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Unit1 What is a wonder of the world

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Module 1 Wonders of the world

Unit 1
What is a wonder of the world?

Part I: Lead in:
Topic: School dance
---wonderful world

What’s the name of the band?

Look at the picture---school dance.
Which words below can you use to talk about them?



club concert grade


pyramid pupil review wonder

Part II: Listening and Vocabulary

Listen then choose the best answers (Activity 3)

Explain some important expressions
? ? ? ? That’s news to me . news---新闻 a piece of news---一条新闻 Have any good news to me, today?

Explain some important expressions

I’ll write a diary of school events.

According to my diary, I’ve got two meetings on Monday.

Explain some important expressions
And I’ll do an interview with Becky Wang. do an interview ---采访
The reporter are doing the interview with the company boss.

Part III: Make a talk with activity 5

? What was your last composition about? ? What is the most ancient Chinese wonder of the world? ? What bands or movies would you like to write a review about?

Part III: Make a talk with activity 5

? What were you best grades in English last year?
? What clubs do you go to or would you like to go to?

Part IV: Pronunciation and speaking

? She started a school magazine/called New Standard/when she was a pupil here.

Part IV: Pronunciation and speaking

We’ll write a diary of school events/and tell everyone/ about the school concert/ and the dance club.

Everyday English
That’s news to me.

我一点也不知道/对我来说是个消息. What’s it about? 这是关于什么的? Listen up, everyone.大家,听着! Anyone else?还有其它人吗? Brilliant! 太辉煌了!
That’s a fantastic ideal.


在开会 have a meeting 听着 listen up 写下来 write down 我一点儿也不知道 that’s news to me 写一篇文章 write a compotition 一个世界奇迹 a wonder of the world 一个叫..的报刊 a school magzine called… 校园记事簿 a diary of school events 跳舞俱乐部 the dance club 古代金字塔 the ancient pyramid

will be 、There________ (be ) a football match in our school tomorrow.

2、Last Saturday Mrs Green went to the market, bought ______(buy) some bananas and visited her cousin. joined 3、My father______(join) the party has been three years ago. He _________(join) a Party member for three years.

4、----What has happened? ----Look! The house ____________(burn). is burning 5、He_______ (be) to Beijing three times. has been 6、He___________ (come) to help us will come as soon as he is free. 7、I _____________( not see) him for haven’t seen a long time. finished 8、I ________(finish) my work two hours ago.

Part V: Work in pairs (Activity 7)

Part Ⅵ: Homework

1.Do exercise: 4. 13 P112-113

2.Make a summary of the activity 3

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