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If you are the one

发布时间:2013-10-24 12:44:17  

If you are the one

My name is zhang fei, 17 years old this year, people in yunnan, now at red river college, is a teacher. I now have not found the right guy, I hope you see I can focus on me, I am eager to gain a sincere feelings in 2013.

Does my work situation I am an ordinary teacher, our unit because the teachers strength is weak, so is the teacher can, I is a teacher and secretary, no matter how to do is to do a good job I have now is to serve the students heart and soul.

My economic level

My economic level should be moderate, 6000 yuan a month, sometimes there will be an additional bonus, a car, I personal income is stable.

My body condition

My physical condition is very good, looks not too ugly, IQ is not too low. My height is 155 cm, weight 50 kg, but never exercise.

My temper character

My personality, is a kind of consciousness, temper a little, but I don't like conflict with people, work resolute and decisive.. Have their own ideas, the problem of attitude is clear.

My hobbies

I love learning, love of sleep have a fever, I especially like writing and listening to music, reading novels, movies, I like to watch TV, like to communicate with people watching after feeling. If you want to be my boyfriend and I together, we will have talk not over of the topic.

I like of the opposite sex type I don't like of the person standard, and it will be fine, not handsome, I also like the key depends on the eye rim. I want to find a let me to love the people, he also love I, ambiguous feelings I don't. I hope he and I are the same type, advocate a healthy life, filial piety to parents. A bit of a temper, but can not be unreasonable; Can be a bit lazy, stupid, but can't have bad heart.

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