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1.( ) A B C

2.( )



3.( )


4.( )


5.( ) 二、根据所听句子,A 选择正确的答语.每小题读两遍B

. (5分)


( )6.A. No,English is better . B.Yes,I like English. C.I like English better. ( )7.A. Good idea. B.Not at all. C.Here you are.. ( )8.A..Yes,he does. BNo,she isn’t. C.Yes,he is.

( )9.A.Yes,that is it. B.Hi,Tom.Glad to see you again. C.Yes,where have you been? ( )10.A.Sure,you can.I’ll go and find him. B.This is Lucy speaking. C.Sorry,he is out.Can I

take a message?

三、根据所听对话内容,选出正确答案.每段对话读两遍. (5分) ( )11.Did Robert enjoy himself last Sunday? A.Yes,he did. B.No,he didn’t. C.Sorry,I don’t know. ( )12.What’s the new teacher like?

A.Tall and strong. B.Kind and clever. C.Quiet and bright. ( )13.What can’t Lily do? A.Walking outside. B.Doing some cleaning. C.Staying at hone. ( )14.What size does the man want? A.Size Six. B.Size Seven. C.Size Eight.

( )15.What did thd girl do last Saturday?

A.She played volleyball. B.She played basketball. C.She stayed at home.

四、听短文,回答问题. (10分)

( ) 16.What is this message (信息) mainly about ? A.Some team players. B.A sports TV program. C.A basketball club. ( ) 17.How often do the members(成员) meet?

A.Once a week. B.Twice a week. C.Three times a week.

( ) 18.When are there matches for the team players?

A.On Wednesday evening. B.On Sunday morning. C.On Friday evening. ( ) 19.What need the players take to the hall ? A.A sweater. B.A map. C.A watch. ( ) 20.How much do the players pay each week?

A.15 dollars. B.12 dollars. C.10 dollars.



( ) 21.Is her lifestyle the same as yours or _____? What are the_____? A.difference,different B.different,difference

C.different,differences D.difference,differences ( ) 22.I often eat ____vegetables and sleep____.

A. a lot,a lot B.a lot of ,a lot C.a lot of ,a lot of D. a lot,a lot of ( )23.Though he has studied____ at Russian for ten months,he can still___speak the language. A.hard,hard B.hardly,hardly C.hard,hardly D.hardly,hard ( )24.The boy is___fat because he eats ___ junk food.

A.much too,too much B.much too,too many C.too much,much too D.too much,too many ( )25.We should keep the classroom ____.

A. cleaning B.clean C.to clean D.cleaned ( )26.If you want to be healthier,you must eat ____ junk food, I think.

A.more B.less C.fewer D.much

( )27.-Is there_____ in today’s newspaper ?

- Yes,Li Na got the first prize in the match. A.exciting nothing B.exciting anything C.nothing exciting D.anything exciting ( )28.Lily is ____taller than her cousin.

A.a few B.few C.a little D.little ( )29.- How do you like playing football?

-Playing football is much better than_____ at home. A.stay B.to stay C.stays D.staying ( )30.Every morning the teacher makes students ____ on the playgroud. A.to read B.reading C.read D.reads

( )31.He is ____in reading this _____ book.

A.interested,interesting B.interesting,interested C.interesting,interesting


( )32.Henry has two good friends here and he has___ one in London.

A.the other B.other C .another D.the another

( )33.I ___ carefully, but I _____nothing just now. A.listen,hear B.hear,listen C.listened,heart D.heart,listened ( )34.Is her lifestyle the same as______?

A.I B.me C.my D.mine

( )35.- _____do you go to the movies a month? - Five or six times.

A,How often B.How long C.How many times D.How soon 二.完形填空.10’

There is nobody in the world the same _36__ you.You are unique (独特的,唯一的)! Everybody is __37___ from everyone

else. That is good! __38___ it makes the world an interesting place.

There are people taller __39__ you,and shorter than you.Maybe your hair is the same color as your friend’s hair, but maybe it is longer than __40__. Another difference is that your hair may be straight, hers may be curly.

I am sure you have some friends who are __41___ than you. And you also have some friends,they are as __42___at sports as you. But there are also people around you who are not good at some things.

