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新目标八年级上册英语11单元课件 - 绝对有用!自己做的,挺一下哈!

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Unit 11
Could you please clean your room?

Do it by黄..

How many chores do you remember? What are they?

do the dishes wash the dishes

sweep the floor

take out the trash

fold the clothes

make the bed make her bed

Clean the living room

do the laundry

Different ways of saying! Which sentence is the most polite?
1:Sweep the floor, peter? 2:Can you sweep the floor, peter? 3:Could you please sweep the floor, peter?

Could you please do sth?
-----yes,sure。/No problem. -----sorry,I can’t . I have to do sth . (reason)

Yes, sure. All right/ No problem. /Certainly.

Sorry, I can't.
I have to do my homework.

Do my homework

Sorry, I can't. I have a test tomorrow.

have a test

Sorry, I can't.
I have to make dinner.

make dinner

Yes, sure…..
All right/ No problem.

Task work in pairs
? You are going to a place on vacation. Ask your best friend to help you take care of your house. ? Friend give answer whether he/she can or not ,if he/she doesn’t want to help , then give reasons.

take care of my house

I’m going on vacation. Could you please…?

clean the bedroom

water the flowers

wash my dog

take the dog for a walk

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 取出垃圾 处理琐事 洗餐具 清扫地板 洗衣服 整理床铺 折叠衣服 清扫起居室 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? take out the trash do chores do the dishes sweep the floor do the laundry make your bed fold your clothes clean the living room

Make a request :
? Could you please do sth? ----Yes ,sure. ---- Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

No one is perfect(完美). Could you please give your classmates some suggestions on their school life, their study habits or eating habits…
Examples: Li Ming, Could you please do exercise every day ? Linda, Could you please not make faces in class?


Thank you! Goodbye

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