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知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

知行书院 学生辅导教案


一 单词默写

二 知识点的讲解

1 Can I have some more food ? 我能再吃一些吗?

此句中的more是形容词,意为“额外的”做“还,再”解。常位于数次或any,some,no,a few,a little,many,much,a lot 等表示程度的词或词组后,表示在原有数量的基础上,“再,进一步”增加的量。

注意:当more 前是数词时,可以用anther进行替换时,如: ten more minutes= anther ten minutes Eg: I have two more questions to ask.

2 What makes your friend so special ? 什么使你的朋友如此特别?

句中的make是使役动词,let have 也是使役动词。Make 用作使役动词通常有以下几种形式:(1)接形容词,表示“使某人或某事变得怎样”


知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

Eg The news made us excited. 这个消息使我们很兴奋。


Eg We made her ourmonitor.

He made the old bus his house.

(3) 接不带to的动词不定式,表示“让或迫使某人做某事”即:make sb do sth

Eg I don’t like milk at all., but my mother makes me drink it every morning.

3 sense n 观念 意识 感觉

常用短语有 have a sense of ... 有??感 , have no sense of ... 没有??感

Eg George has no sense of humour.

You have a good sense of direction.

4 bored adj 无聊的

Bored 意为“无聊的”作形容词,常用来形容人。Boring 作 形容词用,意为“乏味的,令人厌烦的’,常用来形容事物。

Eg I often feel bored at weekends.

I’m tired of this boring life.


Excited 激动的 兴奋地 exciting 令人激动的 令人兴奋的

Interested 感兴趣的 intereting 有趣的

Surprised 惊讶的 surprising 令人惊讶的

Amazed 吃惊的 amazing 令人吃惊的

5 fit vi 可容纳的 装进

(1)fit 用作不及物动词,意为’可容纳的,装进“。过去式是fitted

Eg The room is small, only ten people can fit in. 这个房间很小,只能容下十个人。

(2) fit 用作及物动词,意为“形状及大小合适,合身’

Eg The white coat fits me very well.


知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

(3) fit 用作形容词,意为“健康的,结实的”

Eg It’s important to keep fit. 保持健康很重要。

6 Betty is one of my best friends. Betty 是我最好的朋友之一。

(1) one of ...”??之一“,后常接名词复数或代词宾格。

Eg One of my friends will go to the party.

(2) “one of + 形容词最高级+名词复数“ 表示”最??之一“

Eg one of the most popular singers.

(3) “one of...” 如果在句中做主语,谓语动词要用单数。

Eg One of the most popular singers in China is Wang Lihong.

7 She is willing to share things with her friends. 她愿意和她的朋友们分享东西。

(1)be willing to do sth.是必须要掌握的一个常用短语,意为“愿意做某事”。Me Willing是形容词,意思是“愿意的,乐意的”在句中作表语,动词不定式 to do sth 做wiling的宾语。

Eg He is willing to help others.


Eg I share my rubber with my seatmate.

8 She helps me with my homework and she always gives her seat on the bus to someone in need. 她帮助我做家庭作业,当她在公共汽车上 时,总是把她的座位让给需要的人。

(1) help sb with sth 在?方面帮助某人,相当于help sb (to) do sth

Eg I am willing to help you with your homework.

(2)give seats to sb 给某人让座

(3) in need 有需求的,处于需要状态,在句中作后置定语,修饰someone,若表示很需要常用sb be in need of sth.

Eg A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难见真情。

Everyone should help people in need.大家应该帮助那些有需要的人。

9 He is the tallest boy in our class—almost 1.75 metres.

(1) 1.75 读作 one point seven five metres. (2)tall 为形容词 意为 高的


知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

(3) almost 是副词 意为 “几乎 差不多,不足, 差点儿”可用于all every,always或动词前。Almost不可与not连用,但是可与no,none,nothing,never连用。

10 He tells funny jokes and always makes me laugh.他讲有趣的笑话,总是使我发笑。

(1)funny 是有名词加后缀-y构成的形容词。意为有趣的,滑稽可笑的。可在名词后加后缀构成形容词的常见的还有;

