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( 满分120分 )

Class________ No.________ Name________ Marks________


( ) 1. Is her lifestyle the same ______ yours or different?

A. as B. in C. at D. to

( )2. My father likes football. But he ____ it.

He only ____ football matches on TV!

A. plays, watches B. play, watch

C. doesn’t play, watches D. plays, doesn’t watch

( )3. The answers_____ our questions are different.

A. of B. to C.at D. off

( )4. It’s good ______ by using the Internet.

A. to relax B. relaxes C. relaxed D. relaxing

( )5. Two percent of the homework _____ about math.

A. is B. are C. be D. to be

( ) 6. His mother wants him _____ at home today.

A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying

( A. hiking B. on hike C. to hike D. not hiking

( ) 8. Here _____ the results _____ the students activity survey.

A. is, with B. are, of

C. is, of D. are, with

( ) 9. _____ Dasan is from Canada ,_____he can speak Chinese very well.

A. Although, but B. Although, /

C. Although, so D. /, so

( ) 10. I think doing sports is _____our health.

A. good at B. bad for

C. good for D. good to

( ) 11. Is her watch _______ yours or different?

A. the same B. the same as

C. same as D. the same to

( ) 12. My mother is out, so I have to _____ my young sister at home.

A. look at B. look after

C.look for D. look over

( ) 13.Let us talk about the difference ______Chinese and English names.

A. on B. of C. between D. with

( )14. they decided _______at the end of the day.

A. leave B. to leave C. leaving D. not leave

( )15.“____________give up,then you can be successful(成功) .”

A.Always B.Sometimes C.Never D.Usually

( )16.Good food and exercise help me to study _____.

A. good B. better C.less D.more


( )17.Jenny _____ lifestyle.

A. has a healthy B. have a healthy

C. has a health D. have a health

( )18. I have______ to tell you.

A. anything exciting B. exciting something

C. exciting anything D. something exciting

( )19. English is ____more interesting than math.

A. a few B. a lot of C. many D. much

( )20. Bob’s hat is more beautiful than _____.

A. she B. her C. she’s D. hers.


1. I have fun _______(play) games with my friends.

2. Did ________( someone) come to my office?

3. The Greens enjoy ________(live)in China.

4. They watch TV only______(one) a week.

5 .It’s important for us ________(eat) a balanced diet.

6 .Don’t forget _________(close) the door when you leave the room.

7. We ______ ( not watch ) TV last night.

8. Tom always ______ ( get ) up at six o'clock in the morning.

9. Julie speaks _________(loud) than other girls.

10. Lesson Two is___________than Lesson One.(important)

三、 按要求变换句式。(10分)

1. Tom does his homework every day. (改为否定句)

Tom____________ ____________his homework every day.


__________ __________ __________do you sleep every night?

3. To eat a balanced diet is very important. (改为同义句)

____________very important____________eat a balanced diet.

4. Everyone in our class is hard-working.(改为同义句)

Everyone in our class_______ _________.

5. (就划线部分提问)

______ ______did you visited your friends in Beijing last year?

四、 根据所给汉语完成句子(10分)

1. 你多久去一次公园? __________________________________________________

2.你上个月做了一些特别的事情吗? ______________________________________________

3. Mr. Smith每周看一次电影。









A: Hello, Wang Lin!

B: Hi, Han Mei!

A: What are you doing (1) __________vacation?

B: I don't (2) __________. What about you?

A: I'm going to Huang Mountain. I think it's a beautiful place.

B: Yes. I (3) __________there last year. Who are you going (4) _________? A: My parents.

B: Have a good (5) __________.

A: Thank you.


Food is very important. Everyone needs to ___1__ well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our brains (大脑) also need a kind of food. This kind of food is __2___. We begin to get knowledge (知识) When we are very young. Small children are interested in everything around them. They learn ___3__ while (当) they are watching and __4___.When they are getting older, they begin to ___5__ storybooks, anything they like. When they find something new, they like to ask questions and __6___to find out the answer.

What is the best ___7__ to get knowledge? If we __8___ by ourselves, we’ll get the most knowledge. If we’re __9___ getting answers from others and do not ask why, we will never learn well. When we study in a right way, we will learn ___10__ and understand (理解) better.

( ) 1. A. read B. see C. drink D. eat

( ) 2. A. knowledge B. sport C. playing D. fruit

( ) 3. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

( ) 4. A. finding B. listening to C. listening D. looking at

( ) 5. A. learn B. buy C. write D. read

( ) 6. A. try B. have C. like D. should

( ) 7. A place B. school C. way D. road

( ) 8. A. work B. learn C. help D. do

( ) 9. A. often B. always C. usually D. sometimes

( ) 10. A. more B. much C. little D. some



Liu Xiang is a famous runner in the world. He was the winner(获胜者) of the Athens Olympics(雅典奥运会) . The Chinese people are proud (自豪) of him. He is a hard-working young man. He is still strong and healthy. Why is he in good health? He usually gets up early in the morning and exercises every day. He likes listening to music and he sings well. He has good eating habits. He never eats junk food and hardly ever smokes and drinks. He goes to bed early and sleeps 8 hours every night. He often says, “It is important(重要) for health to have a good lifestyle.”


