9. Would you like to play ______ (sport) with sports me?

are 10. My cousin and I ___ (be) in the same

三、句型转换 1. Lucy plays tennis with her mother. (一般疑问句) _____ Lucy ____ tennis with her mother? Does play 2. Linda has three volleyballs. (一般疑问句) _______ Linda _______ three volleyballs? Does have 3. My sister loves soccer? (划线提问) have What does _______ ______your sister ________?

4. Soccer is difficult for me. (变为同义句) Soccer _______ _______ for me. isn’t 5. Mary haseasy a tennis bat. (对划线部分提问)

Who has _______ ______ a tennis bat?

二、单项选择 1. — We all like Mr. Wang. — Me too. His Math classes are _____. A. interest B. interests C. interesting
2. — Can you draw pictures? — No, I can’t. It’s very _____ for me. A. great B. easy C. difficult

3. You ____ a new coat, but your brother ___. A. have; don’t have one B. don’t have; does C. have; does

4. There will be a football game this weekend. Do you want to ______ it? A. watch B. see C. look

5. Jay Chou will give a singing performance ________ TV tonight. A. in the B. on the C. on

6.Mary is short __ fat, __ she is very kind. A. but; and B. and; but C. and; and D. but; but

Ⅱ. 句型展示
1. 我没有足球,但我哥哥艾伦有。

don’t have I _______ _______ a soccer ball, but my brother
Alan _______. does
2. 我们在学校里跟朋友踢足球。

play with We _______ soccer at school _______ our friends.

3. 我仅在电视上看它们。
watch on I only _______ them _______ TV. 4. 我跟我弟弟在同一所学校。 in ___ same My brother and I are ____ the _______ school.

用括号内单词的正确形式填空 goes 1.My brother always ____ (go) to my room. lost 2.Alan _____(lose) his pen. 3.Tom doesn’

t play play) baseball after class. ________( not Do watch 4. ____ they _____ (watch) TV after school? doesn’t like 5. My friends __________ (not like) basketball. found 6. Jim _________(find) a pen. don’t get 7. We __________(not get) our baseball. Does find 8._______ he _____(find) his watch? need 9. Does ____you ______ (need) your English book?


一. 短文改错: 读下面的对话,判断每行是否有错,如有 错,请找出并改正. A: Excuse me, Li Ping. Do you have a color pencil? B: Sorry, I do. do 改为 don’t
have 改为 has B: Yes, I think so. You can ask for him. A: Do you think Lin Tao have one? A: Lin Tao, can I borrow you color pencil, please? C: Yes. What color are you want? are 改为 do

A: The yellow it.
C: Here you are.

it 改为 one

A: Thank you. I can give it back soon. C: That’s right. That’s all right.

二. 补全对话.

volleyball A: Let’s play _________, OK?
B: Sorry, I don’t have a volleyball.But I have a _____ basketball. A: I _____ want to play basketball. I only want to play don’ t volleyball. B: Who _____ a volleyball? Do you know? has A: Maybe Tom has one. Let’s go and ask him.

A&B: Hi, Tom! _____ you have a volleyball? Do
C: No, I ______. _______ Peter have one? don Does ’t

A&B: Oh, he ________. does
A&B&C: Hi, Peter! Do you have a volleyball?

D: Yes, I do. But it is at home.
Sorry A&B&C: ________ to hear that! B: Well, let’s play basketball. OK? A&C: OK! join A&B&C: Peter, please _________ us.

D: OK! Let’s play!

A: Do you have a TV? B: Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. A: Do they have a computer? B: Yes, they do./ No, they don’t. A: Does he have a tennis racket? B: Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t. A: Does she have a soccer ball? B: Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t. A: Does it have a ping-pong ball? B: Yes, it does./ No, it doesn’t. A: Does the dog have a friend? B: Yes, it does./ No, it doesn’t. A: Does Peter have a baseball bat? B: Yes, he does, No, he doesn’t.

一 般 疑 问 句

句型转换:句子变脸,会按要求给下列的句子变变脸吗 1.I have some baseball bats.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

Do you have any baseball bats? Yes, I do ________________________________________________ 2.We have a big TV in our house. (改为否定句) We don’t have a big TV in our house. ________________________________________________ 3.She has many things to do today.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回 答) Does she have many things to do today? No, she doesn’t. ________________________________________________ 4.Kate has some money in her pocket.(改为否定句)
________________________________________________ 5.My parents have five good friends.(就划线部分提问)

Kate doesn’t have any money in her pocket.
How many good friends do your parents have?

6.The books are in the bookcase.(改否定句)

The books are not in the bookcase. _______________________________________

7.The baseball is under the bed.(改一般疑问句)

Is the baseball under the bed? ____________________________________________
8.The pictures are on the wall.(对划线部分提问)

Where are the pictures? ____________________________________________ 9.Is the CD on the sofa?(做肯定回答) Yes, it is. ____________________________________________
10.Are the chairs next to the table?(做否定回答)

No, they aren’t. ____________________________________________


1.My brother like playing basketball.

My brother likes playing basketball. _________________________________________ 2. Do she have a computer?

Does she have a computer? _________________________________________ 3. Let’s play the volleyball.

Let’s play volleyball. _________________________________________ 4. We have many club.
We have many clubs.

_________________________________________ 5. Sorry, I not know. Sorry, I don’t know.

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