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班级 姓名 成绩


1. —_______ do you help the old man with the housework? —Once a week.

A. How soon B. How long C. How often D. How many

2. —80% students like soccer, what does “80%” mean? —________.

A. No students B. All students C. Some students D. Most students

3. —Would you like some ______ milk? —Yes, but _______ a little.

A. must, just B. many, not C. any, no D. more, only

4. He is in good _______. He’s pretty ________.

A. health, health B. healthy, healthy C. health, healthy D. healthy, health

5. —Your eating habits are very good. —_________.

A. Don’t say so B. Thank you C. You’re welcome D. Not at all

6. —I have ______ today, so I can’t go to school. —I’m ______ to hear that.

A. cold, sorry B. cool, happy C. a cold, sorry D. a cool, sorry

7. You’re too tired. You _______ have a good rest.

A. should B. can C. may D. shouldn’t

8. He will stay in Beijing for _______ days.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

9. Health is important to us. We should eat more vegetables and fruit instead of _____ rich food.

A. too much B. much too C. very much D. very

10. It’s easy ______ English and it’s important ______.

A. study, use B. to learn, to practice C. speak, say D. say, speak

11. She looks ______ because she has a ______ vacation.

A. relaxed, relaxed B. relaxing, relaxing C. relaxing, relaxed D. relaxed, relaxing

12. In North America, most students go to school ______ the school bus.

A. on B. in C. by D. take

13. This problem______ that one.

A. are the same to B. is different from C. are different than D. is as easier as

14. The most popular ______ transportation are bikes and buses.

A. way of B. mean C. means of D. way

15. _______ to school by boat is _______ fun than taking a bus.

A. Go, a lot of B. To go, many more C. Going, a lot more D. Goes, a lot

16. —How ______ is the subway station? — About three miles _______.

A. far, far B. away, away C. far, away D. away, for

17. —I’m sorry I can’t come to your party. I have to do my homework. —________.

A. That’s right B. That is a good idea C. It’s good D. That’s too bad

18. —Would you like to come to my birthday party next Friday? —________.

A. I’d love B. I’d love to C. I’d like D. Yes, please

19. —Would you like _______ cake? —No, thanks. I’m full(饱的).

A. other B. the other C. others D. another

20. Li Wei with his friends _______ work on the farm next week.

A. goes to B. go to C. are going to D. is going to


1 He plans ________(spend) this weekend with his grandparents.

2 Did you finish_________(do) your homework?

3 I’m sorry. I forget __________(send) the card to your sister. I’ll do it right now.

4 The Smiths are thinking about__________(go) to Spain for their vacation.

5 I decided_________(play) tennis with the children.


We _1_ a survey about different _2_ transportation last week. We asked students _3_ their favorite kinds of transportation. _4_ are some of the results. Most students come to school _5_ bike and they like _6_ bikes. Of course, bikes are _7_ than cars and buses. Some students like cars _8_ they are safer than bikes. Cars are also faster than bikes and buses. Among some students, buses are not popular, because they often have _9_passengers(旅客). Buses are also dirtier and more crowded(拥挤). However(然而), not many people _10_ afford(买得起) a car.

1. A. did B. make C. have

2. A. kind of B. kinds of C. a kind of

3. A. from B. with C. about

4. A. Here B. There C. They

5. A. on B. by C. ride

6. A. by B. on C. riding

7. A. cheaper B. more expensive C. cheap

8. A. though B. because C. but

49. A. too much B. a lot C. too many

50. A. can B. could C. may



When Bill is very young, he loves picture. His mother often draws some for him on old pieces of paper. She is very bad at drawing, but bill likes her pictures and always wants more. Then, when he is a little older, Bill’s mother gives him some pencils and a drawing book, and he begins drawing pictures, too. But they are never good .When Bill is five years old, his mother gives him a small blackboard and some

pieces of a baby on the blackboard, he draws lines(线条) and rubs(擦) them out too for ten minutes , but when he looks at his picture , he is not happy. “Well”, he says at last(最后) to his mother, “I’ll put a tail(尾巴) on it and make it a monkey.”

( )1. Bill ___ when he is very young.

A. loves watching TV very much

B. often wants his mother to draw pictures for him

C. likes old pieces of paper very much

D. always wants his mother to buy pictures for him

( )2. He is a little older, so his mother gives him ____ and lets him begin drawing pictures .

