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()1.. Milk is good _____ our ______.

A. to; healthy B. to; health C. for; healthy D. for; health

( )4. Most students in my class ________exercise every day.

A.does B. do C.is doing D. are doing

( )5. I think I’m _____ unhealthy.

A. kinds of B. a litter C. kind of D. pretty very.

( )6. What ________ she ______ on weekends?

A.is, do B.does, does C.do, do D.does, do

( )7 He’s a very lazy student, as a result, he always gets _______ grades.

A. a good B. high C. terrible D. an awful

( )8. Is her lifestyle _______ yours?

A. the same B. the same as C. same as D. the same to

( )9、If you want to be healthier, you must eat ____ junk food, A. more less C. fewer D. many

( )10. My father wants me ________ vegetables every day.

A. to eat B. eating C. eat D. eats

( )11. Mary tries _________________ a lot of vegetables.

A. eat B. to eat C. eats D. drink

( ) 12. When I come home______ work, I felt very tired.

A. to B. from C. for D. at

( )13. I usually exercise ten ____ eleven times a week.

A. to B. at C. for D. in

( ) 14. He often has sports. ____, football, basketball and ping-pong.

A. For an example B. For example C. For the example D. For a example

( ) 15. — ____________ do you go skating?— Every day.

A.How often B.How many C.When

( )20.I like drinking tea ____________ milk in it.

A.of B.with C.to

( ) 1. - do you go to the movies? - Three times a week.

A. When B. How often C. How long D. How many times.

( ) 2. - Do you usually watch TV? -About half an hour.

A. When B. How often C. How long D. How many times.

( ) 3. - Does she get up every morning? -At 7:00.

A. What time B. How often C. How long D. How far

( ) 6. I like English very much, so I ______ listen to the tape(带) in the morning.

A. usually B. hardly ever C. never D. don’t

( ) 7. What does Jim usually do _________ weekends?

A. in B. on C. for D. with

( ) 9. It’s good ______ your health to drink milk every day.

A. of B. at C. for D. to

( ) 10. You should eat _______food and look after your ________ .

A. healthy, healthy B. health, health C. healthy, health D., health, healthy

( ) 11. Is his lifestyle the same_________ ? B.

A. to she B. as her C. from she’s D. as hers

( ) 14. _________ he is young, _________ he is clever.

A. Although, but B. Although, / C. Though, but D. because, so

( ) 15. Tom often helps Mary _________ the bike.

A. mends B. mending C. to mend D. mended

( ) 16. She _________ at home.

A. may B. may be C. may is D. maybe

( ) 17. It’s raining ________ , he can _________ walk any more.

A. hard, hard B. hardly, hardly C. hardly, hard D. hard, hardly

( ) 18. Mother wants me_________ milk, but I don’t like it.

A. to drink, B. drinks C. drinking D. to drinking

( ) 19. Here are _____ books, you can borrow any book you like.

A. all my B. my all C. the all my D. all the my

( ) 20. His grandfather is pretty healthy _________ he exercises every day.

A. or B. so C. because D. although

)36.My sister is ________than I

A. a little thin B. many thinner C. much thinner D. a little thiner )37.It’s bad for our eyes _____in bed.

read B. reading C. to read D. reads

( )38.Tom and Paul _______in Class Three Grade Eight

are both B. both are C. all are D. are all

( )39.________it is raining , ____they still come

Though , but B. But , though C. Though , / D. / , though

( )40.It must ____more interesting than taking a bus .

is B. will C. be D. are

( )41.What does she think _____the transportation?

A. about B. of C. on D. for

( )42.Don’t eat _______junk food . It’s bad for your health

A.too much B. too many C.much tooD. many too

( )43.He often rides a bike to school , but I _______to my school.

A. by bus B. on a bus C. by a bus D. take a bus


1. Lin Tao does his homework every evening. (对划线部分提问)

____________ ____________ Lin Tao ____________ every evening?

3. He always helps others. (改为否定句)

He ____________ helps others.

4. I hardly go to the movies. (对划线部分提问)

____________ ____________ ____________ you go to the movies?

5. He often visits his uncle. (改为一般疑问句)

____________ he ____________ ____________ his uncle?

1. He exercises three times a week. (就划线部分提问)

_______ ________ _________he _________ ?

2. Mr. Green often helps me study English. (同义句)

Mr. Green often helps me _________ English.

3. He sleeps nine hours every night. (就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ does he sleep every night?

4. Jim’s favorite subject is English. (同义句)

Jim likes English _________ of all the subjects.

5. I have to look after my mother. (同义句)

I _________ _________ _________ _________ my mother.

51.We go to school five days a week.(提问)

______ ______do you go to school?

52.Thank you for your invitation. (同义句)

_______for _______me.

53.Mary has to clean the classroom every day. (一般疑问句) _________Mary _______to clean the classroom every day ?

54.It’s Tuesday Oct.16th. (提问)

_______ _______ ?

55. Li Ping is different from Li Gang(同义句)

Li Ping isn’t the _______ ________ Li Gang


1. Mary often __________ (watch) TV on Sunday.

2. Look, some boys __________(swim) in the river.

3. Mother asked me __________(buy) some salt.

4. Thanks very much for __________(invite) me to your party.

5. You should__________(drink) more water.

6. We all __________(go) to the park last Sunday.

7. She __________(leave) for Shanghai tomorrow.

8. __________(smoke) is bad for your health.

9. Mr. Wang invited Jim, Tom, Tim and __________ ( I ) to his house.

10. Tony’s bag is __________ (big) than __________(he).

21. I’m t________, I want some water.

22.Please keep q . His father is sleeping.

23.His uncle works t________11:00 every evening.

24.We do our homework the w_______day.

25.If you have a t_________, you should see a dentist.

26. I’m going h________in the mountain on vacation.

27.There are many d________between the twins

28.In Spring Festival ,Chinese t__________ food is dumplings.

29.Chinese medicine is now popular in many w_________countries.

30.The opposite of “wild” is c________.


31. Many young people enjoy________(listen) to the pop music.

32.I hope you feel __________(good) soon.

33. Our classmates are trying ________(help)the old man

34.A lot of ________(tour) visit the Great Wall every year.

35.My skirt is more beautiful than ________(she).

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