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How do you learn best ?

This week we asked students at New Star High School about the best ways to

learn more English. Many said they learnt by English.

Some students had suggestions. Lillian Li, for

example, said the best way to learn new words was by reading English

magazines. She said that memorizing(记住 识记) the words of pop songs

also helped a little. When we asked about studying grammar, she said, “I

never study grammar. It’s too boring.” Wei Ming feels.

He’s (学习)English for six years and really loves it.

He thinks studying grammar is a great way to learn a language. He also

thinks that watching English movies isn’t a bad way because he can watch the

actors say the words. Sometimes, however, he finds watching movies (令人沮丧的because the people speak too 5 (快速地). Liu Chang

said that joining the English club at school was the best way to (提

高)her English. Students get lots of practice and they also 7 (玩

的开心). She 8 (补充说道)that having conversations with friends

was not helpful at all. “We …..感到兴奋)

something and then end up in Chinese,” she said.

, it

wasn't easy for me to understand the teacher when she talked. To begin with,

she spoke too quickly, and I couldn't understand every word. (后来), I 2 (意识到 认识到)that it doesn't matter if you don't

understand every word. I was also (害怕讲话)

in class because I thought my classmates might me.

I couldn't , either. Then I

started to watch English-language TV. It helped a lot. I think that doing lots of

listening practice is (秘诀之一)of becoming a

good language learner. Another thing that I found very difficult was English

grammar. So I take lots of grammar notes in every

class. Then I started to write my own using the

grammar I was learning. It's 令人惊讶)how much this helped. Now

I am enjoying learning English and I got an A this term. My teacher is very


How do we (处理,对付)our problems

Rich or poor, young or old, we all have problems. And (除非 如果

不)we deal with our problems, we 2 轻易地 容易地become unhappy. how we do at school. It can

also influence the way we behave with our families. So how do we deal with

our problems? There are many ways.

By learning to


Most of us have probably been 生….气our friends,

parents or teachers. Perhaps they said something you didn't like, or you felt unfair. Sometimes, people can for years about a small problem. Time , and good friendships may be lost.

When we are angry, however, we are usually the ones .

Perhaps we have seen young children playing together. Sometimes they have , and talk to each other.

However, this usually does not last for long. This is an important lesson for us: we can solve a problem by learning to forget.

By 把….视为problems as 挑战

Many students often 抱怨school. They might feel they have too much work to do sometimes, or think the rules are too strict. We must learn 怎样改变these "problems" into "challenges". Education is an important part of our 发展. As young adults, it is our duty to 尽我们的全力to deal with each challenge in our education 在……帮助下of our teachers.

By thinking of something worse

By comparing yourself to other people, you will find your problems are not so terrible. Think about Stephen Hawking, for example, a very clever scientist, who regards his many physical problems as不重要. He can't walk or even speak, but he has become very famous and 成功的. We are probably quite healthy and smart. 让我们不要worry about problems. Let's 面对the challenges 代替 取而代之

My biggest problem is that I’m too busy. When I was young, I used to have so much time, but 现在 如今, I get up early and stay in school all day. Then I and eat dinner. Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time games with my friends, but I just don’t have the time ….. In the evening, I used to watch TV or 和…..聊天my grandmother, but now I have to study. I love music and my father takes me to concerts. These days, I hardly ever have time concerts. I do my homework and go to bed. I really 想念 怀念the old days.

He used to 惹)a lot of trouble


Martin Murray is a fifteen-year-old boy. He used to be a "problem child", but a use to give his mother many problems. However, after his father's 死亡a few years ago, Martin's life became 4 困难的多. His mother couldn't 5 负担得起 承受得起 pay for her child's education. To do this, she had to work, and so was often not at home. , Martin still cause problems for himself and his family. He was not intersted in 学习 and he often 8 惹麻烦with the police. Luckily, his mother was very patient and didn't 放弃努力to help him. In the end, she 做出一个艰难的决定: to send him to a boy's boarding school. Martin hated it and used to cause a lot of trouble. One day, he told his teacher he wanted to leave the

school. Even the teacher 同意 认为that Martin was 浪费his time.

The head teacher said it was necessary for Martin to talk with his mother.

Martin called his mother, but 令他吃惊的是,this phone call changed his life. "It was what I need," he said. "My mother helped me to understand how much she (对我付出). She also told me that even though my father was no longer with us, he was watching me and would always 为骄傲in everything goog I do. That's when I decided to change. I realize that since my father 独

处,and have tried to make my mother my mother 18 更多注意 更多关注me ."