__43___does your best friend look like? Do you both __44___to finish your homework at school? Do you both want to wear the same clothes every day? I think __45___some ways you are the same, but in many other ways you are different. So say loudly to the world,” I am who I am ---I’m unique!” ( )36.A.with B.as C.of D.from ( )37.A.better B.different

C.smart D.good ( )38A.Because B.Or C.Although D.But ( )39.A.after B.than C.like D.in front of ( )40.A.her B.she

C.hers D.she’s

( )41.A.smart B.smarter C.smartest D.a smart ( )42.A.bad B.better C.well D.good ( )43.A.Where B.What C.How D.How often ( )44.A.like B.enjoy C.would like D.going ( )45.A.through B.by C.in




Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. Why? Bdecause those who have big houses may often feel lonely and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads at their free time.

In fact ,happiness is always around you if you but your heart into it .When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you;when you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health; when you get success,your friends will say congratulations to you;when yiu do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. And when you do something good to others ,you will feel happy too. All these are your

happiness If you notice them, you can see that happiness is always around you.

Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart.When you are poor,you can also say you are very happy,because you have something else that can’t be bought with money.When you meet with difficulties,you can say loudly you are very happy,because you have more chances to challenge (挑战) yourself. So you cannot always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes,life is like a revolving (旋转) door.When it closes,it also opens. If you take every chance you get,you can be a happy and lucky person. 阅读短文,根据文章内容从ABCD四个选项中选出最佳答案. ( )46.Happiness is for ______. A.those who have large and beautiful houses B.those who have cars

C..those who have a lot of money D.All people

( )47.When you do something wrong , _____.

A.people around you will help you

B.you will have no chance to challenge yourself C.yor classmates will laugh at you D.you will be happy

( )48.Which is true according to the passage?

A.When you get success, your friends will be very proud of you. B.You can get help from others when you make mistakes. C.You can still be a happy person even if you have little money. D.All the above.

( )49.Why do we say “Happiness is not the same as money?” Because ______.

A.money always brings happiness B.money doesn’t always bring happiness C.everything can be bought with money D.only rich people have happiness ( )50.Which is the best title of the passage?


B.Happy and Lucky

C.Do Something Good to Others

D.Life and Success B

Cindy, Jenny and Mary are talking about what good friend should be like.

Cindy: I think a good friend should be honest(诚实的).

And it is where a friendship starts.If a friend isn’t honest,he may lose his friend’s Jenny: I think a good friend has to be generous(慷慨的). Here being generous doesn’t mean he has go give his friends his lunch money or his clothes. It means he should share his ideas and feelings with his friends. In fact, his friends can know him better in this way.

Mary: In my opinion,a good friend should understand his friends.When there’s something wrong between him and his friens, he muist put him in his friens’ place and think more for his friends.

( )51.What does the underlined sentence mean? A.To be honest is the most important.

B.To be honest is as important as other things . C.To be honest is bot very important . D.Honest people get more things than others. ( )52.What does the underlined word “trust” mean in Chinese? A.夸奖




( )53.Jenny would like to make friends with people who___________.

A.give her lunch money

B.know her very well C.tell her their ideas and feelings D.give her some clothes ( )54.Mary thinks friends should ______.

A.often visit each other B.often go to different places C.understand each other

D.help each other

( )55.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.The three people are talking about what they think a good friend should be like. B.Cindy thinks to be honest is the base (基础) of a good friendship. C.Mary would like to make friends with people who think more for others.

D.Being generous means being very clever.


Lin Tao is a student at Yingshan Middle School. He works very hard at school. He is a good student in his class.

like any sports.After dinnera walk with them,but he only was really bad for his health. His parents

his lifestyle. Now he walks to school every day and tries to do exercise every day. On weekends he often plays basketball with his friends. 60.做运动帮助他学得更好.Now he knows that doing exercise is very important. 56.将56处译成汉语

___________________________________________ 57.在57处A,B两处分别填入适当的介词. A._________B___________ 58.将58处译成英语

______________________________________ 59.将59处改为同义句

_________________________________________ 60.将60处译成英语

__________________________________________ 五.完成句子.15’

61.He did some s things yesterday.