-y : windy rainy cloundy snowny sunny

-ful: helpful careful hopeful beautiful useful wonderful

-less: helpless careless hopeless useless

-al : musical physical -ous: poisonous dangerous

--able: comfortable reasonable terrible

(2) joke 是可数名词,意为“笑话,玩笑” tell jokes “说笑话,开玩笑“

11 Knock ...onto... 把??撞落到??上 Knock...off 碰掉 撞到

Knock sb/sth over 撞到某人、打翻某物 Knock at/on the door 敲门

Knock ...into...把??插进

12 When something worries me ,I can go to her.当有什么烦心事的时候,我总是向她求助。

(1) go to her = go to her for help 向他求助

(2) worry sb 使某人担忧。 Worry 是动词,worried 是形容词,意为“担心的,“

为某人担心可以用,worry about sb 或be worried about sb


1 The work is too difficult for Mr Zhu to finish in a week .He needs _____days

A more two B two more C two more D anther more

2 Many students said that they were willing to work hard make their dreams ___true.

A to come B came C comes D come

3 _____ good sense of humour Li Hong has !

A What a B How a C What D How

4 The film isn’t interesting at all, so I feel b________.

5 This pair of shoes ______(适合) me very well last year.

6 Shu-How Lin is now one of _____ basketball players in the NBA.

A popular B more popular C the mast popular

7 She _____help ma with my English.

A is willing to B does willing to

C is wiling for D does willing to

8 Would you like ___you joy ____ your friends?

A sharing; with B to share; with C sharing; to D to share; to

9 Sorry,I can’t help ____ the room. I’m busy ____ a report now.

A clean; to write B cleaning; writing C to clean;writing D clean; write

10 Please give the old woman your seat.(同义句)

Please _____ _____ _____ _______ the old woman.

11 The speaker said _____ nothing worth listening to.

A almost B nearly C hardly D mostly

12 My best friend Tina is _____ in our class,who always makes us laugh.

A funnier B the funniest C more serious D the most serious

13 Can you _____ the difference between”be ready to”and “be ready for“?


知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

A say B tell C speak D talk

14 Peter was so careless that he _____ the books on the shelf.

A knocked over B knocked at C knocked on D knocked into

15 – You look ____. What’s wrong?(worry)

-- Not really. Nothing _____me.

三 练习

一 单项选择

1 Funny jokes can always make us_____ when wen are sad

A laughing B laugh C laughed D laughs

2 Our English teacher always _____ a smile on her face

A wears B have C has D show

3 You will never feel excited ______ happy when you have Mr Green’s lessons

A and B but C or D as

4 The trousers are a bit too long for me.Can I change them for a ___ pair?

A long B but C or D as

5 Jimmy and Timmy are both 50kg ,that is to say,Jimmy is ____ Timmy

A so heavy as B as heavy as C so heavier as D as heavier as

6 Helen told me that she had some problems_____ her English learning

A on B for C in D with

7 They are very ____ to see the _____ scenery

A pleased ;pleased B pleasent ; pleasent C pleased ; pleasent D pleasent; pleased 8 The smile on his face makes him ____ really ______

A looks; kind B look ; kindly C to look; kindly D look; kind

9 She is ready to help people ___

A any time B anytime C some time D sometime

10 Mr Zhou is good at______ jokes

A to tell B tell C telling D speaking

二 句型转换 (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ her father_____?

2 Jim is 13.Kate is 13,too (改为同义句)

Jim is ____ _____ _____ Kate

3 The boy in the red coat looks handsome (改为同义句)

The boy in the red coat ____ _____ handsome

4 His face is round ( 用square 改为选择疑问句)

____ his face _____ _____ square 对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ he _____ fit?

三 写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级

1 old ____ _____ 2 pretty ____ ____

3 slim _____ _____ 4 much _____ _____

5 far ______ _____ 6 tired ____ ______

7 thin _____ ______ 8 wonderful _____ _____


知行书院 学生个性化教学方案

9 fine _____ ______ 10 funny _____ _____

四 用所给单词适当形式填空

1 He didn’t sing a song in English any ____ (much)

2 We have ____ (little ) snowfall this year than last year

3 The patient feels much _____ (well) today

4 Your suggestion is not good, and his is even_____ (bad)

5 Your story is much ____ (long) than mine,But it isn’t so ____(interesting) as mine 6 Which subject is ______ (important) ,science,art or maths?

7 The busier he is,_____ (happy) he is

8 He is ____ (good) teacher in our school

9 He is ____(fat) of the three

10-How_____ (nice) the watch is!

-Yes,and it is _____(expensive) than others. It is _____ (expensive) one in the shop.



知行书院 学生个性化教学方案



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