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初一英语 第八单元

一 重点表达







Can you go to the p_________ office to send a letter for me? Tom is ill in h_________. Let’s go to the r__________ and eat some food. We often buy a lot of things in the s__________ on Sundays. You should put the money in the b_______.


(between, to, from, on, of)





5. The library is across _______ my home. Tuesday is ________ Monday and Wednesday. Is the hospital next _______ the park or far ________ it? The restaurant is ________ the other side of the street. The supermarket is in front ________ the school.

C 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. The children enjoy _______(play)soccer after class.

2. She ______(go)home at five every afternoon.

3. I spend much time _______(speak) English every morning,

4. I can find the hotel ________(easy).

5. You should turn right at the second ______(cross).

6. I think money ________(be not)everything.

7. I love to watch monkeys _______(climb) trees.

8. There _______(be) a pen and two pencils in the box.

9 Thank you for_____________ (teach) us English so well.

10 Look! Some boys ____________(talk) to the policeman in Chinese.

11 We can ____________ (go) shopping on Sundays.

12 --------_______ you sometimes _________ (visit) your grandmother?

-------- Sure, I like her very much.

13 There _________ (be)some cloud in the sky. It _______(be ) cloudy.

二 根据汉语意思完成句子

1. 沿着第五大街走,然后左转。

Go____Fifth Street,then______ _______,

2. 我家在一条喧闹的大街上。

My house is ______a noisy ________.

3. 从机场坐出租车,沿着公路走,直到看到一个图书馆在你的右边。

_______ _______ _________ from the airport and _______ ________ the road until you see a library ________ _________ __________

4. 沿着这条街走。你能很容易地到达图书馆。


Be brave. Be happy. Be yourself.

________ _________.You can get to the library _______.

5. 请在第一个十字路口处向右拐。

Please ________ ________ at the first _________.

三 按要求完成 对划线部分提问)

________ ________ near the library?

2.There is a pay phone near the school.(改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ a pay phone near the shool? 对划线部分提问) ____________ the hotel?

4.There is a pen in my pencil case.(改为同义句)

I ________ a pen in my pencil case.

5. He plays the guitar after breakfast.(改成一般疑问句) _______he_______the guitar after breakfast? 就划线部分提问) _______is your grandfather_______?

7. How’s the weather today? (同义句)

_________ the weather ________ today?

8. Jim’s parents speak English and Chinese. (改为否定句) Jim’s parents speak English ________ Chinese.

9.The children often wash their hands. (改为单数)

The child often ___________ __________ hands.

10. Where is your pen pal from? (同义句)

Where ______ your pen pal ________ from?

四 单项选择

1. Can you swim _______ the river?( )

A. near B. between C. from D. across

2.________ , where is the park?( )

A. Hi B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Excuse

3.The hotel is ______ the bank.( )

A. across B. from C. across form D. next

4.We ______ a big family.( )

A. are B. have C. has D. there are

5.There isn’t a restaurant ______ here. ( )

A. in B. near C. from D. on

6.----Thank you very much..( )


A. You’re welcome. B. Really?

C. Nice to meet you. D. Thank you,too.

7.----Is there a library in your school?( )


A. Yes,it is. B. No,it isn’t.

C. Yes,there is. D. No,there aren’t.


Be brave. Be happy. Be yourself.

8.----_______ is the park?( )

----It’s on the right of the school.

A.Where B. What C. Why D. How

9. _______ any books on the desk?( )

A. There is B. There are C. Is there D. Are there

10. _________ something wrong with my bike.Can I use yours?( )

A. It is B. It was C. There is D. There was

11 —James is good at sports. He plays _____basketball well, and he plays _____piano well, too. —Wow, he’s so good.

A. the, the B. / , / C. /, the D. the, /

12 Please write _______ me and tell me _______ yourself.

A. to , to B. to, about C. about, to D. about, about

13 Jim, please _____ quiet. The baby is sleeping.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

14 —Why does he like koalas?

—______ he thinks they are very cute.

A. Because B. So C. But D. And

15 Next to the park, ________a big hotel.

A. have B. has C. there is D. there are

16 Let Li Ming ______you ______the books to the classroom.

A. to help, take B. help, take C. helps, take D. helping, to take

17 —Henry, is this your shoe?

—Yes. But where’s _______ one?

A. other B. the other C. others D. Another

18.My father has a habit of jogging _______the Jinchuan River for an hour in the morning,

A.between B.along C.over D.through

19.Julia ______a bus to work every day,

A.brings B.has C.gets D.takes

20.I hope you ______a good time .

A.to have B.have C.has D.having

五 完型填空 &阅读理解 A

Mike is an Englishman. He lives in a __1___ building in the __2___ London. There are eighteen floors in the building and he lives on the fifteenth floor. He__3___ a lift (电梯)to go up and down. He works very hard. He__4___ to work early. Every day he leaves his__5__and walks to the lift. He gets into the lift. It __6___him down to the first floor. He gets out of the lift. Then he walks to __7___bus stop. The bus stop is in front of a station. It is about two hundred meters from ___8___home. Usually, he catches the number 11 bus to work, but

sometimes he goes__9___. He works in a factory about ten__10___ from his home. His work starts at half past eight, and finishes at a quarter to five. He gets back home at half past5. ( ) 1. A. tall B. shot C. small D. large


Be brave. Be happy. Be yourself.

( ) 2. A. country B. town C. city D. village

( ) 3. A. makes B. uses C. does D. mends

( ) 4. A. begins B. wants C. runs D. goes

( ) 5. A. home B. building C. office D. room

( ) 6. A. costs B. spends C. takes D. brings

( ) 7. A. an B.a C. the D. /

( ) 8. A.his B. he C. him D.himself

( ) 9. A.by plane B. by train C. on foot D. by air

( ) 10. A.meters B. kilometers C. minutes D. hours


Johnson likes swimming in a small river near his house. But then his father goes to work in a big city and Johnson goes with his family . Their new house has a garden ,but the garden is very small Johnson is not very happy.

“Is there a river near the house ?”he askes his father on the first morning .” No, there isn’t . But there is a big park near here. And there’s a pool in it. “ “We are going there this afternoon. “says his father. Johnson is happy.

Johnson and his father go to the park in the afternoon. Johnson wants to walk near the pool. Ut he sees a sign . His father reads it to him: “Warning : This pool is dangerous.365 people fell into it. “Johanson looks into the pool carefully , then he says ,”I can’t see them.

( )1.There is a _______ near Johnson’s new house.

A. small river B.big park C. small garden D. big pool

( )2.John isn’t very happy because __________.

A. there isn’t a big park

B. there’s a pool

C. his father goes to work in a big city

D. there isn’t a river near the newhouse.

( )3.There is a _______ near the pool.

A. sign B. river C. garden D. tree

( )4.The warning tells people ________ near the pool.

A to look into it B. not to swim

C. to be careful D. not to look into it

( )5.Which isn’t right ?

A. There isn’t a small river near Johnson’s house.

B. Johnson’s father gets a new job in a big city.

C. Johanson is afraid to walk near the pool

D.Johnson goes to the big city with his father.


Be brave. Be happy. Be yourself.

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