A. some paper and ink B. a book and some pens

C. some pencils and a drawing book D. a blackboard and some old paper

( )3. How old is he when he is trying to draw a baby on the blackboard?

A. He’s five years old B. He’s fifteen years old

C. He’s fifty years old D. He’s five like a cat

( )4. Bill wants to put a tail in the picture , so _________ .

A. it looks like a duck B. it looks like a dog

C. it looks like a monkey D. it looks like a cat

( )5. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Bill’s mother does will in drawing. B. bill isn’t bad at drawing.

C. There are three people in the story.

D. Bill isn’t happy when he looks at his picture of a baby


Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is an old English saying. Have you heard of it before? It means that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich (wealthy) and clever (wise). This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours’ sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work very well. They will not be wise and they may not become wealthy!

The body also needs exercise. Walking, running, jumping, swimming and playing games are all

exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong. Exercise also helps the blood (血液) to move around inside the body. This is very important. Our blood takes food to all parts of our body. The head also needs blood .Exercise helps us to think better!

( )1. If we get up early and go to bed early , we’ll _________ .

A. have enough exercise B. be healthy

C. think better D. have strong blood

( )2. If a child doesn’t have 10 hours’ sleep, maybe he _____ .

A. becomes wise B. won’t do well in his work

C. goes to school in time D. has enough sleep

( )3. A person needs exercise because _______ .

A. it makes him healthy B. he has a lot of homework to do

C. he is strong enough D. he does exercise

( )4.Exercise makes the ______ move quickly and smoothly(流畅)

A. body B. blood C. children D. head

( )5.Which of the following if Not TRUE?

A. Exercise does good to a person’s head

B. A student should have 10 hours’ sleep

C. It’s good for you to get up early and go to bed early.

D. If you have enough blood, you’ll be wise.


There was an old pear tree in a man's garden. In the past, the tree fruited every year, so the man would get many pears. But now, the tree got old. There were no more pears for the man. So the ungrateful (忘恩负义的) man decided to cut the tree down. When he walked to the tree with an axe (斧子) in his hand, the tree said to him, “Please don’t cut me down. I have brought so many pears for you in the past years. Now I only have a short time to live.”

“I'm sorry. I have to do so,” the man said, “because I need something to make a chair.” Then he began to wave his axe. At that moment, a bird in the old tree said to him, “Don't cut it down! Every time you go out and your wife feels lonely, she will come out to the garden and sit under the tree to enjoy its cool shade (树荫), and I sing songs to make her happy. We give much pleasure to your wife when you are away from home.”

The man didn't listen to the bird and drove it away. When he was about to cut the tree, some bees flew out of it and said, “Listen! If you agree not to kill this tree, we will give you delicious honey every day. Would you please leave the tree with us?”

The man got moved (感动). He said, “You are so kind to the tree, although it has become old. Now I see that I shouldn't cut it down. It has done so much to me and my wife. Let the tree stay here, and let the bird continue to sing songs here.” With these words, the man left. And the old tree lived there to its last day.

( ) 1. Which can be the best title (标题) of the story?

A. The Singing Bird B. The Man's Wife

C. The Old Tree D. The Kind Bees

( ) 2. Which is the most important reason for the man to cut down the tree?

A. The tree was getting old.

B. The man needed wood to make a chair.

C. The tree didn't give any shade.

DThe man couldn't get any pears from it.

( ) 3. What made his wife happy when the man was not at home?

A. The tree and its shade. B. The tree and the bird.

C. The bird and its songs. D. The bees and their honey.

( ) 4. In the story, the word “continue” means .

A. 再一次开始 B. 继续

C. 表演 D. 停止

( ) 5. What can we learn from the story?

A. People should never be ungrateful.

B. Good wood comes from pear trees.

C. Old people are kind and friendly.

D. Birds and bees are always helpful.


Ⅰ. 连词成句。(每小题 2分,共 10分)

1. school trip, my, interesting, was

2. a banana smoothie, how, you, make, do

3. sweep, could, please, floor, you, the

4. grow up, I’m, when, I, going to be, a journalist

5. the most, seats, Movie Palace, comfortable, has

Ⅱ.按要求写一篇短文(本题 10 分)

请以“My Hometown” 为题写一篇70-90个字的短文。

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