62.We have all kinds of __________(活动) after class. 63.I ________(buy) a scarf for my mother just now. 64.I w________ what life was like here in the past. 65.She decides ________ (go) to Japan tomorrow.

66.He surfs the Internet at ________ (little) four times a week.. 67. My father ____________________(熬夜工作) every night. 68.The weather in Guangzhou is much _______ (hot) that in Beijing. 69.Yellow River is the fifth ________ (long) river in the world. 70.It has ___________________________(最舒适的座位). 71.She is the most outgoing in her class.(同义句)

She is _____ ______ ______ ______ ______ one in her class. 72.Mr. Wang went an interesting place last week.(同义句) Mr. Wang went ______ ______ last week.

73.The question is so difficult that he can’t answer it. The question is _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ answer it. 74.Tina often helps parents with housework.(对画线部分提问) _____ _____ ______ Tina ________ parents with housework 75.一个真正的朋友是在需要时给你帮助并使你感动.

A true friend ________________________________________. 六.补全对话.10'

A:Hi,Lily. 76._______________________________? B: Hi,Jim.Sorry, I have no time tomorrow.

A:77__________________________? Tomorrow is Sunday. B:Because my mother is ill .I have to look after her.

A:78_________________________. I hope your mother will be better soon. B79_______________.

A:80_______________________. 七.书面表达.15'

以My best friend and I 为题写一篇短文,比较你俩的特征,至少10句话. 1.我的好友名叫Linda;

2.在某些方面,我们看起来一样;在某些方面,我们看起来不同; 3.她比我高,比我文静,很认真; 4.我外向一点,而且比她风趣; 5.我们两个都喜欢看书.




1. W:Wow!How lovely they are! Look! They are eating the leaves of bamboo. M: Yes. They only live in China. I like them best. Q: Which animal are they talking about? 2.W: Jim,what are you going to do on Sunday? M: I’m going to the movies.

Q: When is Jim going to the movies?

3.W: Dick, which water sport do you like better ,swimming or diving? M: Swimming .But my favorite water sport is surfing. It’s such great fun. Q: Which water sport does Dick like best? 4. W: Do you like listening to pop music? M: Yes,but I prefer playing the trumpet. W: Me, too.

Q:Which instrument do both of them like? 5. W: What are your hobbies ,Tom? M: I like eating and sleeping.

W: Oh,come on ,you must be interested in something other than those. M: Well, just a joke. I like music and I am collecting CDs. Q: What isn’t Tom’s hobby?

二.根据所听句子,选择正确的答语.每小题念两遍 6.Which subject do you like better, English or math? 7. Let’s go and do some sports now. 8. Your brother is tall and strong, isn’t he? 9. Hi,Mike. Long time no see!

10.Hello,may I speak to Mr. Black ,please?

三.根据所听对话内容,选出下列问题的正确答案.每段对话念两遍. 11.W: What did you do last Sunday, Robert? M: I went shopping and I enjoyed myself. 12. M: What do you think of your new teacher,Alice? W: She’s kind and clever. We all like her. 13. W: Look! How heavily it rains!

M: Lily,you can’t take a walk outside today,I’m afraid. What will you do? W: I have to stay at home and do some cleaning. 14.M: How nice the shoes are! What size are they? W: Size Seven.

M: Oh,sorry,.They are one size smaller than I want. 15.M: What did you do last Saturday?

W: I wanted to play volleyball, but it rained, so I stayed at home. 四.听短文,选择正确答案.短文念两遍.

This is a message for Jake.

Hello,Jake.My name is Arthur. I’m sorry I missed your call.I understand that you want some information about the basketball club. The members meet once a week on Wednesday evening. Sometimes there are matches on Sunday morning,but those are just for our team players. Our meetings being at a quarter to eight,and are about two and a quarter hours long, so we finish at ten. People like to get home in time for the 10:15 sports program on television. We meet in the hall in Park Lane, behind High Street. The hall doesn’t have very good heating, so you need to bring a sweater to put on afterwards,. It’s also quite expensive to rent the hall, so our players pay 12 dollars each week. We’ll be very pleaced to see you at our next meeting!

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