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lesson21 eat a donut and turn right

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Lesson 21

Eat a Donut & Turn Right

? Have you ever lost your way?

? What do you do if someone asks you for directions?

What should you do if you got lost?
ask someone to write out the directions then following the direction ,you may… walk through sw. walk past sw. turn right / turn left walk down the street sw. will be straight ahead at last ,arrives at/in sw.

Downtown Coffee Through Cherry Sidewalk Himself Entrance

adv. (在/向)市中心 n. 咖啡 prep. 穿过 n.樱桃 n.人行道 pron. 他自己 n. 进口,入口

be /get lost 迷路,走失 see a movie 看电影 walk through 穿过 straight ahead 正前方 say to oneself 心里暗想 write out 写出
write to 给…写 write back 给…回信 write down 写下 ,记下

Brain begins ______(走).He walks and walks. He crosses ______(街道)。He ______(向右转). He turns left. He finds a park, but it’s the wrong park. It ______(有) six trees, not seven. “now I ______(迷路)!”says Brain. then Brain sees a woman. She is ______(沿 着…走) the sidewalk. “Excuse me”, he says, “Can you tell me ______(去…的路)the cinema?” “Yes, I can. ”she says. “______(沿…走) this street。______(向左转)at the second crossing. From there, you can see ______(电影院) ”

entrance perfect past across from on one’s way to

1. ______school, I go by a park. 2. Danny is going to school. He sees a bakery, but he doesn’t stop. He goes______ the bakery. 3. My room is ______my brother’s room. 4. The dress looks good on you. It’s______. 5. Let’s meet at the _______ of the park.

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