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七年级英语期中综合测试题 满分(120分)


( )1. 含有相同音素的一组字母是______。

A. A, H, Y B. C, G, T C. J, L, M D. O, U, W

( )2. We have four classes ______ the morning.

A. of B. at C. on D. In

( )3. —Is that your father?—No. It’s my uncle, my mother’s _____.

A. son B. sister C. brother D. daughter

( )4. —Can you ______ my English tapes to me, Mom? —OK!

A. call B. take C. have D. bring

( )5. —Is that ______ volleyball?—Yes. Bill likes playing ______ volleyball. ______

volleyball is his.

A. the; a; / B. /; the; / C. /; the; The D. a; /; The

( )6. —Excuse ______. Is this ______ book?—Yes, thanks.

A. me; my B. I; your C. me; your D. I; my

( )7. —What fruit does Jenny ______?—She ______ apples.

A. like; like B. like; likes C. likes; like D. likes; likes

( )8. —How are you, Nancy?—I’m not ______. And I can’t eat ______ every day.

A. OK; good B. well; good C. well; fine D. fine; well

( )9. —Does Bob have vegetables for dinner?—______. But his sister has some carrots.

A. Yes, he has B. No, he hasn’t C. Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t

( )10. —Let’s _________ some chicken. —Great! I like chicken.

A. like B. has C. to have D. eat

( )11. —Where ______ your food?

—I only have two hamburgers. They ____ on the table.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are

( )12. I have a computer, ______ I don’t play computer games on it.

A. also B. only C. but D. and

( )13. My grandmother needs ______ carrots and ______ rice.

A. a; many B. lots of; some C. some; a D. a lot of; many

( )14. —______ do you spell your family name?—C-L-A-R-K, Clark.

A. How B. What C. Where D. What color

( )15. —Your jacket looks nice.—___________.

A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. It isn’t nice D. Thank you

二.完形填空(每小题1分, 共10分)

people are in it. They’re my 狗The name of it is Tony. Look! Tony is next to (挨着烹调I’m

11. I’m in a good .

My family is nice and I like it.

( )16. A. two B. three C. four D. five


( )17. A. aunt B. brother C. sister D. father

( )18. A. map B. book C. name D. photo

( )19. A. it B. one C. this D. that

( )20. A. on B. of C. in D. at

( )21. A. calls B. thanks C. likes D. takes

( )22. A. first B. healthy C. last D. Boring

( )23. A. club B. family C. picture D. School

( )24. A. boring B. dear C. interesting D. Difficult

( )25. A. playing B. having C. meeting D. watching

三.阅读理解(每小题2分, 共30分)


I’m Wang Ping. I’m in Beijing. I like healthy food. I have milk (牛奶) and fruit for

breakfast; rice (米饭), chicken and vegetables for lunch; vegetables, fruit and salad for dinner. Here is what my friends like eating. Let’s have a look!

( )26. ______ likes tomatoes.

A. Wang Ping B. Zheng Hui C. Zhang Jian D. Li Ming

( )27. What does Wang Ping have for lunch?

A. Milk and fruit. B. Rice, chicken and vegetables.

C. Chicken and hamburgers. D. Vegetables, fruit and salad.

( )28. ______ people are in Beijing.

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

( )29. Which of the following is TRUE (下面哪项是正确的)?

A. Zhang Jian and Li Ming like rice. B. Zheng hui and Wang Ping are friends.

C. Wang Ping doesn’t eat healthy food. D. Wang Ping has two friends in Shanghai.

( )30. The passage mainly talks about (这篇文章主要讲述) ______.

A. how old Wang Ping’s friends are B. what sports Wang Ping likes playing

C. where Wang Ping’s friends are D. what food Wang Ping and his friends like


Hi! I’m Tina. This is a photo of Class 2. This class has twenty-five students, twelve

girls and thirteen boys. These are Amy and Bob. Amy is Bob’s sister. Amy is 12 and Bob is 13. Amy likes math and English. Bob likes music (音乐). He has a CD collection. This is Bruce. He is 14. He likes sports and has a sports collection. Jerry is a teacher (教师). He is twenty-four. He likes blue, black and green. Many of his clothes are in these colors. Do you know the relationship between Jerry and Bruce? Aha! Jerry is Bruce’s uncle.

( )31. ______ girls are in Class 2.

A. 12 B. 13 C. 24 D. 25

( )32. What does Bob like?

A. Math. B. Music. C. English. D. Sports.


( )33. What color does Jerry NOT like?

A. Blue. B. Yellow. C. Black. D. Green.

( )34. What’s the Chinese meaning of (……的汉语意思) relationship?

A. 性别 B. 国籍 C. 关系 D. 爱好

( )35. ______ and Bruce are in a family.

A. Bob B. Jerry C. Amy D. Tina


Cindy is my friend. She has some collections. She has many erasers, keys, hats and

pictures. They are very nice. Cindy has 30 erasers in many colors: white, red, yellow,

green and black. They are in the pencil case in the drawer of her desk. Look! On Cindy’s

desk is a red case. 18 keys are in it. Cindy likes nice hats. She has two yellow hats, four

red hats, two blue hats and a black hat. On the wall (墙) of Cindy’ s room are seven



四.词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)把答案写在后面的横行上。

41. ----What’s your name, p_____? ----My name is Julia. ________

42. This is a boy. H____ name is Bob. ________

43. That is his _____(学校). ________

44. Tom’s father and mother are his ______. ________

45. This is my E________book. ________

46. John, these are my ______(朋友). ________

47. The ruler is ______ (在……下面) the book. ________

48. My mother’s brother is my a______. ________

49. — H______ is Cindy? —She is fine. ________

50. Wang Hong, this is y________bag. Here you are. ________


对画线部分提问)______ ______ family name?

52. Tina likes pears. (改为一般疑问句)______ Tina ______ pears?

53. Bill has an English dictionary. (改为否定句)Bill ______ ______ an English dictionary.

54. Those are oranges. (改为单数句)______ ______ ______ orange.

对画线部分提问)______ ______ ______books?


56. 这个用英语怎么说?(in)______________________________________________

57. 这些钥匙是什么颜色?(what color)_____________________________________

58. 那些是你的书吗?(those)______________________________________________


59. 这是你的尺子,它不是我的。(mine)___________________________________

60. 谢谢你的全家福照片。(thanks for) _____________________________________



I’m Bob. This is my room. It’s a big room. The walls (墙) are orange. You can see (看见) many pictures on the walls. They are pictures of some sports games. I have no computer or TV in my room, but I have a great sports collection. There are seven baseballs under my chair. In the drawer, there are ten ping-pong balls and six ping-pong bats. You can see a big bookcase in the room. What’s in the bookcase? There are some books, some soccer balls, and some basketballs. And my volleyballs are under my bed. I play sports every day. I have many friends and they all (都) like my collection.

66. What color are the walls? _____________________________________

67. What’s on the wall?_____________________________________

68. How many (多少) baseballs does Bob have? __________________________

69. What is in the bookcase?_____________________________________

70. Does Bob have a computer in his room?______________________________




提示词汇:interesting, difficult, healthy food, want to be (想成为), star

要求:1. 语句通顺、语意连贯; 2. 介绍要包括表格中的所有内容;

3. 开头已给出,不计入总词数; 4. 不少于40词。

Chen Xiang is my good friend. She is __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4

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