Now Martin has really changed. He 一直努力工作 学习and is now one of the best students in his class. How was he able to change? His mother"s love helped him to feel good about himself , and as Martin 本人 亲自says, " It"s very important for parents to be there for their children."

前几天, my friends and I talked about the rules

that we have in school. At our school, we have to wear uniforms every day. The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. We think young people should look smart wand so we would like to wear 我们自己的clothes. Our teachers believe that if we did that, we would 3 关注 专注于more on our clothes than our studies. We disagree. We would

feel more comfortable and that is good for studying. If we can’t do that, we

should be 允许to design our own uniforms. That would be a good 两者都students happy.

Helping and learning


At our school, we sometimes have a special day to help 别人. Last year we went to an old people’s home and sang song and a to take to me to do things like that more often. For example, we should visit primary schools and help teach young students. I want to be teacher when I’m older, so it would be a great 经历,体验for me. Other students would like to do other jobs. For example, my friend Tian Ge wants to write for a newspaper. She should be allowed to volunteer at the newspaper office once a week. On Friday afternoons, many students are afternoons; many students are sleepy after a long week of classes. Some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons to volunteer and help others.

Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

Many teenagers have hobbies. But sometimes these hobbies can 阻碍of schoolwork, and parents might 2 担心their child’s success at school. Teenagers often think they should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want. Do you agree?

Liu Yu, a 15岁大的boy from Shandong, is a running star. He is on his school running team and has always wanted to be a professional athlete. However, his parents won’t allow him to train as much as he would like to. ”Of course we want to see Liu Yu his dreams,” says Mr Liu, ”and we know how much he loves running. That's great, and my wife and I have watched him in every one of his . We have nothing 反对 6 running! But we do think that our son needs to be realistic. Now that he is getting older, he needs to think about what will happen is he doesn’t become a professional runner 最终.”

Liu Yu doesn’t really agree. "Well, I think I should be allowed to make 决定 8 for myself," he says. "My parents have always taught me the 重要性 9 of working hard and not just to do what I enjoy. I

understand this. But I’m serious about running. Being a professional runner is the only thing I have ever wanted to do."

Mr and Mrs Liu believe that Liu Yu should study hard in the evening, and so they don’t allow him to practice on school nights." I know this might seem strict," says Mrs Liu, "but we think we’re doing the right thing. He has to understand that very few people can become

professional athletes. It’s a very difficult dream to achieve. We don’t allow him to practice every day because we think he needs to time on his homework."

But Liu Yu still doesn’t agree." I know my parents 4

在意 me, "he says. "But they are always talking about what will happen if I don’t succeed. But I will succeed! I think I should be allowed to make this decision for myself.惟有那时 will I have a chance of achieving my dream."

Dear Knowledgeable,

My best friend, Mei, has a problem. There is a really important English speech contest for our whole city next month. Our classmates want her to 代表 the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true. Mei is very clever and can speak English really well. In fact, she always名列前茅 2 in the school exams. The problem is that she’s very shy. She doesn’t want to , but she’s terrified of speaking in front of other people.

She’s my friend, so she can tell me that she’s shy. But she can’t tell everyone that. I don’t think they would believe her. I can’t think of any good advice to give her, but you always solutions to people’s problems. What do you think I should tell Mei? What do you think I should tell of the students?

What would you do if…?

Martin Robinson is a famous doctor (关系代词)has a lot of

experience处理teenagers. His new book What Would You Do If…? last month. It gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations. Here are two pages from the book.


Question 1: What would you do if you cut yourself ?

Doctor: You should cover the cut with a clean cloth andit hard. If it’s a deep cut, you should see a doctor.

Question 2: If my grandmother fell , and wasn’t moving, I’d hurry to call the hospital first. Is that correct?

Doctor: Yes, speed is very important. Get the medical help first, then make her comfortable and stay with her.

Question 3: What would you do if you yourself by accident?


Doctor: Well, first how bad it is. Then put the burned area under cold running water.

Question 4: What would you do if you injured your knee while 步?

Doctor: If I felt some pain, I’d stop exercising. And if it hurt for more than a few days, I’d see a doctor.


Problem 1: A friend you cigarettes at a party.

Advice: Of course you should ! If I were you, I’d also talk to your friend about the . Problem 2: Children often think medicine is candy and eat it.

