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Ⅰ、词汇 (15分)

1. How’s the win Beijing? It’s raining. (首字母提示)

2. We often get information by reading m___________ (首字母提示)

3. It’ll bein Harbin tomorrow. (sun 词形转换)

4. Look! people are (watch 词形转换)

5. Listen! they songs. (唱,)

6. I don’t like(冬天,)

7. The foreign friends left Shanghai on the __________(三十) of January.

8. People on the beach are really very ___________(放松的)

9. I’m . /s?` praizd/(根据音标)

10. The dolphins are on the beach. / laiiη/。(根据音标)

11. How is it going ? It is t__________.(首字母提示)

12. My husband likes _________(牛排)

13. I give him a glass of water and he drinks it ___________(口渴地)

14. This is a piece of ___________(乳酪)

15. What make is it ? It is Mercedes, it is a __________(德国) car. Ⅱ、单项填空 (25分)

( ) 1. There are ____________ three rooms in his house.

A. more B. than C. more than D. than more

( ) 2. Where _____your pen pal_____? He’s from England.

A. are…from B. is…from C. does…from D. is…in

( ) 3. There are about ____________ students in our school.

A. four thousand B. four thousands of

C. four thousand of D. thousand of

( ) 4. --When will they ______?

--_______ the seventh of July.

A. arrive, On B. arrive at, On

C. arrive in, In D. arrive, In.

( ) 5. Hurry up! (快点) there is _____ time left.

A. few B. little C. a few D. a little

( ) 6. --__________ – I’m a reporter.

A. What do you do? B. Who are you?

C. What are you? D. Both A and C.

( ) 7. .Our school is ________children _______6-12.

A. in, for B. for, in C. of, for D. for, of

( ) 8. We’ll have a_________ holiday. What about going to the West Lake?

A. three days B. three day

C. three-days D. three days’

( ) 9. She is ___ a sweater today.

A. putting on B. puts on C. wearing D. wears

( ) 10、Does Mr. White __________ in Beijing?

A. likes working B. likes work C. like working D. like work

( ) 11. In the street I saw some __________ in the _________ car.

A. policemen; policemen B. policemen; police

B. police; policemen B. policeman; policeman

( ) 12. That tennis ball is one of ___________.

A. Jane father B. Jane’s father

C. Jane father D. Jane’s father’s

( ) 13. They ________ carefully, but they didn’t ________ anything.

A. listened; listen B. listened; hear

C. heard; hear D. heard; he

( )14 .There ___ some tea in the cup.

A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t

( )15 ----Where’s Jennifer?

in the river

A.swims B.is swimming C.waiting for D.swimming

( )16 ---Is Bob doing homework?-

----No, he a letter.

A. doesn’t ,write B. isn’t, writes C. isn’t , writing D. isn’t , writeing

( )17 ——Your mother isn’t a nurse, is she ?

——_________ . She is a doctor.

A.Yes, she is. B.I’m not sure.

C.No, she isn’t. D.Certainly not.

( )18 .I have ________ to tell you.

A.important something B.something important

C.important anything D.anything important

( )19 ——Look ! This sweater is beautiful. ——_____________ ?

A.Why not trying it on B.Why not try on it

C.Why not try it on D.Why not to try on it

( ) 20 They _______ hiking if they are free tomorrow.

A.will go B.go C.would go D.went

( ) 21.Look ! ________ brother and Bobby are enjoying _______near the river.

A.You; yourselves B.Mine; themselves

C.Your;themselves D.David; themselves

( ) 22 We found it very important _________ English well.

A.learning B.learn C.to learn D.lenrned

( ) 23.A:Will you join us for lunch ? B:__________________

A.No, I won’t. B.Yes, with pleasure.

C.Ok. Let’s go together. D.Yes, please.

( )24.A:How about some drinks ? B:____________________________

A.Yes, great ! B.No, I can’t . Sorry.

C.Yes, you are welcome. D.I’m afraid I have no time.

( )25.A:________________B:I’d love to, but I have a lot of work to do now.

A.Would you like to go to the cinema tomorrow ?

B.Why don’t you go for a walk with me ?

C.What about coming to my birthday party this evening ?

D.Do you mind if I close the window ?


1. —What ______ your father ______(do)?

—He’s a ______(write).

2. —Is his mother a ______(drive)?

—No, she isn’t. She’s a ______(clean).

3. Her father and mother are ______(farm).

4. —Where ______ Ann ______(study)?

—She ______(study)at No.14 Middle School.

5. —What ______ they ______(do)?

—They are ______(postman).

6. OK. I am ________ (come) now.

7 It’s time __________ (play) football.

8 Look at the picture. The children __________ (fly) kites.

Ⅳ 句型转换(10分)

1.They do their homework every day. (改为否定句)

They____ ____ their homework every day.

2.Jenny is running. (改为否定句)

Jenny____ ___ running.

3.Tom is looking at a picture. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Tom _____ at a picture.? 

4.Jim stands under the tree. (改用现在进行时表达)

Tim ____ _________ under the tree.


_______ are they___________ ?


This is my family. There are four people in my . father is a . He likes playing chess. My mother is a teacher. She likes They two work in school. They like tea very much, they don’t like milk . My name’s Li Yang. I like playing a singer.

1. A. room B. home C. house D. family

2. A. Their B. There C. They’re D. They

3. A. cooker B. cook C. farm D. teach

4. A. dishes B. meal C. lunches D. suppers

5. A. read B. reads C. reading D. to reading

6. A. and B. but C. so D. at all

7. A. too B. also C. sometimes D. at all

8. A. / B. the C. to D. a

9. A. like B. liking C. likes D. is like

10. A. is B. are C. be D. am

Ⅵ 阅读理解 (40分)


There are four people in my family. My father is a policeman. His work is kind of dangerous. He’s very busy. He often has meals outside. Sometimes we can’t see him all day. But I love him very much. My mother is a bank clerk, but she wants to be a reporter. She says her job is a boring and being a reporter is interesting, because she can meet many interesting people. My brother is a waiter. He likes his work, because he thinks he can meet many new friends when he works.

