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鹤壁市七年级英语上册期中考试试卷 2

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第一部分 语言知识及运用(50分)


1. —? — Yes, I am .

A. Class one B. class one C. class One D. Class One

2. — —Yes, it is.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

3. —What’s thatEnglish . —It’s an egg.

A. with from B. at C. in D. /

4. —Is this_______ English car ? — No, it’s______ Japanese car.

A. a; a B. a; an C. an; an D. an; a

5. —Is your mother a nurse or a doctor? ---____________________.

A. Yes, she’s a nurse. B. No, she’ a doctor.

C. No, she isn’t. D. She is a doctor.

6.— Are those______ shoes? ---No ,they’re not.

A. your ;my B. your; mine

C. yours; my D. yours; mine

7. —Is your name Brown? — .

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I’m. D. No, I’m not.

8. Does Mr. Lee

A. has B. have C. is D. are

9.—Your English is very good. —

A. Thank you. B. No, it isn’t.

C. It’s not good. D. No, no.

A. different B. same

C. the same D. the different

11. I am a teacher. She is a teacher,

A. to B. too C. two D. do

12. —Do you have an eraser? —Yes, I __. I have a big one.

A. does B. am C.do D.are

13. —What do you eat____ breakfast? — Eggs.

A .at B. in C. for D of

14.—Let’s play volleyball! —_____________.

A .No B. Bye C. That sounds good. D. Yes

15—What’s Jim Smith family name? —_________________

A.Jim B.Smith C. Jim Smith D. Green


I’ m Tina. I am England. I 13 long eyes. I like to listen to the music.I like eating

healthy food.And I like vegetable very much.I have a brother(弟弟). His a big nose , a long face and short hair. His ears . I’ m in Class 3, he is in Class 7.

o’clock.We have five . We like them. Because they teach(教 )us well. After class , we basketball

16.A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

17.A.comes from B. come from C. be from D. is from

18.A.am B. is C. are D. have

19.A.a teacher B. a sister C. a student D. a doctor

20.A. hair B. a hair C. look D. nose

21. A. short B. big C. long D. new

22 A. have B. has C. is D. looks

23. A. have B. are C. is D. has

24. A. in B. on C. to D. at

25. A. class B. grades C. classes D. grades

26. A. eat B.eating C. eats D.ate

27. A.lunch B. dinner C.breakfast D.supper

28. A.friends B.lessons C.teachers D.boys

29. A.go B.have C.play D.do

30. A.but B.and C.or D.of

III.阅读理解:读A B两篇短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案(20分)。 A

I’m Ann. I’m English. I’m twelve. I was born on May 17th , 1991. I learn Chinese at Beijing No.3 Middle School. I have a good friend. Her name is Lucy. She is twelve, too. We are in the same (同样的) grade. But we are not in the same class. I’m in Class Two, and she is in Class Three.

We have the same Chinese teacher(教师). Her name is Zhang Ying. We all like her. Lucy’s parents are both English teachers in China. And she has a sister.Her name is Lily. She is only five years old.

31. Ann and Lucy are _________.

A. classmates B. sisters C. brothers D. friends

32. Ann was born _____________.

A. on May 17th , 1990 B. on May 17th ,1991

C. in May 17th, 1991 D. in May 17th, 1990

33. Zhang Ying is Lucy’s __________ teacher.

A. English B. Chinese C. math D. music

34. Lucy’s parents are in _________. They teach English.

A. England B. China C. America D. Japan

35. How old is Lily? She is_____________.

A.twelve B.five C.three D.I don’t know.

B (去游泳)in a river(小河). It(天气) was very hot(热). How happy they were in the the water, they played games in the sun for a while.

(看见) some flowers. He liked flowers very much and ran(跑) into the green field to look at them. Now Allan was walking by himself.

Then he heard Henry calling out(喊叫), “A snake(蛇)! Help! …” “What’s wrong with you?” asked Allan.

“A snake bit(咬)me in the leg. Come here!”

Allan ran over and saw a small red wound(伤口)on Henry’s leg. “The snake was in the grass. I didn’t see it.”

“Sit down quickly!” Allan told Henry.

Allan put his mouth at the little red wound and began to suck(吸)at it. In this way he saved(挽救)Henry’s life. “Oh, Allan, it’s very kind of you to help me.”

“That’s all right. We are friends and we must always help each other.”

36. It was __________ when Allan and Henry went out.

A. hot B. cold C. raining D. wet

37. After swimming, they played in the sun __________.

A. the whole morning B. for 2 hours

C. long D. for a while

38. On their way home, __________ got something wrong with his __________.

A. Allan; leg B. Allan; head

C. Henry; leg D. Henry; head

39. Henry and Allan are __________.

A. workers B. good friends C. brothers D. farmers

40. Which of the following(下面的)is true?

A. Henry went to look at the flowers with Allan.

B. Allan saved Henry’s life.

C. Allan was bitten by the snake, too.

D. Allan died at last.


41. Ana does not like thrillers.She likes a______ movies.

42.----Can you tell me what is the last day of the week?

------S_____ is the last day of the week.

43. I am going shopping. The black hats are on s_____ for 15yuan each.

44. We can listen to lots of interesting stories of the past in h_____ classes.

45.-----Why do you like music?----Because I like to sing and dance.I think it is really r_____.


Conversation A:

A: Hi! My name is Nick.


, Jane.

your last name, Nick?

last name is Smith.

Conversation B:

play basketball.

like basketball. It’s

a computer?


A: Let’s play computer games!

B: That’s good.

VI. 任务型阅读

I’ve got some information for everyone going to Britain next month. As you know, you’ll be staying with a family for two weeks. Now the most important thing is money. You should take about £30 in cash(现金) and about £200 in travelers cheques(支票). Then when you arrive at the airport you’ll be met by our host(主人) family. You must remember to wear a red shirt so the family will find you easily. I’ve told them to look out for the red shirts. You’ll also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and, of course, it’s very important that you take the school letter. While you are there, if you have any problems, you can call our agent(代理人). I’ll give you her office phone number now: It’s 580-4436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher, that’s B-E-L-C-H-E-R. She’s in the office from 9-5 every day. OK! That’s everything. Have a good trip.


VII. 给你的朋友Jane写一封信, 介绍你家庭成员。不少于5句话(15分)。



1----5DBCDD6----10BABAC11-----15BCCCB16-----20BBACA21-------25BBBAC26-----30BCCCB31------35DBBBB36-------40ADCBB 41action42Saturday43sale44history45relaxing46 I’m47 you48 what’s49My50 let’s51 don’t52 boring53 have54 Yes55 sounds56 57 a red shirt58 the school letter59 580-4436 60 Mrs. Belcher

200 £

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