Advice: You must always medicine children, and you should tell children to ask their parents before they eat “candy” they find. Problem 3: An “internet friend” has asked if you could meet.

Advice: You should tell your parents about it, 同意,答应meet in a public place, and you shouldn’t go alone.

Problem 4: You when you are nervous. Advice: You should drink lots of water and ask your doctor for advice

Our neighborhood used to be very quiet. However, 最近 strange things are happening in our neighborhood and everyone is unhappy. Zhou Gu, the school teacher is worried. When he was by the local newspaper, he said, “Every night we hear strange noises outside our window. My wife thinks that it could be an animal, but my friends and I think it be teenagers having fun. My parents called the police, but they can’t find anything strange. They think it might be the wind. I don’t think so!”

Zhou Gu’s next door 邻居Qi Hui is unhappy too. “At first, I thought it might be a dog, but I can’t see a dog and I still hear the noises outside.” Everyone in our neighborhood is worried, and everyone has his or her ideas. There must be 参观拜访the homes in our neighborhood, but what is it?

Yellow River Fishermen

This is Hong Tao’s 最近 最新movie. I like Hong Tao. He’s made some great movies 近几年. Unfortu 6

nately, this is the worst movie. If you’re looking for entertainment, stay at home and watch TV. Yellow River Fisherman is too long, and it’s really boring. It have a few good features, though. I thought the fisherman’s wife was really funny.

Amy Kim, Photography

this exhibition at the Lido Gallery. Amy Kim is one of the best known Chinese photographers in the world today, and some of her best loved photos are 展览in this exhibition. She really has something for everyone. There are many great photos of people and of the countryside. The few city photographs are 不及成功. I see the same things every day and they don’t me as much. But this is a great show from a world class you do, don’t the exhibition.

Wild and Windy

Over the years, we’ve musical groups with pretty strange Few have stranger names than this band. As the name the band has lots of energy. And they play the kind of music that I love to hear. Every song is really loud and often you can’t understand the words, but this is okay because the lyrics aren’t very good. However, these are musicians who make us happy— even on a Monday morning!

I’m having a great time in HongKong,although I have to be honest and say that I prefer Shanghai. Still, it’s a great place to visit and I’m lucky _______here for my six-month English course. Some other students are learning French. I might like to learn it too. What language would you like to learn?

There’s just so much to see and do here. Last night I _____ to a Chinese music concert. Most of my friends like loud music that they can dance to. I prefer quiet,traditional music so the concert suited me just fine. What kinds of music do you like?

Before the concert we went for Italian food. Do you like it? There are lots of different kinds of food here. I don’t know what _______ next? What kinds of food do you prefer?

My host family _____me to an Indian film festival next weekend. I’m not sure what to expect because I____ never _____an Indian film before. Have you? Some people say they are boring, but others say they’re great. What kinds of films do you prefer?

Yours ,


I only eat food tastes good.

How important is keeping healthy you? A group of young 7

people 聚会to discuss this question. Here is part of their discussion.

Peter: I’d like to stay healthy, but 说, I only eat food that tastes good. And if food tastes good, it’s usually bad for you, isn’t it? Cola tastes better than water, .

Tony: Well, food that is bad for you can taste good! But I not to eat too much food that is fried, like, er, French fries. Do you eat fast food, Laura?

Laura: Do I eat fast food? Never! I love to eat food that is healthy. I want to take care of my health, so I eat fruit and vegetables. Oh! And I sugar, you do too, don’t you? Tony: Hm, yes. I’d stay away from cola and sweet desserts if I were you. And I think most people are 一致认为that fruit and vegetables are good for health. But, um, I would say that fast food isn’t always bad for you, but too much of it is not good.

Laura:, did you know that it’s been found in laboratory testing that some of oil are really bad for us? So I don’t eat anything that’s been cooked in oil. Also, did you know that some foods might 致癌 ? Like burnt barbecued meat. I’ve heard eating burnt food like this can the risk of cancer.

Peter: Really! But I love to eat meat that is well cooked, even if it is a little burnt. It’s delicious, and meat isn’t really dangerous, is it?

Laura: Oh! Yes, it is! I never eat meat. It’s not at all good for our health. If I were you, I’d eat nuts .

Tony: Well, I agree it’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, but I think it’s also fine to eat some meat or fish. People who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than who only eat biscuits and hamburgers, shouldn’t they? I prefer to only eat food that like, but isn’t it important to eat food that is healthy, even if you don’t like it? The main thing is to have a good balance.


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