I’m a middle school student. I study hard because I want to be a teacher. I think it’s not difficult for me. ( )1.My family has four people, my father, my mother, my sister and I.

( )2.My father works in another city, so we can’t see him all day, sometimes.

( )3.My mother likes to be a bank clerk.

( )4.My brother works in a restaurant. He likes to make new friends.

( )5.I want to be a teacher. It’s easy for me, I think.


Who are singing all day long on your MP3 player? They may be Jay Chou, Han Hong orS H E .But when it comes to a foreign singer, Avril Lavinge is worth listening to . She is one of the most popular stars all over the world.

Lavinge was born on September 30 ,1984. The Canadian star has been on the music scence for six years. She is only simply another pretty face. Lavinge prefers to wear loose trousers, old T-shirts and a frown. That’s not like the tight clothes and sweet smiles of many pop stars.

In her high school days ,she was only around boys.And she likes playing hochey and sometimes getting in fights, Lavinge starts getting more girly until she got older.‖ From then on now, I look really different—but that’s called growing up .‖ She said.

When she was only 15 ,she had no idea how to make album.‖ It’s just came early for me ,‖ she said .‖ My friends still don't know if they want to be a tescher or a doctor .When I talk to them ,they will tell me they have exams the naxt day.‖

So what does Lavinge think about life ? ― Life is like a roller coaster. Live it , be happy.‖she said

1 ________ is a popular foreign singer

A Jey Chou B Han Hong C S H E D Lavigne

2 Lavigne was born in ___________

A September 30 B New York C Canada D Hong Kong

3 Lavigne began to make an album __________

A in 1984 B in 1998 C in 1999 D in 2002

4 In her high school days ,. Lavigne liked playing _________

A ithe piano B the guitar C hockey D basketball

5 According to the passage ,which is TRUE?

A Lavigne has a pretty face

B Lavigne wears tight trousers

C Lavigne thought about her future earlier than her classmates

D Lavigne acts like a boy when she gets older.


Yao Ming, the center of the Chinese National Men’s basketball team, served the Houston Rockets in the 2002 NBA. The 2.26m, 120kg center becomes the first one to come from a foreign team.

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai in September, 1980. His mother was a center and captain of the Chinese National Women’s Team. His father played basketball, too.

Yao Ming is widely known in China. He came to be a very important basketball player in China Basketball Association(联赛). It’s short for CBA. During the 2000-2001 season, he got 27.1 scores for the Shanghai Oriental(东方) Sharks in every match.

Yao Ming joined the Houston Rockets in November, 2002. He said this was a new start in his basketball life. He would do his best to learn from the NBA and improve himself. Sport analyst(分析家) Bill Walton said, ―Yao Ming has the potential(潜力), the capability of changing the future of basketball.‖

( ) 1. The Houston Rockets is the name of a ___________ team.

A. table tennis B. volleyball C. basketball D. golf.

( ) 2. Both Yao Ming’s father and mother were ___________.

A. football players B. basketball players

C. the centers of Chinese National Team.

D. the captains of the Chinese National Team.

( ) 3. Yao Ming ________ in CBA during the 2000-2001 season.

A. does well B. is good C. was good D. did well

( ) 4. Yao Ming _________ the Houston Rockets in November, 2002 .

A. did his best to join B. was well-known in

C. became a member of D. took part in

( ) 5. Sport analyst Bill Walton thought Yao Ming was able to __________.

A. learn from the NBA. B. change the future of basketball

C. improve himself D. became the captain of the Houston Rockets.


I go on a camping(露营) trip in the mountains with my classmates. After hiking all day, we find a place to camp for the night. We make a campfire so that we can cook our dinner. We roast(烤) some hot dogs and potatoes and drink lemonade(柠檬汽水). Then , when it gets dark, we tell ghost(鬼) stories around the campfire.

Later when we lie down to go to sleep , we listen to the sounds of crickets(蟋蟀) and small animals moving around in the grass. We think there are some ghosts nearby. “What’s that?” my friend Kathy asks. “What ?” we ask. “I think I hear someone walking in the woods.” Kathy says. Soon we all hear footsteps ’t get to sleep.

Of course, there is no one there, but we have very active imaginations(丰富的想象力).

Answer the questions.

1.What does“scared” mean in Chinese ?


2.Which word in the passage means “the sound of someone walking ”?


3.Did the students in the story have a good time on their camping trip ?


4.Why do they make a campfire ?


5.Why are they scared? _______________________

Ⅶ 书面表达(5分)


father read a book

mather clean the room

grandmother watch TV

Frank do his homework

Maty play computer game


Ⅰ、词汇 (15分)

Weather magazine sunny watching are singing Winter thirtieth relaxed surprised lying

Terrible steak thirstily cheese German Ⅱ、单项填空 (25分)

CBAAB DDDCC BDBBB CCBCA CCCDA Ⅲ.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。(15分)

1 does do writer

2 drived cleaner

3 farmer

4 does study studies

5 do do postman

6 coming

7 to play

8 flying

Ⅳ 句型转换(10分)

1 don’t do 2 is not 3 Is looking 4 is standing 5 What doing Ⅴ完型填空(10分)

1-5 DCBAC 6-10 BDACC

Ⅵ 阅读理解 (40分)




D 1 害怕

2 footsteps

3 Yes,they did

4 cook their dinner

5 They are afraid of ghost

Ⅶ 书面表达(5分)

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