( ) 1. Liu Xiang is a singer.

( ) 2. He never wins the Olympics.

( ) 3. He doesn’t have a healthy eating habit.

( ) 4. He likes singing and smoking very much.

( ) 5. He has enough (足够的) sleep and he is healthy.



There are 45 students in our class. I have made a survey, 36 students say they like to exercise. Most boys play basketball together twice a week. But girls think basketball is difficult for them, they’d like to play volleyball together twice a week. My friend, Tony, is good at running. He runs fastest (最快)in our class. He runs for 30 minutes on the playground every evening before he goes to bed. Is it interesting? Gray is good at swimming. He goes to the swimming club three times a month in winter, and three times a week in summer. So he is pretty healthy. Some of my classmates have good eating habits. They eat both meat and vegetables. 70% of them drink milk every day. 15 students say they drink milk three or four times a week. But some students like to eat junk food, especially Sally. What’s worse(更糟糕的) is that she doesn’t like to exercise, so she is very fat. She always says “ I’m going to lose weight(减肥) tomorrow.”

( ) 1. How often do most boys play basketball?

A. Every day B. Twice a day

C. Twice a week. D. Twice a month.

( )2. Why do the girls dislike to play basketball?

A. Because they have no time.

B. Because they think it is not easy.

C. Because they don’t like to play with the boys.

D. Because they don’t like to exercise.

( )3. When does Tony often run for 30 minutes?

A. Every morning. B. Every afternoon

C. Every evening before he goes to bed. D. Every evening before supper

( )4. How often does Gray swim in winter?

A. Three times a month. B. Three times a week.

C. It isn’t mentioned in the passage D. Hardly ever.

( )5. Why is Sally so fat?

A. Because she doesn’t like to exercise.

B. Because she likes to eat junk food very much.

C. Because she eats too much meat, but doesn’t exercise.

D. Because she doesn’t like to exercise, and she likes to eat junk food .


Mr King lives in a city. He owns some shops and makes a lot of money. His son, Mike, studies at a middle school. The boy likes everything but studying. He doesn't listen to his teachers in class and he never finishes his homework on time. He always plays football when he has any free time. He can never pass the exams.

Mr King is so busy with his business that he has little time to stay at home. He never pays any attention(关心) to his son's studies, so he doesn't know how he is doing.

One day Miss Read, Mike's teacher, telephones Mr King. On the telephone she tells him all about the boy's studies. She wants him to try to help his son at home. When the man hears this, he doesn't feel very happy.

In the afternoon when his son comes back from school, Mr King gives him a 4

good telling off(责备), but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom. The next morning, before Mike goes to school, he says to him, "Study hard and I'll buy you a car when you pass the exam next year."

Another term is over. Mike doesn't pass the exam once more. Mr King has a look at the school report for a few minutes and then he asks his son, "You don't pass the exam again, Mike. What did you do this term?"

"I learned how to drive a car, dad." answers the boy.


1. Mr King is ________.

A. a football player

B. a teacher

C. a driver

D. a businessman(商人)

2. Mike can never pass the exams because ________.

A. his father has a lot of money

B. he doesn't like studying

C. his teachers are not very good

D. he has to help his father in the shops

3. Miss Read rings Mr King________.

A. to tell him to take his son out of school

B. to buy things from his shop

C. to tell him about Mike's studies

D. because his son passes the exam once again

4. In the sentence "..., but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom.", the word "it" refers to (指) ________.

A. Mike's exam mark (分数) B. telling his son off

C. something that Miss Read tells Mr King D. the car

5. Which of the following is wrong?

A. Mike doesn't pass the exam at the end of the term.

B. Mike's father buys him a car.

C. Mike doesn't do well in his lessons for another term.

D. Mike thinks his father will buy him a car.


Tom is a little boy,and he is only seven years old.Once he goes to a cinema.It is the first time for him to do that.He buys a ticket and goes in.But after two or three minutes he comes out,and buys the second ticket and goes in again.After a few minutes he comes out again and buys the third ticket.Two or three minutes after that he comes out and asks for another ticket.But a girl asks him,“Why do you buy so many tickets?How many friends do you meet?” “No,I have no friends here,but a big woman always stops me at the door and cuts up my ticket.”



1.How old is Tom?


2.Is it the first time for him to go to the cinema?


3.How many tickets does Tom buy before the girl asks him?


4.Does Tom meet a few good friends of his that day?


5.What does the big woman do?


九、写作 (15分)


students = 0℅)

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


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