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SectionB Unite 8 Topic 1

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Unite 8

Topic 1

What a nice coat!

?Section B

Useful expressions about choosing clothes.
---What would you like to buy?/ What do you want
to buy?

---I’d like…

/ I’d like to buy…

---What size do you wear?

---Size M.

Size M (medium) Size L (large)

Size S (small) Size XL (extra large)

Listen to 1a and fill in the form.

What clothes they want to buy

Material cotton
natural material silk and woolen

pants and T-shirt a windbreaker a hat and a dress a jacket

Michael Jane Maria


The main language points.
be made of (原材料可以从产品中看出)

be made from(原材料看不出)
The table is made of wood.

Paper is made from wood.

T Listen andF mark True(T) or False(F).

( T ) 1.The woman wants to buy a skirt for her daughter. ( F ) 2.The daughter wears size L.

( F ) 3.The woman pays ¥300 for a silk blouse.
( T ) 4.The woman buys a cotton skirt for her daughter. ( F ) 5.The MP3s on the third floor.

I look so beautiful.

I’m so handsome and cool!

Look at 1c and fill in the blanks. The windbreaker makes Michael look so handsome that he decides to buy it. Maria feels satisfied with the leather jacket, so she will take it. The silk hat looks so beautiful that Jane wants to buy it immediately. Only Kangkang feels a little sad, because the coolest pants are so expensive that he can’t afford them.

Work in group
What clothes would you like to buy for our fashion show in the classroom? Please discuss in groups.


?Please make a plan for
our fashion show in the classroom.

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